How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Early in the episode we are told that the slap will occur at 3:01pm. However, as Marshall shows Barney the slap bet countdown in the final hour, the clock in the background clearly shows the time as 4:20.

    • In the flashback explanation of the slap bet, the clip they show for the first slap is not the official first of the five slaps but rather when Marshall prematurely slapped Barney after believing he was right in guessing Robin was married.

    • Marshall looks at the slap countdown, which shows 2:45:19 remaining, but then tells Barney they're in the final hour.

    • Determined from the countdown in the episode, that scene was filmed on October 19th, 2007 at 2:40 PM.

  • Quotes

    • Barney: By announcing the time, you ruined the suspense. You have shown your hand!
      Marshall: And at 3:01 tomorrow, your face will show my hand.

    • Marshall: But it's slapsgiving!
      Lily: No, it's THANKSgiving! Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, as grown ups and you're not even trying to be a part of it! None of you are! (shoves Ted and Robin in Ted's room) Now you two are going to talk about this, and if you have sex again, neither of you are getting dessert!

    • Barney: The killer in a horror movie does not stand in front of the camp cabins with a bullhorn and shout, "Attention, unguarded teens! At 3:00 I will jump out of that closet and hack you to death with a machete. By the way, my only weakness is fire."

    • Ted: Pecan pie? Why are we making that?
      Robin: Um, it's my favorite.
      Ted: You're allergic.
      Robin: I know. I just like smelling it. It's like eating with your nose.

    • Future Ted: You see on the surface Robin and I looked like we were doing great, but the truth is, trying to be friends with your ex is a lot harder than it looks...
      (Flashback) ... you can't be as candid as you used to be!
      Ted: So then hot intern leans over my desk, I can totally see she has a pierced-... (Robin and Lily passes) ...Brosnan! Pierce Brosnan is my favorite of all the Bonds.

    • Barney: I'm sorry, did you just say the Canadian thanksgiving was - and I'm quoting - the "real thanksgiving"? What do Canadians even have to celebrate a-boot?
      Robin: The Canadian thanksgiving celebrates explorer Martin Frobisher's valiant, yet ultimately, unsuccessful attempt to find the Northwest Passage.
      Barney: Why are you guys even a country?

    • Marshall: Oh my! Look at that! That means we're in the final hour of the countdown.
      Barney: I'm not scared
      Marshall: Then why is your right cheek twitching?
      Barney: It's not...
      Marshall: Maybe it's because future me slaps future you so hard, it reverberates back to the present, shattering the time-slap continuum .
      Barney: Please don't slap me!

    • Barney: No, no. The countdown ends at 3pm the day after thanksgiving. I counted it out!
      Ted: How many days are in October?
      Barney: Uhhh...Thirty

    • (after knowing Ted and Robin slept togheter)
      Barney: Relapse five! That's when we high five, then it gets awkward a little bit...then we high five again!

    • Ted: (Trying to avoid talking about him and Robin having sex the night before) (Points to plate of mushrooms) Did you know that some mushrooms are carnivorous? Probably. Not.

    • Marshall: What is this feeling,
      that put you in your place,
      hot red burning on the side of your face. You feel the blood rush to your cheek, tears start to fill your eyes,
      your lips their tremblin, but you can't speak. You're trying, oh, you're trying, not to cry. You just got slapped, across the face, my friend, you just got slapped, yes that really did happen,
      well everybody saw it, HA. Everybody laughed and clapped cause it was awesome
      the way that you just got slapped.

    • Ted: The only reason I'm jealous of Bob is because Noah gave him shotgun on the ark.

    • Ted: Unbelievable—Robin is dating Orville Redenbacher.

    • Barney: (to Marshall) You are allowed to slap my face; you are not allowed to slap my mind. GOOD DAY!

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Klapsgiving", an exact translation. The French title is "Soirée frappée", meaning "Slap Party". The Italian title is "Lo schiaffeggiamento", meaning "Face Slapping".

    • International Airdates: Australia: May 8, 2008 on Network 7; Czech Republic: September 30, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music Featured In This Episode :
      "Still Alright" by Adam Merrin
      "You Just Got Slapped" by Marshall Eriksen

    • The clock was off by 30 seconds in the West Coast.

    • According to the Slap Countdown website (introduced in the episode Wait For It...) a slap will occur at 8:27pm the night that this episode airs. The clock counts down to 8:27 pm, November 19, 2007, based on your own computer's clock, which is presumably accurate (i.e., during the episode) for viewers in the Eastern and Pacific time zones, but an hour late for those in Central and Mountain times. During part of November, immediately after daylight savings time ended, the clock was counting down to 7:27 pm. This was subsequently corrected.

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