How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 8

Spoiler Alert

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • the glass shatters

    Earlier this season we get to know how all of the friends meet. Despite their flaws they are a close unit. Good friends stay together even though they have their flaws. In this case the friends look past each others faults or don't know or want to know them. This was an amazing episode. You also find out that Marshall takes his bar exam and later tries to find out the results. The room where Marshall takes the exam was pretty funny. Even though I didn't take law in school, the stress that those students face is not far from being that true.

    How all everyone find out they are not perfect are pretty good. Lilly's loud chewing was pretty amusing. After the first fault is found, I like how some of the other flaws incorporated, Some of the flaws are more obvious (Barney, Ted, Marshall and others are not as obvious (Lilly, Robin) I also like that some of these characters faults are on display throughout this series. I like that the results of Marshall's bar exam are delayed. It's kind of like who the mother is. (And no it's not Robin, sorry I had to say that I will try not to say that again) When Barney finally finds the results of Marshall's bar exam, it was a classic Barney. After everyone's faults are found out, I like that their fight is not too big. It was because of that Marshall finds the information he needs. Look at Marshall's face when he finds out. Maybe it's because of the fight earlier but I think he would be more happy. But in the end he is.

    The end of the episode was a little too bit too sitcomy, but I think it worked. It shows that why this group of friends is close as they are.
  • One of the best How I Met Your Mother episodes ever.

    The fact that this isn't one of the top rated episodes on here escapes me. This episode was probably the best of the series by far, and probably the funniest. Ted's new girlfriend has some annoyances that the group all realizes except for Ted. When Ted finds out he starts realizing the annoyance. (i.e. the title)We learn that Lilly chews too loud, Robin overuses the word: "Literally", Ted always corrects people, and Barney spaces out a lot, and always uses the same catchphrases. Finally, Marshall sings everything he says. While all of this is going on, Marshall's bar exam tests results are in except he forgot his password, the anticipation is killing him throughout the whole episode. Everyone's annoyances is hilarious! And Ted's girlfriend talks too loud, I loved the flashbacks to that night. At first you just think this episode is just THAT funny, but it gets better. It all comes down to, Robin making fun of Marshall's singing, and she sings out Marshall's password that he forgot for the bar test results that he sung to remember. He types in the password, and it's official. Marshall Erickson is a lawyer. So it's eventful, and amazingly hilarious. This episode is definitely memorable as one of my favorites of this show.
  • The gang points out each other's flaws.


    "Spoiler Alert" is a hilarious How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how the gang reveals flaws of other characters, in which some characters didn't notice, and now they notice those flaws. I love how Lily has loud chewing, Marshall sings about whatever he's doing, Ted always corrects people, Robin overuses and misuse the word "literally", and Barney overuse catch phrases and talks in a falsetto voice. I love how when a flaw is pointed out, you hear the sound of glass shattering. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Reduced to Tears

    I'm normally not the type of person to laugh or get really scared during movies. Normally during How I Met Your Mother, I chuckle or smile, but this episode had me cracking up. There are some occasions when I laugh, there are some funny episodes, but never have I laughed hysterically. I "Litteraly" (joke for those that have seen the episode) had tears in my eyes. Definitely the funniest episode of the series since the beginning. I haven't seen past this episode. I began watching them online so I'm watching them in order. Definitely watch this episode! It is hilarious!
  • now this is quality tv writing & acting!!

    This episode shows how true friends act with each other which is what i love most about this show. Marshall forgets his password for his bar exam results while Ted dates this girl who talks 24/7 but doesn't notice which eventually leads to each character realizing each other's personal annoying habits.

    Ted=Always correcting people
    Robin=Says the word 'literally' in every other sentence
    Lilly=Chews her food extremely loud
    Marshall=Sings about what hes doing whilst doing it
    Barney=Using annoying catch phrases, spaces out on everyday conversations and talks in a high pitch tone.

    Everyone starts fighting at the end and it leads up to the final bash on Marshall's singing about random as hell (catchy) crackhead sayings, "apple orchid banana-catdance 8-6-6-THREEEEE"
    "what the hell is that??"

    Turns out that's his password, AOBCD8663

    They stop fighting and go to the bar and everyone uses their annoying habits while drinking and laughing with eachother=GREAT EPISODE!!

    Kudos cast and crew!
  • Narrative satisfaction. First-rate writing.

    I was once embarrassed to tell people that I enjoyed this show. This episode marks my turning point from "begrudging viewer" to "openly enthusiastic fan." Tightly written, this episode synthesizes many of the elements that set this show apart. Disordered narrative, contradictory flashbacks, non-diegetic sound effects and solid characterization are all folded into the storyline. The story builds gradually toward the final moment in which Marshall remembers his password. This information is delivered in a way that ties together the narrative threads without seeming excessively cheesy. The likable characters are at the heart of this program's appeal, and it's nice to see they are continuing to deepen and differentiate themselves. (Well, as deep as one can get in a thirty-minute situation comedy format.) This show once desperately wanted to be a clone of Friends. Through a combination of tight writing and great performances, it has finally found its own voice. I'll be back for more next week, and I don't care who knows it.
  • It was Legen- wait for it -dairy!

    Ted introduces his latest girlfriend to the gang and they can't stand her! Ted doesn't understand why they don't like her, until the reveal to him her giant flaw thus ruining his relationship with her.

    This was an extremely hilarious installment. I was nearly dying from laughter when the group was all fighting about each others flaws. I too also realized the flaws. I had never really picked up on them before, just like the gang, but when they were pointed out I was totally flashing back to past episodes. For example Marshall's constant singing of whatever he was doing; He really does do that all the time! An very entertaining episode.
  • awesomee.

    in this episode gthe gang finds things they didnt realize about each other. glass shattering things. but no one notices them, becuse you get used to these things. ted has a girlfriend who talks wayy to much, but he doesnt even notice. everyone else does, but they dont wanna shatter his glass. but he does find out.

    everyone goes on a mission to find things out about each other. marshall sings everything. which i may add the password thing was a classic. everyone knew it but him. lily chews loudly. =] rodin says literally too much. ted corrects everyone, mostly robin actually. and barny is just so awesome he doesnt have anything. yeah right he has the most. he uses weird catchphrases in a weird voice. its pretty weird how if you really love someone you could block out all of their flaws. this episode got me and my friends thinking of each others "glass shattering" habbits. one of the best episodes this season.
  • When the group exposes Ted's new girlfriend's annoying habit, they start to notice the little things that annoy them about each other.

    In my opinion, this is the funniest episode so far this season. It even rivals some of the best episodes from seasons 1 and 2. I could not stop laughing about Marshall, singing everything he does. And I love that that habit has history on the show, going back to the first season (I think "The Sweet Taste of Liberty"). I LOVE Jason Segel as Marshall. He really shines in this episode - although almost everything the man does makes me laugh. "Spoiler Alert" is just another example of how great the entire HIMYM cast is. And the glass shattering... the part at the end with the deaf guy was SO funny. The entire episode is hilarious - not one you want to miss!
  • the gang reveals each others' irritating habits after they reveal one about ted's girlfriend.

    this episode was one of best episodes of how i met your mother i've seen. i laughed from beginning to end, and even though it started off slowly, the glass shattering, all the arguments, and the dynamic between the characters was very special to watch.

    i think the writers were right in sticking in such a ridiculous amount of sound effects in the second half of the episode. it really made the jokes work and i feel that worse writers would have shied away from doing that. lastly, the sudden transition from jokes to a short dramatic moment with marshall checking his bar exam was very gripping as well. great episode.
  • When Ted introduces his new girlfriend to the gang, no one seems to like her. When Ted asks for an explanation, they point out one of her annoying habits and spoil her for Ted. A discussion is evoked and everyone's annoying habits are exposed...

    The episode starts of slow and the first half of the episode is below average for the series. The second half fully makes up for it though. Especially Marshall's singing stimulated my laugh-muscles. We've seen him do it before while studying in an episode a long time ago, so again the writers deserve major credit for contuinity. Jason Segel's execution of the jokes always comes across as so natural...he's really one of the big pro's of the show. There were some minor negative points I'd like to mention. First of all, they did the scene where there's a big discussion 'till something important happens once before in the series. Second of all, Lily's chewing really got anoying after a while...they overdid it a little bit. To end on a positive note, the writers once again managed to create a totally original storyline and they've written some great Barney catchphrases once again. A great quality episode...