How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 16

Sorry, Bro

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ted's college girlfriend reenters his life and leaves Marshall and Lily remembering how much they hated her, while Barney tries to steer the storytelling towards Marshall's forgetting his pants at work that day.

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  • Clever writing

    Once again the structuring is gold in this episode of How I Met Your Mother. In reality the content of the episode doesn't pack a lot into it, but it does these little storytelling techniques to amp up the material it already has. Like when it opens up with Barney so intent on wanting Marshall to tell him the funny story, and it keeps on getting interrupted by Barney. At that point all we want to know is what the funny story is, and it keeps on getting delayed all thanks to Marshall.

    And then to amp it up even more is Ted's story of his ex-girlfriend Karen. The switch off between the two stories created small moments of tension for the viewer of wanting to know what happens in both stories at the same time. This is a really good technique to make up for lack of quality content.moreless
  • Marshall Forgot His Pants

    It all started with five of them hanging out on the booth, as usual. Marshall and Ted were the ones the group were talking about. Marshall's was hilarious, Barney kept on laughing whenever he said "Marshall forgot his pants". This was the Marshall's story, one day when he was ready to put on his office attire inside the gym, he found out that he didnt bring along his pants, even his back up one. So, he entered his office without a proper pair of pants on. Next, he quickly called his fiance, Lily to bring him a pair of pants, as he will be having an important presentation. Lily arrived Goliath National Bank, and she wanted to pass the pant to him. On her way, she met Barney, and she told Barney to hand it to Marshall. That was what disaster happened, when the important thing landed on Barney at that crucial moment - Barney altered the long pants, into a short one very badly. He laughed out loud inside the meeting when Marshall did his presentation. In McLauren bar, Barney kept on laughing very crazily in this topic, to the extent of falling off his seat, and that was my first time seeing Neil Patrick Harris did that. Overall, this episode was not that bad, the story just got so many varieties as it went.moreless
  • Two stories

    This was an episode that had two stories. One bigger one and one small one that Barney and no one else found funny. I enjoyed how both stories interwove together. I find it curious that Barney was the only one who found Marshall didn't bring his pants into work. I did like how Barney changed his mind on whether he or Marshall should tell the story.

    The other story is that Ted's old girlfriend is back into town and Ted sees her. Or so we think. Just when you think the story ends it doesn't. The women who played her, Laura Prepon did a very good job of playing Karen. It's a different role from Donna. It's not very often that a women can be douchey without being a bitch. Laura playing Karen did a good job of this. Ted's choice in women hasn't always been good and you see it goes all the way back to high school. Even though Robin and Barney have not been in the group that long, I did like that they didn't like Karen. One of the funnier moments was when Ted admitted he hooked up Karen and everyone was disgusted and Barney high fived him. The end result was something you may not expect but remember at this time Ted is going through a hard time. Other moments from this episode include the past stories of Marshall and Lilly's former people that they dated. The remark that Lilly said nothing happened this week may be something from the writers was not on this episode but just writing in general.

    The story telling was not as strong as it could be but still a funny episode.moreless
  • Marshall forgets his pants and Ted's dreaded ex is back in town.

    I loved Laura Prepon on That '70s Show, my previous favorite show, however not her role on How I Met Your Mother, but I suppose that's how we're supposed to feel. She's the infamous ex-girlfriend Ted had on-and-off again throughout high school and college. Then she ends up cheating with him and even worse: Ted catches her every time... Sorry, bro. Meanwhile, Marshall simply forgets his extra pair of pants at work. And that's it. Barney spends a lot of the episode just laughing at it and poking fun of Marshall. Anyhow, Ted tells the story of how he went out with Karen just the other day and she admitted she had a boyfriend, right after he walked on them having sex. My favorite part of the entire episode was how Ted was finally the one that said, "Sorry, bro." Ted originally breaks up with her, still, and the gang is proud. Until he adds they made up again and he's headed for another date. The guys spent the entire time at the bar. Robin was there just to add comments and Lily stayed tucked behind her seat in the booth due to hide her real-life pregnancy.moreless
  • Ted's ex-girlfriend is in town.

    "Sorry, Bro" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode when Ted tells the gang Karen's in town and they are not excited by the news. It turns out Karen is pretentious and Ted always imitates her opinions, and then Karen cheats on him, but they somehow get back together. I love how the gang says that Ted shouldn't call her but it's too late that he already called her and they are back together. I love how the gang give 4 reasons to have lunch with an ex. Anyways, I love how Ted broke up with Karen. I love the subplot of Marshall forgetting his pants and asking Lily to bring pants in for him and she makes the mistake of giving the pants to Barney. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
Rowly Dennis

Rowly Dennis


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Hayes MacArthur

Hayes MacArthur


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Koby Rouviere

Koby Rouviere

8-Year-Old Marshall

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Charlene Amoia

Charlene Amoia


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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Taran Killam returns to the series as recurring character Blauman. However, in the previous episode "Life Among the Gorillas", Barney recounts the story of Blauman, who quit his job at GNB, became a janitor, then died.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Ted: We've all done things in college we regret. Junior year, Marshall grew a soul patch, wore a rasta hat, and asked that everyone call him J.B. Smooth.
      Marshall: I don't regret that for a second.

    • Lily: Who watches a show at four A.M.?
      Marshall: People getting ready for a show at five. A.M.?
      Ted: Meth addicts who haven't sold their TV yet.
      Barney: Strippers in that messy gray area between getting off work and getting their kids up for school.
      Robin: Them's my peeps.

    • Robin: Okay, Marshall forgot his pants. That's pretty funny. It's no chimpanzee wearing two tuxedos. I mean, he forgot he put the first one on? (starts laughing) Stupid monkey.

    • Lily: Cheat on Ted, criticize my painting, that's your business. But I catch you peeping on my man's junk and you linger? You gots to get got!
      Robin: The game is the game.
      Marshall: In Karen's defense, I had just worked out.
      Ted: Why'd you have to paint Marshall nude anyway?
      Lily: Because he ate my bowl of fruit.

    • Lily: Marshall forgot to bring his pants to work today, and you're still the stupidest person at this table!
      Ted: Okay, Lily. Let's be honest. We both know your real motivation here. You hate Karen because she lingered.
      Lily: You son of a bitch!

    • Barney: Think of the funniest thing ever.
      Robin: Got it.
      Barney: Now double it.
      Robin: Chimpanzee with two tuxedos?

    • Lily: Robin, I'm gonna need to borrow the butt of your gun.
      Robin: I actually lost it again. Can you believe that?

    • Kurt: By the way, there's something I've been meaning to give you. (points a gun at Robin)
      Robin: (takes it) My snub-nose .38 police special! I knew I left that somewhere. Every time I watch the news, I think, 'Oops, hope that wasn't my gun'.
      Kurt: Breaking up was the right choice.

    • Robin: How do you say goodbye in those situations? A handshake is too formal, a kiss on the cheek is too familiar...
      Barney: A hug is like a public dry hump.
      Marshall: I think you're hugging wrong.

    • Ted: I never said I was gonna get back together with her. But I was thinking, she's new in town, would it be the worst thing in the world if I gave her a call?
      Marshall: No, no, Ted, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. It would be the fourth worst thing: Number one, supervolcano; Number two, an asteroid hits the earth; Number three, all footage of Evil Knievel is lost; Number four, Ted calls Karen; Number five, Lily gets eaten by a shark.
      Lily: I'm Lily, and I approve the order of that list.

    • Marshall: So, then they'd break up, Ted would be all depressed, and we would wait the appropriate amount of time, and then we'd tell him how we really felt.
      (flashback to college dorm)
      Ted: Karen and I broke up.
      Lily: We hated her!
      Marshall: Bitch had to go!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Hosenlos", meaning "Pantsless". The French title is "Désolé vieux", meaning "Sorry, Old Man". The Italian title is "Mi dispiace, amico", an exact translation.

    • Guest Laura Prepon and series star Jason Segel can also be seen together in the movie, Slackers.

    • International Airdates: Australia: May 4, 2009 on Channel 7; United Kingdom: March 25, 2010 on E4; Czech Republic: November 17, 2010 on Prima COOL


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