How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 9

Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another very disappointing episode in this awful season

    As you could already read out from this episode's title, it's about the Slap Bet again. Marshall offers his fourth slap to Barney to either Ted and Robin and those two can't decide who should slap Barney. Meanwhile, Lily's estranged dad Mickey shows up, but Lily has a huge hatred against him and thus comes to an argument with her husband since he is the one who invited him.

    I just expected that the last episode, "The Playbook" was the first episode of the 5th season to have a change in style and get back to what I liked in the first or in the third season of this show. But as it turns out, this episode is another one that is completely unnecessary to the overall pilot and not at all funny. I absolutely disliked Chris Elliott in this episode and all the other cast members weren't good either. The plot parts were dumb and the screenplay was really stupid, so I'll give this episode a pretty bad rating, one that it deserves in my eyes.
  • The 2nd Slapsgiving (4)

    Another Thanksgiving hosted by Marshall and Lilly brings a surprise. Lilly's dad comes for a visit. There was also another surprise. More on that later.

    The choice to play Lilly's dad was a good one. He has been in numerous roles most notably in There's something about Mary and Groundhog Day. You find out that he has not been much of a dad to Lilly. The neglect that he did didn't go too far where you would cast him off. He visits Lilly on behalf of Marshall. He is trying to change but Lilly doesn't believe that he did. Al of the misdeeds that Lilly's dad did eventually did something that is "you're dead to me look" It was a nice choice of music and at the same time not too scary. How Lilly does that look to other people is also amusing. Lilly's dad is let in the house but he shows that he has not changed that much like 15 % (Modern Family) and is kicked out of the house. Marshall's look even funnier. Things do get settled and the ending was kind of sweet.

    Yes the fourth slap happens. It was out of nowhere and the buildup to it was exciting. You didn't know who was going to deliver it after Marshall offered either Ted or Robin to chance to slap Barney. I loved Barney's reaction before each attempted slap. I won't reveal who did it. (You would have to watch) but all I can say that's four. One more to go.
  • Slap # 4.


    "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode the whole gang decides to have Thanksgiving dinner together. In this episode, Lily's father shows up. And I love how we get background on Lily's family, but it was just boring. I thought he was a jerk father. What I love about this episode is the slap. I love how Barney's scared to get the slap. And I love how Marshall decides to lets Ted and Robin give the slap. I love how Ted and Robin argue over who gets to slap Barney. I love how Marshall slaps Barney in the end. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • OMG another boring episode

    I'm a fan of this show right from the first season. I'm thrilled that it got another season this year but now I'm getting disappointed already. I definitely agree that last episode was legendary but from the first episode til now all were disappointment. About this episode, there were no development to the very shallow plot. The plot about the dad was boring and the slapping was also got boring. And where is the story about "how I met your mother"? The show supernatural is a fantastic show, and must set an example in making filler episodes. When making filler episodes it must be funny and interesting and somehow at each episode have a bit of about what is the show is all about or what is the season is all about.
  • Disappointing.

    After last week`s return to form, I personally had big expectations for this episode, specially given that it is a slap bet related episode. Slap bet storyline is my favorite and have produced some of the most memorable moments of the show.But was this episode memorable? No and it fails in every aspect when compared to the original slapsgiving episode.
    It all started great and everything was set up perfectly for slapsgiving until Lily`s dad showed up. Right there it was pretty clear to me that this will be a disappointment. Everything with the whole Lily and her had thingy bored the hell out of me. The "you`re dead to me" look was way over-used and the dad a non-factor. Meanwhile, most slap related moments were good. The jokes, the slap words, the slaps expression...but it was too short. Barney had way too little screen time here. I understand the writers don`t want to over use Barney but hell, it`s slaps giving...he is a must. The slap itself didn`t deliver, it was fairly predictable that it would go to Marshall. Ted/Robin failed to be funny. The episode did had its moments, pretty much everything Barney said/did was funny..even Marshall managed to be quite funny. But big disappointment overall and the show remains as inconsistent as ever. I actually wished they didn`t use the slap cause it was a waste. A 6 is generous.
  • Its Back

    It was really a good episode. Marshal help's liily and her dad to patch things between them. Its look like some chemistry has been started between Ted and Robin as it seems that there is a twist in the story and we may see them dating again.

    The best part was Barney's slap part. The weired acting that Barney does is totally awesome. After break up with Robin, Barney has finally found his touch in the chracter.

    The worst part was Slap Bet Game ad shown in the end. This should not be shown. Children pick things very easily and showing grandma playing the game and the young chap salpping her... That totally wrong.

    Anyway.... another good episode.
  • Lily's dad, boring. The slap, AMAZING@Q!!!

    This episode was quite a good one, in my opinion. The arrival of Lily's father was OK, but in this episode, I thought it really ruined the context of it.

    I loved the idea of the 'Slapsgiving II' and the 'Slapping Throne', and I was really looking forward to this episode from the moment I read the episode title.

    I am disappointed that there is only one slap left, but hopefully that will also occcur in a very ggood episode!

    I would highly recommend this episode, as it was very funny and there were somem moments of greatness! Great work and keep it up, How I Met Your Mother!
  • Lily's dad shows up...

    Oops! Looks like HIMYM has followed its usual recipe for disaster. The show was having a decent run for most of this season. In fact, I gave the last episode a score of 8.5, the most I've ever given in the last two years. But sadly, it looks like the show has relapsed, much like a recovering meth addict.

    There are certain things that, one aren't funny; and two, funny first time around and looks ridiculous when its overused. Lily's - I wish you were dead to me look is a perfect example. I don't know, probably I didn't like this one because Barney had like 5 lines. I mean, he is the one who is actually capable of producing some laughs.

    I hope this is an occasional letdown.
  • Slapsgiving 2.

    Now I know why I stopped watching How I Met Your Mother. I gave up on this show at the end of Season 4, but had to watch this episode tonight due to somebody wanting to watch it. I wish I had those 22 minutes back.

    The jokes are still predictable, Lily is still not funny at all, nor is Ted, and they have even ruined Barney, who is the reason this show became a success in the first place.

    Chris Elliot's highly publicized guest spot was also a disaster. He played pretty much the same character as he did on Everybody Loves Raymond, except he actually had a few funny lines on that series.

    I am sure people will give this a high score, but my only question is: are you aware of other shows on television?
  • Lilly's father comes to visit.

    HIMYM takes the serious route on Thanksgiving when Lilly's father comes to visit for Thanksgiving. A person who Lilly hates, he is dead to her, so she won't invite her own father inside for turkey. We see a serious side of Lilly here, and we get to learn more about her character which we don't really see often. So I loved the character development. I also love how they incorporated the fourth slap in this episode, I remember the first Slap Bet episode in season 2, HIMYM has gone a long way since then, and this episode failed to disappoint, since I was in love with this slap episode. It's probably one of my favorites, since the serious side was added. Last Slapsgiving, Marshall sang a cheesy song; nothing was cheesy about this episode, so I have to say this Slapsgiving is better than last Slapsgiving. When Lilly learns that a person that was dead to her actually died, she knows she needs to reconcile with her father after she takes the death hard. A person that meant nothing to her, and she cries about it. I love how this show is dramatic yet funny at the same time. That is a true sitcom. I loved the Robin & Ted interaction, they were fighting over which person should slap Barney. Hilarious situation indeed, as soon as everyone gets the opportunity to slap Barney, things come to a full circle, as Marshall uses his fourth slap. Only one more slap to go. A great Thanksgiving episode.
  • It's Thanksgiving and the highlight of the holiday is Marshall bequeathing slap number four from his bet with Barney to Robin and Ted. Also Lily's father shows up and Lily leaves when she finds out Marshall invited him.

    Not an inspired episode. Chris Elliot as Lily's Dad shows up for Thanksgiving unannounced. The running gag with him is his penchant for not growing up, not following thru, and finally inventing bad ideas for board games.

    The other major piece of the puzzle goes back to the slap bet and Marshall still having two slaps left from the five he won from Barney. Because Robin and Ted so generously provided the Thanksgiving Turkey, Marshall bequeaths slap number four to Robin and Ted. Of course there are two of them and so there's the problem. Who gets to slap Barney.

    So we have Lily upset over her father who she has disowned. Marshall sticking his nose where it doesn't belong as he invited her father. Her father clueless on how to act with his own daughter. Robin and Ted trying to argue over who gets to slap Barney. Finally Barney trying to delay the inevitable by causing a rift between Robin and Ted.

    Definitely not a joyful occasion and one I wouldn't want to live thru myself. There were certain pieces that were entertaining, but for the most part the story was uninspired. The characters pulled the episode thru, but I wouldn't want to see a whole lot more like this. Thanks for reading...
  • Marshall gifts Robin and Ted his fourth slap in the spirit of thanks giving as Lilly tries to avoid her disappointing father.

    It seems like the HIMYM crew are back to old ways and left the terrible season 4 behind them. But I never thought they would sink as low as to essentially repeat an entire story line. Thankfully though they have re-enacted a story that was, and still is, very funny!

    This week Marshall accidently leaves the best turkey ever in a taxi and thinks that thanks giving is ruined. But when Robin and Ted show up with Marshall's turkey he decides to give his fourth slap to Robin and Ted. This leaves Barney gagging and fitting, awaiting the next slap. But when Robin and Ted start to fight over who actually gets to do the slap Barney starts to get hope. Meanwhile, Lilly is given a shock when her dad arrives on her doorstep for Thanks Giving dinner. But for Lilly her father is dead to her with a stare that reaffirms that that person she is glaring at is dead to her. This divides Lilly and Marshall as Lilly never wants to see her dad again while Marshall wants Lilly and her family to be close like his family are. This ep is very funny with the right amount of thanks giving cheesiness to be sweet without being painful. One of the better eps in recent times and a welcome return to slap bet, long live Slapsgiving!