How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • Happy Slapsgiving

    As you know earlier in the series (season 2) a slap bet between Marshall and Barney about whether or not Robin did porn. (she didn't) The slap bet commissioner, Lilly made a verdict that Marshall slap Barney five times at any time he wanted to. He already did two. Earlier this season, he called Barney and said to check his e-mail which told him of a third slap coming. If you have been following closely, you would know that this episode the third slap would be coming. Or maybe not. (more on this later)

    Barney's grasp of time concerning calendar dates was pretty funny. Great costume as Borat. My only question about this episode was why Lilly and Marshall hosted Thanksgiving at Ted's place. I think it's because 1 they are just moving in and 2 their location to their place. It was funny to see Lilly work really hard, while Marshall just stood there. I really enjoyed the interaction between Marshall and Barney was wonderfully played. Another great part of this episode was the blow up between Robin and Ted. Having watched the entire series to this point, it made me appreciate this part even more. I liked Ted's view of Robin's date. I liked that they showed the older version of Robin's date the whole time. If they showed the actual guy, it would've made the episode less good. The fake Bob was a little douchey but the actor playing him pulled it off. I also liked that Bob never found out what happened between Ted and Robing the night before Slapsgiving. After the night, it was interesting how Ted and Robin wanted to approach this.

    I really liked the ending. Ted and Robing patching things up (at least for now more on that much later) and yes the third slap. I really enjoyed that at first you thought it was going to happen then not and then Barney got slapped. (Check out the extra on the season 3 DVD, disc 2of the music video by Marshall or just YouTube it) Also another great song at the end.

    This was a wonderful episode that was the culmination of many things. It also made you wonder whether the next two slaps were coming.
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