How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • That's three.

    Marshall makes it a tradition to have the slaps that he owes Barney take place on Thanksgiving. I'm glad they brought back this story line. It was created in 209, then brought back in 216. Now time for the third slap, on Thanksgiving. The past season 1 Thanksgiving was impressive, and this one definitely lived up to it's predecessor. Since it was mixed with the slap story line. Lilly is anxious to have the best Thanksgiving since it's her first Thanksgiving as a married person. Ted & Robin end up being alone, and they realize how awkward it is, since they were never alone before until they had to bake pies together. They ended up having to suffer a relapse (Definition: Having sex one more time after breaking up). The relapse didn't do that much for me. I know that yes, it definitely develops their relationship, but them having sex just seemed pointless. The real strong point in their plot, is them learning to actually becoming friends again without it being awkward, at first they decide to just not be friends, but then they share their inside joke together and become friends again. As for Marshall & Barney's plot, it was funny seeing Barney being scared of Marshall's awaited slap. But the song at the end was cheesy, and I found myself wondering why Arney would sing in unison with Marshall if he's the one who got slapped. Bob didn't do much to the storyline. Marshall ends up slapping Barney, that's three. Only 2 more slaps to go. How I Met Your Mother didn't fail to impress me with this Thanksgiving themed episode. A great episode, that was eventful in many ways.
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