How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 22

Something Blue

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Season 2 Finale and a secret (spoilers)

    After the wedding, Lilly and Marshall have their perfect wedding then their flawed wedding, they have their reception. I too am not annoyed at all that Lilly is not taking Marshall's last name. It's not something that Lilly is doing for herself, just a choice. Although the last name of awesome is well awesome. Then we find out that something happened between Robin and Ted. This is what this episode the show, and this season so great. You are only told bits of pieces of their story, interrupting by Lilly and Marshall although not intentionally. It was funny how Barney tried anything to hear the whole story. It's find of like how some fans want to hear the story. I like how Barney forgot that it was Ted who stole the blue french horn. It's funny how hungry Lilly and Marshall and can't get food at their own day. It was then even funnier how drunk Lilly got. Ranjit!! Enough said.

    We finally find out what happened between Robin and Ted. It's not surprising considering not just the pilot, but other signs as well. Ted and Robin were a great couple. They dated for a year but in the end, they were just two different people. It all goes back to what Ted said at Stuart's wedding. While there is work, it should be easy when you are one you meant to be with. As is often the case a great song played after Ted and Robin's breakup.

    This was a great episode to end a great season. In fact it was legend wait for it . . . .
  • Ted and Robin share a secret to Barney at the wedding reception.

    Marshall and Lily are now husband and wife but as they try to dodge family members in order to get some food, the main storyline shifts to Ted and Robin who try their best to keep a secret but you know Barney. We all know Barney. They have no other option but to share without Marshall and Lily finding out. Before I start, I really liked the continuity in this episode as it showed and explained scenes from the past. It turns out they've been broken up for a couple of weeks and Robin has expressed her interest in going to Argentina for the summer. So she goes. And Barney shows his good side by comforting Ted at the end, which I really loved with the last line being Barney saying, "This summer is going to be Legen... wait for it..." And while I'm not the biggest Ted and Robin fan and I still wish Victoria would somehow turn out to be the mother, I found the breakup very sad, but still making for a good season finale. Marshall and Lily after their reception at the restaurant was great, and Ranjit driving them to the airport was the icing on the cake.
  • We see part two of Lily's and Marshall's Weding Day. Barney finds out that Robin and Ted are hiding a secret and does everything to find out what it is. And yes it's a huge one.

    This episode was legen (wait for it) dary 

    The main plot was Robin and Ted’s secret. And throughout the episode we were led to false conclusions. And this is what’s “How I met your mother about”. There were great jokes about Marshall and Lily and a fantastic finale for Ted and Robin. For me as a Robin and Ted – Fan it wasn’t the end I wanted to see, and I was really really unhappy about the outgoing of the whole secret. But this is how it’s got to be.
    We see a parallelism to the season finale of season 1. We saw a united Marshall and Lily and separated Robin and Ted. In some kind it was great that they stood through without any big scenes without someone of the both trying to kill themselves because of the break up. They were at the point where they started. Trying to be friends but hardly able to be it. I’m interested someone new will be introduced in season 3 and if we will met Ted’s future wife. I hope they won’t kick out Robin but I doubt it especially because I see something coming up. The old Ted always talks about Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin so I’m excited if this is what it’s going to be.

    All in all a great episode which makes the time till season three even longer.
  • Lily and Marshall have their wedding reception.


    "Something Blue" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode and wonderful season finale. This episode is about Lily and Marshall's reception. I love how Lily and Marshall haven't eaten anything and they are starving. It's funny how every time they think they have the chance to eat, someone is already coming up to them and starting a conversation and saying congratulations. In this episode, I love how it reveals that Robin and Ted have some news but they can't tell anyone because it's Lily and Marshall's day. I love how Barney is obsessed with trying to get them so to tell their secret. I love how they reveal they broke up with a flashback with Robin thinking Ted was proposing to him and Robin giving a nasty reaction. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • A fantastic finale to a fantastic season, featuring everything I love about HIMYM.

    Something that never fails to amaze and impress me in a television show is respect for continuity. Referring to previous episodes or referencing past events or continuing threads that broke off earlier make for excellent prizes for the consistent fan and How I Met Your Mother, particularly in this latest season of number 2, does it and does it right.

    What with the last few episodes of the season featuring various points throughout the wedding of Lily and Marshall all sewn together to create a seamless tapestry of awesome, I found myself looking forward to each new episode to fill in the holes left open previously. Like the sauce all over Ted and Robin.

    As for Ted and Robin's story, not only did it have some great twists and turns leading up to the final revelation, it, like the show consistently does amazingly, maintains hilarity amidst the real drama and pain. And for that, I love love love this show.

    And that ending, with Barney's key line?


    Can't can't can't wait for season 3.
  • Throw away the paper, throw away the mail. This is by far one of the most touching episodes of How I Met Your Mother to date. Everyone who watches knows an episode is either heart-based or humor-based. This one was definitely a heart-based episode.

    Spoiler Alerts

    From the beginning, we all knew Ted and Robin weren't going to make it, didn't we? Quite literally, in fact. In the pilot episode, Ted is recapping all of the episode and he tells his kids that he was simply, "Too close to see the puzzle." He finishes by saying, "And that, kids, is the story of how I met your Aunt Robin."

    Whether that was a marketing ploy or fantastic writing isn't the topic. The fact of the matter is that we were rooting for Robin and Ted from the beginning. We hoped against what we knew was reality, we hoped for the impossible; a continuity error, a head-fake from future-Ted, something that would maybe ruin the plot but keep Robin and Ted together. That's just the allure of Ted and Robin; they're the manifestation of the "Impossible Love."

    Ted and Robin relate to Barney at the reception what had happened in the past couple of weeks behind the scenes of the other episodes. Ted and Robin are having dinner at the in which they had their first date (in the pilot). At first, Robin mistakenly gets a glass of champagne with an engagement ring it. She immediately responds with, "No, no no no no no, Ted you cannot do this to me. No no no." Ted explains it was not his and a man behind Robin takes the ring, proposing to his girlfriend. Robin, relieved, tries to laugh it off, but Ted is not so cavalier. He is wounded by the fact that Robin reacted so heatedly. He says that it sounded like he was trying to set her on fire rather than propose. He asks Robin where she wants to be in five years and she reflects the question back at him, to which he replies he wants to have a family. Robin says he wants to be in Argentina and wants to live adventurously. Ted says solemnly, "We have an expiration date, don't we?" Barney interrupts by stating his disbelief that they broke up, but Ted says the story isn't over. They return to the past and Ted is asking the waiter for a check when the waiter recognizes him from the time he stole the Blue French Horn. They try to escape, but trip over a bus boy. The employee holds Ted's credit card and driver's license until they bring back the horn.

    They return to Robin's apartment and Robin takes down the Blue French Horn as they speak about Argentina and their future. Ted says they should move to Argentina in a fool-hardy attempt to save the relationship, blinded by his desire to be with Robin. Robin agrees and Barney interrupts again with another shot of disbelief.

    Ted says the story isn't over. Robin stops them and says that she doesn't want to do "this" to Ted, that kids were never a part of her plan. She says that if she was going to have children, she would want to with Ted. Barney sees Robin not drinking alcohol and believes that she's pregnant. Marshall and Lily cut their cake and leave the reception. Ted tells Barney that the story isn't over.

    Ted says they should probably return the horn and Robin goes to change, but Ted says she isn't allowed, that they both have to go with the spilled food over them. Robin says she has a change of clothes and Ted doesn't, telling him jokingly to suck it up. Ted remarks jokingly that if they had moved in together, his stuff would be there. The reality hits them again and their levity breaks.

    Ted asks, "We're not doing this, are we?" And Robin says she does not want to have KIDS in Argentina. Ted says he doesn't want to have kids in ARGENTINA. Robin asks, "So where does that leave us?"
    Ted replies, "Well, we could stay together and pretend this stuff together. Or, we could give back the blue french horn." The blue french horn takes upon the symbol of their relationship.

    Robin smiles sadly as she reminisces.
    "You stole the blue french horn for me," she says wistfully.
    Ted's body relaxes and he smiles faintly, looking into the eyes of his lover's breaking heart. He leans close and tells her, "I would have stolen you a whole orchestra." Robin breaks down and lays her head on his chest as he holds her, The 88's Acoustic song, "No One Here" plays softly in the background. After two seasons of Ted being in love with Robin, their love story finally comes to a close. Finally, the hopes and logical fallacies we all had for Robin and Ted overcoming the powers of writers and foreshadowing, of being together against all odds are laid to rest as well. For, as life will show us time and time again, some people are just not meant to be together, no matter how strong their love for each other is. This is called "The Impossible Love."

    Barney, flabbergasted, confirms with Ted that they did break up and then that Robin isn't pregnant. Barney asks if they're okay and Ted says, while it hasn't been the easiest two weeks of their lives, they're okay. Future Ted says that, while they were broken up, they both got what they wanted. He said that, for the most part, if you're completely honest about what you want in life, life gives it to you. He walks out to the balcony with Barney, who candidly says that he's sorry about Ted and Robin. That, while he joked around about wanting them to break up, they were really good together. Ted says she just wasn't the one and Barney groans, telling Ted not to start talking about the one again. Ted shakes his head and says he needs a break from that and wants to have fun for awhile, to which Barney's ears perk up. He says Ted will need a wing man and asks if he could be it. Ted says he does and Barney grins, saying, "Yes! Ted, my friend, it's going to be legen- wait for it!"

    The show ends. In the midst of a heartbreaking separation, the writers manage to pull off an ending with enough hope to leave us satisfied. This was one of the best
  • Lilly & Marshall's wedding, part three.

    It's the wedding party, and a bunch of eventful things happen concerning Ted & Robin's relationship. Marshall & Lilly's plot has become the comedic part of the episode, while Ted & Robin's plot has converted to more of a dramatic story. In this episode, Barney is dying to find out their secret. After a year of dating they go to the place that Ted stole the blue horn from in the first episode. When a mistake happens involving an engagement ring, we see Robin's reaction to Ted's proposal. But we later find out Ted didn't propose, it was a mix up, but Robin's reaction wasn't too pretty. Which definitely puts things in a dark spot for them. They try to run out of the bistro when the owner recognizes Ted from when he stole the horn, only to be covered in marinara sauce which ties in to 220 "Showdown" where they were covered in sauce, but never revealed why. For a moment, we think Robin is pregnant, but it turns out they broke up instead. We all saw this coming so it wasn't a surprise to any of us. We know Robin isn't the mother, so we knew they were going to break up. For some reason I predicted the finale, and I was right. After dating for a year, they have broken up. It's nice to see things have gotten back to the norm of the show: Ted trying to find the one. Season One was mixed with that and him pursuing Robin. Then Season Two was filled with his relationship with Robin. So now I'm hoping to see more of Ted's adventures with different women next season. Lilly & Marshall are having trouble eating their wedding food since there is always an interruption leading Lilly to get wasted. When all is done, it seems as though the situations have switched between Ted & Marshall from the last finale. Marshall is now happy with Lilly. While Ted is alone. I love the ending. "Legen-" The credits roll. This was a great season, I enjoyed it. Excited to see the episodes to come. Great season finale.
  • Take it Outside!

    I like last week's wedding episode, but this week's episode continue to be on the wedding, but unlikew last week, the wedding episode is anything but fun. It like all the air has gone out of this episode. I know that this is the season's finale, it's not a good excuse that the first part is fun and the second half is dull to the bone. there are some good moments, if you call it fun. I'm looking forward in see the show return next season. it up to the people at CBS to renew the show. the faith of "Mother" is in the hands of CBS.
  • A great conclusion to Season 2!!

    I thought this was a TERRIFIC season-concluding episode. We've known for a long time that Ted and Robin weren't meant to be together forever, but I loved the chemistry between them. And Robin made Ted so happy. But, the inevitable finally happened, they broke up. The way they tell the story to Barney, being repeatedly interupted, is hysterical. I really look forward to seeing where the show goes from here. I seriously doubt Ted and Robin will relapse into a relationship, although the occassional heat-of-the-moment "accident" is a possibility. Perhaps we'll meet Ted's wife in the upcoming season. Either way, it's bound to continue to be one of the best shows on TV!
  • Robin and Ted tell Barney their break up story which leads Barney to believe other things like Robin is pregnant before they reveal they broke up two weeks ago. Lily and Marshall hunt for food at their wedding.

    Awesome episode! I cannot wait till next season. I cannot edit the stuff above but would like to point out that the scene that takes place in Single Stamina never meant they were still together. I've actually argued with my friend since that episode until Something Blue that Ted and Robin would be broken up much before the wedding which took place in the winter. Single Stamina is about how couples would rather be in bed during New York's winter. Ted and Robin decide not to go home with Marshall and Lily which aluded to the fact that they were single and not together. They're dancing as friends.
  • good finale

    So the wedding happens and now we are at the reception which prooves to be even funnier that marshal with the reverse mohawk. The funniest gag I think was that the bride and groom couldn"t even eat any of thier meal when they wer sitting at the table. But really that does not happen they will not take you plate fro you when you are there. Barney Mr. I have to know everything was funny with his constant guessing of what Ted and Robin had finally decided. His constant interruptions just prolonged the agony. Or else the episode would have taken 10 minutes rather than the 30 that it did.
  • I haven't watched this show in a while but that was a really good episode.

    I enjoyed this episode it seemed to be a big one, and now that I think about it I can't really remember if I saw the end and what the big news was, there was always more to the story. It was good those two got married and they seemed to bring up old stuff in the episode but not in a cheesy clip show kind of way. I liked it and I probably will watch more of the re-runs in the summer so I can see what I missed in the episodes I didn't watch. I think this episode was pretty funny and pretty well written as is the show most of the time.
  • Good Season Finale

    This episode starts with the intorduction of the newly weds at their wedding reception. During a dance, a secret that was not to be told until after the wedding but Barney was on a mission to find this secert out. He bugged and bugged until the story began. This was a very adventurous episode many stories and many different takes to peoples lives and possible sad moments. Everyone should take the time to watch this episode. I think it was a good season ending but could have been much better. I needed more drama, or somethign bigger to happen but great episode.
  • The wedding saga continues, Marshall & Lily "Awesome" endure this epitomal moment in their relationship...hungry for food! Ted & Robin reveal their big secret, with help from Barney & his superpower overhearing. Turns out, they've decided to break up!

    Awww, Ted & Robin were so good together but inevitably, it was given they weren't "meant to be". I loved them together! The mother better be just as good. Marshall and Lily were the comedy of the show in this episode. Can't wait for Barney's next adventure with Ted, his reinstated wingman. Should be interesting!!

    Judging from this episode, it seems the series is pretty much renewed for a new season! I love Mother!!
  • So who's the mother?

    Well, we knew that eventually "Aunt Robin" had to go so that Ted could find his way to really meeting the kids' mother. I think it was definitely good while it lasted. I never believed that they were meant for each other but I think they provided something in each other's life that was missing. I thought that the wedding interaction between Lily and Marshall was classic. You have to love a drunken, I mean blushing bride. I think next season will be LEGENDary with Barney back as Ted's wingman, well at least until Ted falls head over heels in love with someone new.