How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good storyline, but not many laughs.

    There was good storyline development in this episode, that's for sure! But my main negative was that I didn't see too many funny scenes and have great laughs. Aside from a few funny moments with Ted's basketball team and the whole Robin and Patrice concept, there was little to make me laugh.

    I ddid however love the concept of the Splitsville restauranct! That was great and creative! And the storyline development compensated fro the slight lack of laughs to create an overall good episode. Definitely better than the last one!
  • Finally!!

    I've been waiting for the relationship between Barney and Robin to progress. I hope they keep up with it! We know she is the bride so now I want to see how they act while they are in a relationship (beside the train wreck we saw earlier)
  • Finally a good episode !

    Damn, it took long but finally a really funny episode ! The first 5 episodes were boring but the 6th episode was really funny and I hope that HIMYM is now back on tracks !

    What's going to happen between Robin & Barney now ?
  • Best Restaurant

    This was a full episode with what felt like equal appearances from everyone in the main cast - including the overarching plot. It was great to see us getting back to where this season needs to end up as well as working through the relationships. It was a sweet episode with the right amount of blackmail, heartache and advice that powers what I've come to consider good HIMYM.

    Now that the autumn of breakups is over, hopefully we'll see more of the mother and more of the cast interaction that's been missing for a lot of this season so far. But, to be fair, I suppose a lot of these changes have been the fault of the baby, since (as Lily and Marshall like to remind Ted) having a baby changes everything.

    Also, I really want a dessert restaurant called Splitsville now.
  • Finally!

    It took 5 episodes, but it finally feels like HIMYM is getting back on track! "Splitsville" was hilarious and brought back the things we know and love, like Robin dating really dumb guys. It was almost sad to see Nick leave after he delivered so many good lines!

    but more importantly, Team Robney (Brobin??) is a go!!!

    Now if Ted would just meet the mother sometime this season...
  • T-squared !

    Why do we see HIMYM and are always waiting eagerly for the next episode? There are many reasons to that. Sometimes we are down and need a Marshall joke. Sometimes we need to watch somebody make a fool of himself for no reason.( Read Ted) And sometimes we simply are mesmerized by NPH !

    Go for Barnman and Robin !!

    P.s why do people reviewing give out the plot?!!
  • How I met your mother is BACK

    Ever since the season started, it didn't feel quite like How I Met Your Mother to the point that sometimes I felt like I was watching a filler episode. But wow, this episode was brilliant. It was funny, witty and made me laugh out loud - which hasn't happened in a while with this show.

    I just really, truly loved everything about this episode, especially the scenes with Barney and Robin, and the Robin and Patrice scenes at the end.