How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 16

Sorry, Bro

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • Clever writing

    Once again the structuring is gold in this episode of How I Met Your Mother. In reality the content of the episode doesn't pack a lot into it, but it does these little storytelling techniques to amp up the material it already has. Like when it opens up with Barney so intent on wanting Marshall to tell him the funny story, and it keeps on getting interrupted by Barney. At that point all we want to know is what the funny story is, and it keeps on getting delayed all thanks to Marshall.

    And then to amp it up even more is Ted's story of his ex-girlfriend Karen. The switch off between the two stories created small moments of tension for the viewer of wanting to know what happens in both stories at the same time. This is a really good technique to make up for lack of quality content.
  • Marshall Forgot His Pants

    It all started with five of them hanging out on the booth, as usual. Marshall and Ted were the ones the group were talking about. Marshall's was hilarious, Barney kept on laughing whenever he said "Marshall forgot his pants". This was the Marshall's story, one day when he was ready to put on his office attire inside the gym, he found out that he didnt bring along his pants, even his back up one. So, he entered his office without a proper pair of pants on. Next, he quickly called his fiance, Lily to bring him a pair of pants, as he will be having an important presentation. Lily arrived Goliath National Bank, and she wanted to pass the pant to him. On her way, she met Barney, and she told Barney to hand it to Marshall. That was what disaster happened, when the important thing landed on Barney at that crucial moment - Barney altered the long pants, into a short one very badly. He laughed out loud inside the meeting when Marshall did his presentation. In McLauren bar, Barney kept on laughing very crazily in this topic, to the extent of falling off his seat, and that was my first time seeing Neil Patrick Harris did that. Overall, this episode was not that bad, the story just got so many varieties as it went.
  • Two stories

    This was an episode that had two stories. One bigger one and one small one that Barney and no one else found funny. I enjoyed how both stories interwove together. I find it curious that Barney was the only one who found Marshall didn't bring his pants into work. I did like how Barney changed his mind on whether he or Marshall should tell the story.

    The other story is that Ted's old girlfriend is back into town and Ted sees her. Or so we think. Just when you think the story ends it doesn't. The women who played her, Laura Prepon did a very good job of playing Karen. It's a different role from Donna. It's not very often that a women can be douchey without being a bitch. Laura playing Karen did a good job of this. Ted's choice in women hasn't always been good and you see it goes all the way back to high school. Even though Robin and Barney have not been in the group that long, I did like that they didn't like Karen. One of the funnier moments was when Ted admitted he hooked up Karen and everyone was disgusted and Barney high fived him. The end result was something you may not expect but remember at this time Ted is going through a hard time. Other moments from this episode include the past stories of Marshall and Lilly's former people that they dated. The remark that Lilly said nothing happened this week may be something from the writers was not on this episode but just writing in general.

    The story telling was not as strong as it could be but still a funny episode.
  • Marshall forgets his pants and Ted's dreaded ex is back in town.

    I loved Laura Prepon on That '70s Show, my previous favorite show, however not her role on How I Met Your Mother, but I suppose that's how we're supposed to feel. She's the infamous ex-girlfriend Ted had on-and-off again throughout high school and college. Then she ends up cheating with him and even worse: Ted catches her every time... Sorry, bro. Meanwhile, Marshall simply forgets his extra pair of pants at work. And that's it. Barney spends a lot of the episode just laughing at it and poking fun of Marshall. Anyhow, Ted tells the story of how he went out with Karen just the other day and she admitted she had a boyfriend, right after he walked on them having sex. My favorite part of the entire episode was how Ted was finally the one that said, "Sorry, bro." Ted originally breaks up with her, still, and the gang is proud. Until he adds they made up again and he's headed for another date. The guys spent the entire time at the bar. Robin was there just to add comments and Lily stayed tucked behind her seat in the booth due to hide her real-life pregnancy.
  • Ted's ex-girlfriend is in town.


    "Sorry, Bro" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode when Ted tells the gang Karen's in town and they are not excited by the news. It turns out Karen is pretentious and Ted always imitates her opinions, and then Karen cheats on him, but they somehow get back together. I love how the gang says that Ted shouldn't call her but it's too late that he already called her and they are back together. I love how the gang give 4 reasons to have lunch with an ex. Anyways, I love how Ted broke up with Karen. I love the subplot of Marshall forgetting his pants and asking Lily to bring pants in for him and she makes the mistake of giving the pants to Barney. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • There's a difference between stretching a joke out and taking it too far.

    Unfortunately, we got the latter here. 15-16 minutes of this episode was probably devoted to Barney giggling like a 4 year old at Marshall's pants story. The whole concept may have been good for a few chuckles, but this is not the time of issue that can carry an entire show. And God kill me now because How I Met Your Mother has brought in Laura Prepon for a six episode story arc. She was the weak link on That 70's Show and in my opinion was the reason for the downfall of October Road. She ruins shows and I have a feeling her presence will only hurt HIMYM's chances of getting a 4th Season.

    The other five minutes or so was dedicated to Ted's storyline, which was not that bad actually, he just has the personality off a rock and can't make you care about him at all.

    I got a cheap laugh out of Marshall wearing The Ultimate Warrior face paint and attire, but I know this show is capable of so much more.
  • We finally see Karen onscreen.

    Ted has mentioned throughout the past 4 years of a girlfriend, Karen that he had in college. And in this episode, we finally meet her. Say what you want to say about Laura Prepon, I enjoyed her stay on HIMYM. So sue me. All the flashbacks were hilarious. Karen cheating on Ted and lingering when saw Marshall naked. Hilarious. Another funny part of this episode is Robin & the sleeping pills acting all goofy in front of Karen & Ted. When Karen comes to New York, old feelings arise, and they start dating again, only to find out that Te dis the guy that Karen is cheating with, no on. Something that Ted has wanted to say for the longest time: "Sorry, Bro" All the flashback to everyone having lunch with their ex's was also hilarious. On a more serious note, I'm glad that ted told off Karen when he found out he was the other man. Karen finally ended up talking and breaking up with her boyfriend face to face. And it looks like Laura Prepon is here to stay since they stay together by the end. The thing that really brought this episode down would have to be Barney's constant mention of Marshall's pants story which wasn't funny to begin with, so watching him giggle and mention it throughout the whole episode didn't set well with me. Other than that, this episode was pretty good.
  • What Happened to this show? You call that comedy?

    I tuned in knowing this episode is going to be as bad as the previous one, simply because the storyline said it all.
    What's so funny about Barney's constant giggling going on for almost half of this episode? huh?
    The "Ted forgetting his pants" story was so lame! This was probably the first time I find Barney's character boring and uncreative!
    As for Ted's storyline, it might be interesting to see where this is going, but the "Sorry Bro" catch phrase was anything but funny.
    Thing is, they're trying to come up with something that matches "The Naked Man" for instance, which shows how hard it must be for the writers to remain funny and maintain this show's sense of humor.

    It's been a So-So season for me.
  • Sorry, bro lmao.

    When Lily and Marshall hear that Ted's college girlfriend, Karen, has moved to New York City, it immediately becomes clear that they can't stand her. They tell the gang about how pompous Karen was and how she cheated on Ted. They insist that Ted stay away from her, but soon find out that Ted has not only already called her, but that they have gotten back together. Meanwhile, Marshall tells a story about forgetting to bring dress pants to work which Barney finds hilarious. Maybe not the best episode of the season, but it sure was funny. I loved all the times Ted walked in on his gf having sex with someone else, and the other person replying "sorry bro." A hilarious episode to say the least.
  • ok ep

    Well that was an ok episode. One thing for sure, this season has been so far, weaker than the other 3. Doesn`t mean it is bad by any means but there`s a lot of problems with the show right now.
    One good thing about the episode, it is NOT Barney centric. He is my favorite and the best character on the show but too much of him will hurt the character in the long run. It actually can be a good thing that Ted has a new girlfriend. He can be annoying but this won`t hurt the character imo. Karen is OK. That storyline was pretty good, really liked the flashback and how the current story was told. Liked the Marshall as Ultimate warrior moment.
    There were some good lines in here; Barney`s conversation with Lily at work was funny.
    Now as for Marshall forgot his pants storyline, it was pretty much a drag. Had its moments but didn`t produce anything memorable.
    One of the funniest moments of the episode for me was actually unintentional; hiding Alyson Hannigan's pregnancy with a Globe...nice.
    Anyway, a decent episode, nothing memorable. Ted having a new girl friend may be a good thing but I still have my reserves.
  • Everyone meets up at the bar - Karen from college is back, everyone hates her - Ted & Karen hooked up - Ted finds out Karen cheated on a another guy with him - Ted & Karen break up - Marshall forgot his pants - Ted & Karen are now dating

    Lauren Prepon is an interesting choice for guest star, but it makes me curious so I'll definitely be watching more. It was a little disappointing because the storyline had room for so much more character. Although seeing college Ted only makes us love him more, Marshall & Barney's storylines here were just silly. All of the jokes seemed to lack a little thought and seemed to make the plot rather than fit into it and many joke lines are starting to be overdone. It was okay, I guess, as a filler episode and not terrible to watch, but seemed like there was potential for a lot more.
  • Marshall spends a day at work with no pants and Ted hooks up with a pretentious ex girlfriend. Mildly funny at best.

    Well for the last few weeks I have begging for a storyline that brought the show back to Ted's love life. After all these eps I finally get one and it is not that good!

    This week the gang are hanging out at the bar around 2am as Robin's getting ready for work and the others are windind down there night. Robin then gets the lowdown on Marshall's day at the insistence of Barney and how Ted's day has been. Marshall forgot his pants at work and must find a way to get new ones without the rest of the GNB workers findig out. Ted decides to hook up with a nightmare girlfriend from College that Lilly and Marshall hated.

    I must admit that at first the Ted storyline amused me but after a while the one joke gag got a bit stale. However the Marshall plot is about as lame as it sounds with laughs almost nonexistent.

    Like I said, I have been waiting for another Ted story to come along that may advance the plot, even if only a little. That's why this review probably got a little higher than it deserves as it is technically what I have wanted. I guess the old saying is true. Be careful what you wish for!
  • ted had a new girlfriend, marshall forgot his pants, lily and robin were just there and the girl from thats 70 show stopped by...wat else is new?

    after the fantastic episodes like naked man and the stinsons we have this. the one thing i really liked about this episdoe was the fact that it happened at 2 am. Robin is off to work but everyone else is still up. marshall served as the "comedy" with another poor story line with him and his pants. the only good part was barney's dity mind when talking to lilly; that was funny. Ted's way of telling his friends hes with an ex is he tells them hes going to call her when theyve been dating for a few weeks...sneaky. After endless (good) barney episodes i was happy to see some ted story lines but this one could have been much better if there were more reasons about how they hate her, but maybe thats in weeks to come.

    Best line...

    Robin: (dazed and confused, sees ted and girl on the couch) Hey ted, hey lily, don't worry i won't tell marshall.
  • Finally after a gazillion years - a decent HIMYM episode.

    I am gonna be totally honest this time. I laughed more watching HIMYM than Big Bang Theory. And more, I felt nostalgic - it was like seeing a typical installment that made me love this show in the first place.

    I am giving this one an 8.5, probably the sum of all scores that I've given so for the entire 5th season. the story was well weaved with continuous shifts between the present and some flashbacks. Barney was a little underutilized, but some good old Lily-Marshall-Ted sequences made the episode click. We again have another lady in Ted's life, and a dozen questions are reeling in my head. Will she be the mother finally?, will this mean the show's gonna end?

    Well, whatever, I would mind the show going on - if it can produce some good stuff like this. But seriously, it's impossible - and I hope it makes an honorable exit.