How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 21

Something Borrowed

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Lilly and Marshall are married

    This was a brilliant awesome and amazing episode. Lilly and Marshall's day is finally here. I think that with what Marshall and Lilly gone through, it was made even more special. It made even more special with what happened at the end. (more on that later)

    I think it's funny that Barney finds a "power" with helping Lilly. I enjoyed how Lilly kept things together despite everything going wrong. That is until the end. It came off as reasonable. One of my favorite parts is when Lilly's old boy friend came. I think it was funny when he came to see Lilly and Barney just casually lets him by. It shows that Barney knows more about relationships then we think.

    Marshall's part might have been even more funnier. It was great when he came in with frosted tips. If this was any other time, I would have loved to see the jokes the guys would've done on him. Barney did have a funny comment. (Good Backstreet Boys?) In what is an iconic moment Marshall shaved his head. The wig he put on was pretty funny. He remained me of one of the three stooges. And that's when the ending happened. (Don't read the next paragraph if you haven't seen the episode)

    The ending might have been one of the most sweetest moments in HIMYM history. It also rivaled other TV shows weddings. IT was sweet and funny when Barney officiated the wedding of Lilly and Marshall. It was perfect that it was just close friends with a guitar in the background, exactly the one that Lilly wanted.
  • Marshall and Lily endure their third attempt to get married.

    We all know you can't have a wedding of the major characters in a TV sitcom or film without major problems beforehand. Lily's infamous high school boyfriend Scooter arrives trying to win her back, the flowers for the ceremony are late, the harp player goes into labor, the bride's veil was discovered ruined, and Marshall is talked into letting one of Lily's family members style his hair for the wedding. She gives him dark tips and upset with himself, Marshall shaves a large portion of his hair off. The bride and groom talk about cancelling, but we know that won't happen. The gang meets outside and Barney marries the two in private, then they come back for the reception, but that's a later story. The couple of a decade finally are married. It was a long and exhausting route for them and supportive viewers, but I'm glad to see it official. And with the reception still to go, there's obviously some sort of twist going to occur in the season finale.
  • It's Lily and Marshall's wedding day.


    "Something Borrowed" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Lily and Marshall get married. I love how all these tiny things go wrong, like Scooter showing up trying to win her back, no flowers at the ceremony, harp player is in labour to deliver her baby, and Lily's veil is ruined, and everything's just falling apart. I love how Marshall shaves a patch of his hair and his hair looks totally disasterous, so he has tow ear a fedora. I love how Lily and Marshall decide to get married by Barney in a park because that's their perfect wedding and it wouldn't matter if they were already married if they made a mistake at the wedding with their family and other friends. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Lilly & Marshall's wedding, part two.

    The wedding is here, and everything goes wrong. Basically the whole episode is about Marshall & Lilly freaking out about everything going wrong. Scooter, Lilly's old boyfriend makes an appearance at the wedding. They have a harp player that's pregnant, that was probably the funniest problem since she continued to play while she was pregnant! Marshall has hair troubles when Lilly's cousin dyes Marshall's hair blond, so Marshall shaves part of it off making him look like a complete idiot. The point of this episode, which was said in the beginning, is that weddings never go as planned, but in this case, it did. They got to have an outside wedding like they wanted with close friends, then they get married again, the wedding that had all the problems. But they finally did it! They got married, we got to see Barney & Robin cry so you can call that development. A good episode, which is a setting stone in Marshall & Lilly's relationship.
  • 30 minutes later and I'm still laughing

    what a great episode! thank god i recorded it, i was laughing so much i missed half the episode.

    absolutely loved the "it's for the bride" thing. let's face it, barney is a genius, borderline sociopath, but a genius. i also loved the shawshank redemption gag. the guy trying to bounce scooter, without a shirt for tackling the caterer, was also hilarious. last but not least, they've used the "-please don't- -sorry ted-" gag a lot, but it just keeps getting better.

    this is definetly the best episode since slap bet. this show is simply the best, hope it stays for the long run.
  • Lily and Marshell's weddings.

    Oh my this was such a great episode of How I Met Your Mother. I was laughing so hard that i was cring durning the whole thing evan commerical breaks. I thought that it was really funny that Barney is able to marry people you think that someone who is against marriage would preform a wedding. I thought that lily jinxed herself by saying she would not get upset if something goes wrong because after that everything went wrong. I thought that it was great Lily and Marshell had a smaller wedding before their orignal wedding that way they both feel like thier wedding was perfect.
  • Wedding Crashers!

    With this Wedding epiosde of "How I Met Your Mother," I know I'm in the middle of the sweeps month and the month of May is the mightiest of the sweep month. consider this epiosde that has Lily and Marshall tying the knot whern all havoc is everywhere in the building. it got so bad they had to sneak the who thing outside with few people and leave everybody else in the building with their problems. I will watch the conclusion next week and I had no choice, there nothing on the other networks. Fox pull "Drive" in favor of "House" reruns and I don't watch that show much.
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