How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 23

Something Old

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 06, 2013 on CBS

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  • Hole in the Head

    Back in 1994, Robin's dad took his "son" to New York for a trip and though it seems ridiculous given what we know of young Robin, she took a moment aside in Central Park to bury a locket in the hopes that years from then she'd meet her mulletted dream man and get married and come back to dig this up for her "something But she does a crappy job of digging. For someone who has had so much experience in the wilderness you'd think she'd really know better. She barely even digs a hole big enough to cover the little jewelry box.

    Anyway, now she's back in the park and she thought she and her father could find it together but he's more interested in playing laser tag with his new son who has an actual penis, Barney. And after she digs for a while, which wouldn't actually ever even remotely happen because they are SUPER strict in Central Park, especially in a public area like right near the carousel, and barely even let you walk on the freaking grass much less spend hours digging it up and peeing in a hole. Finally, she desperately calls Ted, and even though he's busy and has a big job interview, he drops everything to go help her because he thought she needed a friend. She's upset because she thinks that finding this is the sign that she's doing the right thing marrying Barney, and Ted tells her that signs are for dummies and they share a moment when she finds the box and it's empty. I swear to God if they even toy with putting Ted and Robin back together, TPTB at CBS are getting a bill to replace my TV because I will destroy it in a fit of rage.

    And then over at Marshall and Lily's apartment, baby Marvin is nowhere to be found and the two are quibbling over what should go in the trash and what they should take for a year in Italy. Apparently they've never heard of storage units. Put all your stuff in there. Though I did learn from my old neighbors that putting your bras in cold storage is a terrible idea because they all shrink. Just a helpful tip, which is the least I can do since this show is so useless right now.

    The couple are fighting so much that they call in Ted to be their tie-breaker as apparently he's the packing king or something. He once traveled through Europe with only a fanny pack, but all I can think about is how bad he must have reeked wearing that ugly Dashiki the entire time. After he swallows a piece of gum, he gets down to business arbitrarily deciding which piece of sentimental nonsense should be shipped on what I'm sure is an expensive flight to Italy. Is the Captain paying for all this? And not one of the items they are deciding on is anything for the baby. Just saying. Things get tense when the threesome fight over a disgusting bean bag chair that they've had since they moved to the city. It apparently smells of decade-old Doritos farts, and weirdly enough, this is not the only decade-old fart joke that aired on CBS tonight. There was also one on Mike & Molly. Points for originality. Ted wants them to take the beanbag, because it represents their friendship, and he's afraid they are going to forget him while they are away. But eventually they all agree it is time to let the gross bean-less beanbag go, and Marshall and Lily have some kinky gorilla sex.
  • Pretty good!

    I thought the episode was pretty good - better than most of what we've had so far this season, and there were major developments today.

    The packing storyline was quite hilarious. Some funny moments there! I really liked that!

    And the laser tag with Barney and Robin's dad was good.

    OVerall, an enjoyable episode, and hopefully the finale will b e as well!
  • Barney has the locket

    This episode made Barney look like a real jerk. I think the only way this is redeemed is that it turns out he has the locket. Why he would've re-buried the box and let Robin waste a day looking for it would need to be explained but I think he must have it. And that's how she's going to be convinced that marrying him is the right thing.

    We know that they get married because we saw the flashback of Robin dancing with her dad at the reception. We also know something goes wrong but it has to be after that so we know they at least go through with the ceremony to get to the reception. Seems pretty inevitable that we'll have to wait until next season for all that to unfold.
  • Full circle

    Am I the only one who remembers the very first episode of this show? Ted met Robin. Sure there was some meandering at times and they fell into a few tropes (Marshall+Lily=Chandler+Monica, Ted+Robin=Ross+Rachel, Barney=Joey+Phoebe), but it comes full circle at the end. This is the story of how Ted met Robin. 'nuff said.
  • the Rain !

    Ted made it rain for Robin(rain dance) he'll do it again if he wants to,the point is that the rain is not a sign from universe that tells you what to do,it's a sign that tells you you can make your own choices,you can make your own rain...
  • Trust the writers

    this Season has been the most back and forth Season in my point of view in terms of Character development, the writers deliberately or not find a way to hack us off and get us to lose interest for a couple of episodes, but then they find a way to pull us back in and get us to fall in love with the show all over again. this Ted Robin thing seemed very hard to watch, and how can he be set to meet 'THE WIFE' when just an episode before he an robin have this 'moment'. but I trust the writers, idk how they are going to fix this in one episode, cos I really cant suffer another tortuous Ted and Robin Saga
  • Not Again !

    Seriously, not again, Im tired of the characters going into the same old, the show's become a constant reiteration of the past, in this case with robin and ted, it's just annoying now. How many times are they going to pull this card. I feel that the creative potential for this show is heavily declining, I can only hope that this season and the show in its entirety do not end such a note.
  • Itll work watch

    ill bet, after having watched this show for 8 seasons. Barney has the locket, and all will work out just as it should.
  • Really dislike Robin NOW

    I dislike this episode ! it made me sad and sorry for Barney, they guy who truly loves Robin but he is not perfect ! if she asked him to come , he would do anything to be there for her ... Ted should called Barney and told him but how ?!! he got to be Super awesome and the most depend on person on the show ! I think this show now doesn't give Barney any credits ! he deserves more I think, please mr writer, don't make us hate the show or stop watching it ... the next one Robin should be sorry about this moment with the damn Ted and apologize to barney .. and please give Barney more credit, he is really the best guy in the show ofcourse with Marshall ! Ted, Robin you're .... quieting stop this shit NOW !!!
  • i liked the end a lot

    i was really happy to see ted there and was the only one that showed he really knows her. i still think that robin and ted end up together maybe im just stupid to think that. but i know how ted love's robin will it be possible to love another person like that? it wont make any sense if he doesn't end up with her.
  • NO... JUST NO!

    WTF, no really, .....

    This show shouldn't be called "How I met your mother", should be called "How to waste half an hour".

    This show needs to get to the point now. This whole season was a "is Barney and Robyn good for each other" season. ell how is this for an answer, WHO CARES. Just show the mother so I can be dissapointed and move on. As for the Mosby character, he is the kind of guy you wanna see fail because he is fail on every level. Freakin' beta dork should just finish his dumb story already.
  • What happened to the show where we loved all the characters?


    This show officially sucks now. This episode truly makes me feel sorry for Barney. I now hate Ted and truly dislike Robin. First of all she knew it meant a lot to her, she knew that if she told Barney he would be there for her. She didn't. And Ted is aware he knows Robin better than his "best friend" yet instead of calling him, letting him know Robin needs him he goes in his place. I still expect the wedding to go through but now I understand why Ted looks so miserable in the flash forwards to the wedding, he expected Robin to run away with has anyone noticed that while Uncle Barney is mentioned we never see him in any of the future scenes? It's always Ted, Marshall and Lilly, could they actually be 'breaking up'? Anyways, terrible episode, I agree with Brooke it seems the writers are trying to push the characters away and in the process are clearly making Barney the most likable (along with Lilly and Marshall) while making us hate on Ted and Robin.
  • Did they put our characters in the triangle?

    With only one episode left this season, I'm feeling uneasy about these episodes.

    The dynamic between Ted, Lily and Marshall was nice. But added no real growth. I feel like Marshall and Lily are really the slap stick these days and its to bad.

    So lets get the the main point.. Barney and Robin... used to be one of my favorite ships... and

    What happened to Barney and Robin Season 6-7. I believed their feelings, who they had become?

    Season 7, Disaster Averted: "When I let a day go by without talking to you that day's just no Wheres that man who was in love with Robin? Certainly not off playing lazer tag. Out of everyone they were the most connected... I don't know. I think the writers are trying really hard to push characters apart, which is making them revert to characters that don't seem on cue. *If you don't believe me think of earlier this season when they made Victoria a huge slob!

    I was furious that Ted was the only one who showed up. It seemed out of character - I liked what he said to her, but I agree with the reviews bellow - I was on the edge of my seat ready to be furious if they kissed.

    Again, the acting in this show is wonderful, these actors can at times say at all with just a look or their eyes.
  • Chairs Are Chairs

    Everyone experiences some sort of cold feet before a wedding or other big event. This is Robin's time. We saw at the end of last season/beginning of this season that she wasn't sure; I believe this is just setting that up. The last few minutes of this episode were tear-jerkers and I was ready to yell if Ted and Robin ended up locking lips. I don't think she's the mother, just stressed and worried and needs her best friend to get her through. Also, holy crap, watching the opening credits I realized how young they all are. It's a nice touch, leaving those photos as memories all these seasons.
  • trouble in paradise

    Cant believe Im thinking this, but Im now pretty ure Barney n Robin aint getting hitched
  • Is this the day?

    After 8 years, 8 long seasons... Is this episode the one that's gonna reveal the mother? because let's head back to "The Time Travelers", Ted said "45 days from now".... That means May 9 (Thursday) but we have episodes on Monday... So it's either today, or next week... Aaah... Hype on! :|