How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 24

Something New?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 13, 2013 on CBS

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  • Good season finale!

    I liked the season finale. The question we've been waiting for to be answered for eight years finally has... sort of.

    So we saw the mother, but he (Ted) didn't meet her yet, which was slightly anticlimactic, although we are definitely nearing the moment.

    Loved how Lily said "you'll meet her and she'll wear cute boots that I'll boorrow whenever I want because we're the same size" and then she walks up with her boots and yellow umbrella headed for Farhampton!

    Such a great episode - hopefully Season 9 is worth the wait!
  • Oh, how I love to watch this show!

    It's been a few weeks since the season finale aired and I still have not deleted it from my PVR. I find myself watching this episode over and over because it is by far the best episode of a show that started off so very under-rated! For eight years, we have come to love the characters of How I Met Your Mother, and I'm sensing the end is near (I predict 2 more seasons tops). For eight years we have been teased and punk'd over the identity of Ted Mosby's future Mother of his two very patient kids, whom have been sitting on a couch for the same length of time. When The Shins "Simple Song" starts to play, and we see everyone heading to Farhaptons, I get goosebumps! And, with great rewards, we finally get a first look at the furure Mrs Ted Mosby!! This show will be in my top 5 forever!!

    BTW, I think the actress playing the "Mother" is perfect!
  • Like Something New and prospects for Season 9

    I submitted a much shorter review but after reading a few comments I felt compelled to contribute a bit more.

    Two factors keep cropping up time and again with these reviews the first is people complaining that the now revealed "Mother" is not Robin, large numbers of people claiming to be long standing fans of the show saying they expected it to be Robin, several problems here firstly Robin has revealed that she CAN'T have kids nor does she want them ergo she can't be the mother, secondly the narrator has repeatedly referred to her as "aunt" Robin and finally (if you've not been watching) she's been engaged to Barney for a while now and season 9 will start with their wedding all of which points to her definitely NOT being the mother.

    My second problem is people complaining about the actress playing "the mother" as being "plain" or "not famous enough", well I'm sorry but if you can't get over the fact that ... (insert overly referenced female actress here)... isn't in the role you want her to be in then frankly you shouldn't be watching a TV show that wasn't created by you, her lack of history is actually an advantage because she can come in and create a character without us comparing her to other roles, "the mother" needs to be a fresh face because she can't afford to be overshadowed by past performances.

    My other gripe here is that the woman cast as "the mother" IS pretty she's NOT plain, she's just pretty in a cute sort of way rather than being an absolute stunner and that fits the shows feel vastly more than if they'd cast someone overbearingly beautiful, she's a cute brunette, she's got damn fine legs, wears boots (very sexy), lovely eyes, I honestly don't see what people are complaining about.

    For the future, I really want season 9 to show some of the relationship develop between Ted and "the mother", I know the show's called "How I met your mother" so if they just show us the introduction it will technically be fulfilling it's commitment but I would personally feel a little short changed if I the meeting and nothing beyond that.
  • disappointed

    If this is a mother I'm disappointed. If mother is not Robin, THE MOTHER should be prettier, cuter than Robin. Someone like Zooey Deschanel ... Nina Dobrev... someone really spacial, pretty... This girl is so ORDINARY. I have impression Ted is settling down with this girl, because it's time.. Even Stella and Zoey were better choice... or Barney's Nora.. she is real woman.. THIS IS BRUNETTE LILLY with ugly teeth !!!!!
  • epic fail

    So the Mother dragged out for 8 season is "Brunette Lilly"? Great. *Facepalm *Slow Sarcastic Clapping.
  • Ted meets the mother

    Serious to youse writing saying you have watched the entire thing that you would no robin is 100% not an option in season 6 robin dates a guy who has a child and this child draws a picture of what she thought was her when she finds out it is not ted then says in the narattive voice but as we know kids youre aunt robin went to star in some preety important art work. Youre own wich showed pics the kids have drawn of them at the beach and so on with the caption us and aunt robin and she has also found out she will never have children and i beileve the mothers name will be tracy in either season 1 or 2 ted meets a stripper who introduces herself as amber then he responds with in ted she says actually its tracy he says still ted then he jokes and that kids is how i met youre mother the name must habe sounded right yo them to stir that reaction anyone who pays attention and has watched himym. From the start knows its not robin in the episode whenshe found out she could not have kids he narrates she never did have kids but went on to travel and etc so either the writers of himym will undermine all they have written wich will annoy many for being mislead or simply its not robin yea wake up ppl
  • A bomb is most fearful before (not during or after) an explosion...

    The writers took advantage of our curiosity and magnetized us to the show.

    The episode was jammed with good stories, but it was highlighted by one and only one thing: the reveal. Excitements ensued as the mother is finally revealed after nearly a decade of torturous tease. My reaction after the reveal (similar to most fans) was as clueless of as before the reveal. Wait, who is the "mother"?

    Expectations often lead to disappointment... and in this case, huh? After 8 seasons of devotion, I feel cheated that a relatively unknown actress closed the doors to all of the fans' theories, anticipations and fantasies on the potential casting of our dream actress.

    To sum, our casting options can be separated into the following categories (keep in mind: brunettes only):

    Too much stardom for TV now: Natalie Portman, Kate Beckinsale, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and Olivia Wilde

    Perfect on TV, but other preexisting obligations: Zooey Deschanel, Claire Danes, Emmy Rossum, and Cote de Pablo

    Why the EFFF was none of the following cast: Camille Belle, Sophia Bush, Evangeline Lily, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Alyssa Milano, Claire Forlani, Rose Byrne, Isla Fisher, Alison Brie, Anna Kendrick, Ashley Green, Odette Yustman, Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau, Minka Kelly, Keira Knightly, Leighton Meester, Elisha Cuthbert (brunette version), and heck, even Lyndsy Fonseca (not uncommon on television to have mother and daughter be the same cast).

    Barring any personality misfits, television incompatibility, and/or personal preferences, there is still no excuse to exclude EVERYONE from the above.

    Cristin Milioti, a talented Broadway actress, has my best wishes to succeed as the iconic mother role...... just notquitesatisfied
  • Wow. The frickin' mother. I never thought I'd see the day.

    And if that's NOT her but another clever prank by the producers, I'm gonna get... no, not mad. I'll probably just sigh, promise myself never to watch this show again (it had some real lows in the last couple of seasons), and then tune in next time regardless.

    This actually felt like a seaons 2 episode. Finally there's some heart back in that show. Looking forward to the fall.
  • And some of you said that meeting The Mother wouldn't be important....

    What a brilliant, heart-stopping episode there. If you ever thought that you wouldn't care about meeting The Mother anymore, well you were wrong. Because finally meeting her was everything we ever wanted and expected. It was such a brilliant moment, and I loved every single second of it.

    I can't really say more about the episode, except that I can't wait for the next season.

    Thank you, writers, for a show that has for 8 years been building up for one moment, and it totally lived up to the hype.
  • How We Met The Mother

    People have always been saying that we will get see the mother when Ted meets her, which would probably take place in the searies finale. Although, I am one of those who wanted to see the mother before the series finale, I didn't expect that we would see her before Ted. However, I really like it this way. I see many people complaining that Cristin Milioti is not the right pick for the mother and this is not what the had expected, I am one of those who never had anyone pictured as the mother. Whenever I imagined her, she had a blank face (like Slender Woman). And I have to say that Cristin Milioti makes the perfect Mother for me.

    Back to the episode, I have to so this episode was great; classic HIMYM. I liked that the brought some previous gags like , "Where's the poop" and "Teddy Westide". I always love Ted and lily moments, and episodes with them are one of my favorites. Lily realizing the real reason why Ted is moving to Chicago shows how great their friendship is.

    Meanwhile, Jason Segel is a comedy machine, all his jokes hit a home run for me, especially this one:

    "I'm not good at making big decisions"

    "... You sure you wanna be a judge?"

    I am also glad that they brought back Marshall becoming a judge. Since they never gave us a time frame to when the flashforward to Marshall standing before the New York State Judiciary took place (from 8x08: Twelve horny Women), I was worried that it would be addressed very late in Season 9, but I am glad the addressed it sooner than later.

    The Barney and Robin storyline was cute and shows how great they are together, although I haven't been a Barney/Robin shipper and constantly opposed them being together prior to the season 7 finale (where Robin is revealed as the bride), I have started to like them. They kisses the shared were really cute, especially the one before they leave to for their wedding. Also Barney getting hit by the kitchen door in the restaurant made be laugh out loud each time.

    The scene with everyone heading to Farhampton was my second favorite scene form the episode. The looks on everyone face is what I like the best from the scene (Ted has a determined look on his face, while Lily is wondering about her life in Italy etc).

    And then THE MOTHER REVEAL. I knew this one coming form all the hints the cast and the execs dropped, and then there was the "Mother of All Secrets" teaser promo, but I still got goosebumps when I realized that we were actually about to see The Mother.

    One thing I am worried about though is the "56 hours to the wedding". That seems really specific and I wonder if Season 9 will entirely take place in those 56 hours and the wedding, like the fans have been speculating. I don't know if I'll actually like that, but I guess we'll have to wait for September to see if that actually happens, and if I (and other fans actually like it)

    Overall, I would say this episode was perfect, one of the best in the series.
  • Here's to an Epic ninth season

    Okay so I just saw the episode and I must say I was a bit skeptical about it , begging few minutes, I was shouting to the screen, 'Are you going to just disregard what happened between Robin and Ted' it was a rather nice way to cut around to it Ted's feelings for Robin the writers have created the impression is never going to relinquish. AND WE MET THE MOTHER!!! Christin Miloti is really cute and i have no doubts in my mind she is the mother, jheez the producers even confirmed it( to all y'all who have doubts) Aside that it was mellow (but enjoyable) way to end the season, even though they were all on the brink of major decisions! and i feel let down because the producers promised a wedding, but hey who am I to complain, we met the mother, and to those thinking the reveal was disappointing what did you expect, fire works and a band?? cant wait for the ninth season, see how the writers Culminate this amazing show
  • NOt the mother

    i dont think she is the mother .. ted's daughter got green eyes .. and in some episode he said she takes after her mother
  • I Don't trust the producers but i think this is it..

    I was (still) doubting about this was the mother o not.. but everythings says she is. there is an article from the hollywood reporter, where says what one of the producers said in the matter. and in how i met your mother's official facebook page also says.. that we've met the mother.. after so many years i was hoping for this great moment when ted looks at her for the first time and we meet her at the same time as him. this was kind of random. the episode was great! i'm so happy for marshal.. and i really need some peace and quiet with barney and robin.. i love that couple! they belong together!
  • Make Waffles For

    Part of me knows Ted doesn't end up with Robin. Part of me really, really, really needs him to. This episode was full of promises for the final season, but I haven't got a lock on most of them. This episode had me on the verge of tears from the moment he said he was selling the house (even though we know it ends up sticking around). How he feels about Robin also hit rather hard in how real it was. This was a great episode overall with a new face tacked on the end. The reveal was anti-climactic, which adds to that feeling that maybe, just maybe, she's not the one.
  • You see how important is the identity of the mother? This show is Awesome

    A lot of things happened in this episode, mostly with Lilly Marshall and Ted, and a nice moment with Robin and Barney, but all i can think about after watching it is: is that REALLY the MOTHER? That's when i realized that even though i'd like to know how Marshall convinces Lilly to stay in NY (or what happens with Lilly's job opportunity), and what's going to happen at Barney's and Robin's wedding, it ALL ABOUT that final scene when that girl appeared and smiled while purchasing a ticket to Farhampton.

    And maybe it's because of all the turns they've given us throughout the years but i'm still not convinced that we've seen THE MOTHER. For one, the shoes and the purse don't match with what we've seen in the first episode of the season, and maybe she's just a band mate who is returning the yellow umbrella to her owner or whatever, so we just have to wait until next season to find out for sure. And i think that's great, it's been fun trying to guess how everything is going to turn put, and right now i'm really happy that we have one more year of this show.
  • Well...

    ... that was a disappointing reveal
  • Who is the Mother?

    I am guessing it is someone that is already close to him and been in quite a few episodes, any guesses?
  • The mother!

    HIMYM! after 8 years of hype, will the mother be "good enough" to surprise us? I really hope so! :|

    Can't wait to download the episode :p
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