How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • Happy Slapsgiving

    As you know earlier in the series (season 2) a slap bet between Marshall and Barney about whether or not Robin did porn. (she didn't) The slap bet commissioner, Lilly made a verdict that Marshall slap Barney five times at any time he wanted to. He already did two. Earlier this season, he called Barney and said to check his e-mail which told him of a third slap coming. If you have been following closely, you would know that this episode the third slap would be coming. Or maybe not. (more on this later)

    Barney's grasp of time concerning calendar dates was pretty funny. Great costume as Borat. My only question about this episode was why Lilly and Marshall hosted Thanksgiving at Ted's place. I think it's because 1 they are just moving in and 2 their location to their place. It was funny to see Lilly work really hard, while Marshall just stood there. I really enjoyed the interaction between Marshall and Barney was wonderfully played. Another great part of this episode was the blow up between Robin and Ted. Having watched the entire series to this point, it made me appreciate this part even more. I liked Ted's view of Robin's date. I liked that they showed the older version of Robin's date the whole time. If they showed the actual guy, it would've made the episode less good. The fake Bob was a little douchey but the actor playing him pulled it off. I also liked that Bob never found out what happened between Ted and Robing the night before Slapsgiving. After the night, it was interesting how Ted and Robin wanted to approach this.

    I really liked the ending. Ted and Robing patching things up (at least for now more on that much later) and yes the third slap. I really enjoyed that at first you thought it was going to happen then not and then Barney got slapped. (Check out the extra on the season 3 DVD, disc 2of the music video by Marshall or just YouTube it) Also another great song at the end.

    This was a wonderful episode that was the culmination of many things. It also made you wonder whether the next two slaps were coming.
  • Don't know...not inspired to think of one

    I didn't like it much because it was about Marshall slapping Barney. I felt that Marshall should have gotten a slap for slapping his mind - as Barney would call it. I like Lily, she's firm and put her foot down about the whole Thanksgiving happenings that year.

    How many times do Ted and Robin sort-of get together like they do on this Thanksgiving Day? If it's a lot then perhaps he should marry Robin and put us out of our miseries. He's so like Ross in "Friends". I want to shout: "Come on, make up your mind!"
  • It's Slapsgiving!!


    "Slapsgiving" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how the beginning of this episode with Future Ted telling his kids about Ted and Robin's private joke with military ranks. I actually enjoyed Ted and Robin realizing that their not actually friends, but then I love how they decide to be friends by the end of this episode. I love how Barney is living in fear because he's afraid of the next slap. I love how Marshall slaps Barney and then he sings a song about it. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • I expected a lot more from an episode with "slap" in its title.

    I was excited about this episode, and it let me down. The slap bet is one of the most inventive sitcom devices I've seen, and the previous two slaps impressed me to no end. This time around, we were told what would happen and when, which created some of the episode's best comedic moments (Barney anticipating the slap), but ultimately took the genius out of the actual slapping moment. After Lily's ban went into effect, the slap was doomed whether or not she decided later to allow it.

    The rest of the episode didn't have a lot to offer either. The Bob gimmick didn't have a lot of momentum, and Robin and Ted's story was practically humor-free. I'd rather see the relationship stories told through a comedic lens.

    I suppose the song was all right...but I've come to expect more from this series. I'm hoping the next episode, and the next slap, will be better.
  • That's three.

    Marshall makes it a tradition to have the slaps that he owes Barney take place on Thanksgiving. I'm glad they brought back this story line. It was created in 209, then brought back in 216. Now time for the third slap, on Thanksgiving. The past season 1 Thanksgiving was impressive, and this one definitely lived up to it's predecessor. Since it was mixed with the slap story line. Lilly is anxious to have the best Thanksgiving since it's her first Thanksgiving as a married person. Ted & Robin end up being alone, and they realize how awkward it is, since they were never alone before until they had to bake pies together. They ended up having to suffer a relapse (Definition: Having sex one more time after breaking up). The relapse didn't do that much for me. I know that yes, it definitely develops their relationship, but them having sex just seemed pointless. The real strong point in their plot, is them learning to actually becoming friends again without it being awkward, at first they decide to just not be friends, but then they share their inside joke together and become friends again. As for Marshall & Barney's plot, it was funny seeing Barney being scared of Marshall's awaited slap. But the song at the end was cheesy, and I found myself wondering why Arney would sing in unison with Marshall if he's the one who got slapped. Bob didn't do much to the storyline. Marshall ends up slapping Barney, that's three. Only 2 more slaps to go. How I Met Your Mother didn't fail to impress me with this Thanksgiving themed episode. A great episode, that was eventful in many ways.
  • Happy Slapsgiving, everyone!

    This Thanksgiving episode brought back the slap bet story line from previous seasons to great effect. The main gist of the episode is that Marshall has created a slap countdown website to freak out Barney before the 3rd slap. Barney dismisses it at first by telling Marshall that if he knows when the slap is coming, it's not as scary, but Marshall sticks with his plan. Over the course of the episode, Barney gets more and more terrified, Marshall gets more and more smug, and Lily gets more and more frustrated with her cooking. As Slap Bet Commissioner, Lily decides that there will be no slaps on Thanksgiving. Barney, now with the weight of the impending slap lifted and the countdown still running, starts to mock Marshall so much and so irritatingly that with mere seconds to spare, Lily revokes her decree and tells Marshall to slap him. Afterward, Marshall goes to the piano to sing the song he composed for the occasion, "You Just Got Slapped," complete with vocal accompaniment by a stinging Barney and waving lighters from the rest of the crew.

    It can be argued that what I just described was the B-story while the Ted and Robin relationship dilemma was the real plot of the episode, but as a firm Barney/Robin shipper, I don't really care about anything Ted does.

    "Everybody saw it...everybody laughed and was just got slapped..."
    Happy Slapsgiving, everyone!
  • Best episode of this show yet!

    Slapsgiving is a classic. Or it will be =] I definitely plan on watching this episode in the Thanksgivings to come. The previous two episodes involving slaps were awesome and this one did not disappoint. It was absolutely hilarious the entire way through.
    Standout moments include: Barney dressing up as Borat the day BEFORE Halloween. The slap song by Marshall.
    Ted and Robin baking pies when Ted recalls last thanksgiving when him and Robin had sex seven times. Robin's dating Orville Redanbocker! (sp?)
    The actual slap!
    and basically everything else. I loved to see Robin and Ted have a talk about their breakup and their friendship and their inside joke. All in all great episode! This show is definitely the new "Friends"!
  • A special episode.

    I love every single episode of how I met your mother and this was one of them. I was waiting for Marshall to slap Barney for a long time and in this episode, I watched the scenes I was looking forward to. Slapsgiving is a very original episode with the way Ted's seeing Bob and Final counts to slap. Marshall sang a song about slapping Barney and this was one of the best scenes in the show. Ted and Robin had difficulties to endure their friendship after they broke up and although they decieded to end their friendship at the end we see that they will always be good friends.
  • I think this and Barney's flashback are the best episodes!

    Hey people, what up ??
    This episode is absolutely legen .... wait for it ... dary!
    I had already loved the slap bet, but the slapsgiving was awesome! That's sooo funny! I love Barney Stinson! And he was really afraid of Marshall !
    Lily did Barney a favor when she autorized the slap only a few seconds left in the countdown because he did'nt have that horrible slap's expectation!
    But the best thing was Marshall's song! The lyrics were perfect! Barney's suffering like a backing vocal was incredible! I love this episode! I think its the best of the show so far !
    High Five!
  • for me the best episode of the series. The final part was so funny.

    Marshall warns Barney that the third slap in their "slap bet" will be coming on Thanksgiving night. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin sleep together on the night before Thanksgiving.The part in which marshall is touching piano is on the best parts of the episode, in which barney is doing those puns.fantastic episode, very quite written. the star of the series is barney, undoubtedly.It is a series that gives I like seeing, pass good moments at the front of the television, at least a piece goes if i met your mother and two and the half men at this healthy moment the best series of comedy, already I saw episodes of the office and they have not been cheeping .scrubs also they are a good series of comedy.
  • After Robin introduces her new and older boyfriend Bob, she and Ted get into a heated discussion about their relationship. Meanwhile, Marshall freaks Barney out by letting him know his third slap is only hours away...

    This is one of the best episodes of the season and it was loads of fun to watch. The inside jokes work very well and the writing is great once again. The character and relationship development is great, especially for a comedy show, and I really feel the writers value their audience. The comedy is never cheap or predictable, but always fresh, original and clever. Marshall and Barney are obviously the stars of the episode and they manage to carry the whole comic side of the episode easily. There are many classic HIMYM moments, my favorite probably being the part where Barney goes totally mad with the anticipation of his slap. Pure comedy gold...

    To sum it up...great episode. Probably the best one of the season so far, though I expect the writers to be able to top it in the upcoming episodes.

    Peace out, C.
  • Thanksgiving dinner, the Slap Bet, and the status of Ted and Robin's friendship comes to a head.

    I don't really care for the whole on going "Slap Bet" story. It was okay at first, but all of the references and online marketing revolving around the slap bet seems forced; like the producers are trying to make something happen. I thought Barney's reactions seemed particularly out of character. However, I do enjoy the "recollection" problems. Bob being portrayed as a very old guy was almost as funny as Ted dating "Blahblah" in How I Met Everyone Else. I would also like to see more reactions from the kids. There should be more cuts to the kids saying things like "OMG I can't believe you hooked up with Aunt Robin while baking Thanksgiving pies!"
  • Most awesome Thanksgiving episode.

    Just knowing the third slap was on its away and how tense Barney was about it was just absolutely hilarious. The show continues to make us laugh our butts off, and this episode is a fine example of how it does it. Even going over the whole Ted and Robin thing wasn't bad. Most of these relationship crap can make a show 's lowest points, but that doesn't apply to this show. And despite all the possible weirdness that could exist, in the end, the two were able to become nothing more than friends again, even able to do their little "General"-whatever jokes. Oh, and the end with the song, nice touch.
  • The episode everyone has been waiting for, and it delivers.

    How often during the past weeks did I open to get a smile cast on my face... I stopped counting after the first ten times. This episode delivers. I laughed at the general-, mayor-, and other moments when Robin and Ted saluted and when it was used as a nice beacon of hope that not all is lost between them. I didn't like it too much in the end tho when everyone was doing it. Thought it would be better as a thing between Robin and Ted.
    Of course, the highlight of the episode remains the final countdown of the slap to come. And thank god they let it happen and not only that. They also had a nice song to go with it. Well, three slaps done, two to go. This show is getting better and better.
  • Tanksgiving is a time for friendship, happiness and turkey. But for these friends, it's all about slaps, slaps and more slaps

    This episode showed showed exactly why people watch this show! It had incredible jokes, like the sixty year old guy using slang and the somewhat nerdy sultting at words like corpral and major. Drama from Ted and Robin about thier future together. Songs like the slap song and thats the only one. The drama with Ted and Robin was a turning moment in thier relationship and made us want to see more and have this episode escalde quickly into awsomeness. The wait and wonder left us all hanging on to the moment when they hug before thier relationship is changed. It's impossible to ignore the main plot with the slap bet and its journey from just for the hell of it to computerized countdown. the final moments of the countdown had me on edge and when Lily delived news greater than Marshall has ever herd I think everyone craped themselves at how wonderfull the timing was. Over all one of the very best episodes and will always be known as a series classic.
  • Started out with Robin and Ted having a relationship thing together back then. And now that they were broken up it was really awkward being together. Robin and Ted had a thing together and this make them thinking if they can;t be friends, but got to love.

    The episode was composed of very well flashbacks. The scene with Robin and Ted had a huge build up moment that was really awesome added to this episode. Every thinks that they are over with each other but yet want them to be together. And when this thanksgiving day came with Robin and Ted making pie, it brought a enormous attention. I liked the way the story was put and how it grasped the attention of the viewers. When it was told that the slept together again, it just totally changed the whole story. I bet everyone was immediately interested into this. Turned out it was just needed a rest in friendship. But nothing can end it. Good episode, good contrasts.
  • Slappsiging rules

    slaps giving was a damn good episode .. i need the song.. can any one send it to me, or the link ANYHTING...

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