How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ted asks Robin to give up her dogs... Say what?

    When I'm re watching HIMYM, I always skip this episode because I'm not that fond of it. I can't believe Ted was such a jerk about Robin's dogs. She clearly loves them and it's incredibly unreasonable... I actually like the interaction between Lily and Barney, he's a jerk but he's Barney.
  • What to keep and what to let go

    The main plot of this episode is Ted and Robin's fight over Ted's stuff (all of which was given to him by his ex girlfriends). Robin finally gets Ted to give all of it away. The lotions, knick-knacks and clothes were understandable, but lamps and houseplants may have been going too far. Then, Ted finds out that Robin's dogs were gifts from her exes and, basically because he's petty, demands she get rid of them. Come on Ted, people don't throw out their kids when they get divorced! Naturally the fight escalates and is resolved when they decide to move in together. Meanwhile Barney and Lily fight over whether or not it's socially acceptable to lie to someone when they did a bad job in a play. Barney proves his point by writing his own play, and boring all of his friends with it, and Lily proves her point when they try to leave early and Barney becomes upset. I'm not really sure why other reviewers are upset Barney's play was bad, that was the point but I digress. Each character learned a lesson (well, except Marshall) and they all leave with slightly different outlooks on life. The significance of this episode is we get to see more of "relationship Ted", a much less generous character than "friend
  • It happens again

    While Ted and Robin make a great couple, when they got together it was great but too much hat to happen. It goes back to the conversation Ted had with Barney at Stewart's wedding. While there is work to a relationship, it shouldn't be that hard. There is always going disagreements but they should not lead to big fights. Ted and Robin had their disagreements but they have not let it get out of control. Until now. I understand both Ted and Robin's side in keeping stuff from past relationships. However I do side with Ted in keeping an ex's past things. But when it comes to alive things like dogs, I side with Robin. I like that Ted and Robin went to their friends and accepted their decision. This episode had a lot of good moments. The past scene with Marshall and this pants was great. Both of Barney's and Lilly's plays were so bad it was funny. Barney's might have been "worse." I liked it when Barney was telling how bad his play was to his friends, the excitement in his voice shows how much he was into it.

    Again another great song at the end. It was good that you didn't get to hear what Barney and Robin said. The producers do a great job of setting up what would happen in Season 2. It also didn't come up as a total shock with how they first got together and other past fights. Also the ending while not having much to do with the ending was great. That's Two.
  • Ted and Robin argue over 'stuff' given to them by exes and Lily is in a terrible play.

    Ted and Robin get into their worst argument as a couple. Ted confesses most of the stuff in his apartment were given to him by ex-girlfriends. The rest of the gang vote 2-1 that the stuff must go, including Barney, who we can see a tad likes Robin as he sides with her. This, I did not agree with. But Ted takes the stuff out anyway. However, Robin confesses also that all of her dogs were gifts from her ex-boyfriends. Viewing Robin hypocritical like she truly is, Ted protests Robin get rid of her dogs. I, though, did not like this motion made by Ted however. The others agree, too, 3-0 in favor of Robin again. So Ted puts all the stuff back in his apartment while Robin sends her dogs to her aunt. When Robin discovers Ted's apartment again, they get in a fight so long, it had to sped up to reveal a twist I didn't see coming: they decided to move in together. Meanwhile, the gang shows up for a play Lily is in, which is horrible. Barney is brutally honest at the end and to prove a point, he creates his own horrible play. Lily surrenders but Barney suckers her and the rest of the gang into staying to watch the rest. They initially agree, but Marshall ends it early by slapping Barney: "That's two." I liked Ted and Robin's storyline but Lily and Barney's was okay at best. I thought Barney's horrible play was a little too far.
  • You're the one that I don't want!

    Barney's off Broadway One-man play is the reason why I've given "How I Met Your Mother" a 4. Before I heard the protest, let me tell you why. If I were in the audience writing a review of the play for a newspaper like The New York Post, and having Barney shot a squrit gun at me and pentending to be a robot, well I go back to the office and write a negative review of the show. I'll give the show a one star I give the episode a four. Barney needs to put some material onstage. You know the critics.
  • Ted and Robin get into a big fight.


    "Stuff" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Robin sees all of Ted's ex-girlfriends once he says most of his possessions were from his ex-girlfriends. I love how Ted sees Robin's dogs as her ex-boyfriends, so they once belonged to her ex-boyfriends. I love how Ted gets rid of everything in her apartment and Robin agrees to send her dogs to her Aunt's farm. I love how they get into a big argument and you think they are going to break up, but instead they decide to move in with each other. I love how Lily gets the gang to come to her play and it was completely awful. I love how Barney decides to torture the gang by coming out with his own boring play. I love Marshall giving Barney his second slap. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Robin & Ted's worst fight ever.

    Definitely a setting stone in Ted & Robin's relationship. I rated this a bit lower than a usual episode, because I found Barney's plot unbearable due to the intentional terrible play he was in. Some parts were funny like when Barney was watching Lilly's play, but I definitely enjoyed the Barney & Lilly interaction, there always good together in a plot. The strong plot was Ted & Robin's. Robin gets upset when Ted has kept all of the things from his past girlfriends, he ends up getting rid of it for Robin, only to find out that her 5 dogs are from past boyfriends. She comes to her senses, and sends her dogs to a farm, and then Ted puts all his stuff back. I honestly thought they were going to break up in this episode,m it had me at the edge of my seat when Robin said, "Are we really doing this?" I was sure they were going to b break up, since it was their biggest fight. But we find out they are going to move in with each other instead which is definitely eventful. Marshall also uses his second slap which is also eventful. An okay episode with a strong A plot.
  • Lily gets asked to be in a play. Robin discovers the source of a lot of Ted's stuff and Ted discovers the source of Robin's dogs. They have a fight and ask the rest of the gang to rule on the matter.

    This episode was very entertaining. I enjoyed watching it. I loved when Ted kept seeing Robin's old boyfriends in her dogs. Then at the end when they kept fighting and the conclusion was that they were moving in together. It was very unique. Barney and Lily were also funny in this episode as well. Barney's play was so horrible and made Lily wrong and Barney right... Of course after Lily broke her silence. It was definitely a series classic. It was so cleverly plotted. I am so happy that Ted and Robin are moving in together. They are made for each other and Robin definitely deserves the title of "the mother."
  • Lily has the gang come to her dreadful play, much to the consternation of Barney. After seeing the play, Barney claims the play is dreadful. Lily claims he should have just been polite and said nothing, so to retort Barney creates his own dreadful play.

    This is an emblematic episode of How I Met Your Mother. To begin with it is very good at dealing with the character dynamics. Lily is, in many ways, the anti-Barney, and we get to see the schoolteacher politeness in her conflict with the Barneyness of Barney. Meanwhile, Barney's play is truly hilarious. We also see some of the tension in the Robin/Ted relationship. The actual fight they have seems non-unique, as in any relationship could have these kinds of issues. It's its resolution that gives us hints of forthcoming problems in their relationship. Both take actions with out actually telling each other, and when this ends in a terrible fight their eventual resolution is to move in together. Ted and Robin just seem to have an issue with actually communicating with each other-often resolving major issues in their relationship through hiding things (see Robin hiding the fact that she reads Guns and Ammo in the next episode, when they finally move in together). The show does an excellent job making Ted and Robin a lovable couple whose break up seems somewhat inevitable, but not entirely regrettable. What is especially triumphant about this bit of writing is that we dislike neither of the characters as we watch the very slow decay of this relationship, a rare feat of sitcom writing.
  • Lily stars in a terrible play which the gang goes to see, Robin and Ted get insecure, Barney puts his own show on to proove a point to Lily.

    Another fantastic episode. Made complete at the very end with the reimergence of the slap bet (Marshall takes #2). Lily's terrible play was funny, but Barney made this episode what it was. The Robin and Ted drama, was bordering on what usually drives me nuts about television, meaningless drama. But with the show's style, they brought humor with that drama. Watching Ted's throw pillow turn into a hot brunette saying, "I'm stupid but my rack is way bigger than yours!" made me laugh instead of cringe. And while watching one of Robin's ex-boyfriends lick Ted's face was a little akward, you can't help but see the hilarity in it. Both sides were a little out of line (Robin & Ted), but the show did a good job of showing why this stuff was a problem to them.

    The end of the episode is where the DARY comes into fruition. Barney's play had to be one of TV's classic moments. His shallow dicketry knows no bounds, and this time a too-nice Lily is the target of his games. This classic episode ends on a classic moment: #2.

    Leaving me feeling satisfied that the classic slap bet won't go unforgotten, and that there are 3 still left to come.
  • Lily and Barney's play.

    Now, I know the main focus of this episode is sort of Ted and Robin having some issues with keeping things their ex's have given them which actually works out to where they are moving in together but I really though that Lily and Barney's plays were the best part. First of all Lily's play was not good (except when she kept sticking a mirror in Ted's face, that was kind of funny), as Barney so sweetly pointed out. But Lily should have known better then to try and challenge his logic that 'friends don't let friends come see their crappy play'. Like Barney could possibly do anything be create the worst, three hour play in the universe. The first forty minutes are just Barney saying the word moist (which Lily hates by the way so she keeps twitching), then there's about twenty minutes of Barney shooting Ted in the face with a water gun over and over again, then he dresses up as what can only be described as a robot made out of cardboard box and tinfoil and kind of dances around talking for awhile, and then he plays the flute badly while doing a januty little jig. I swear Barney is so hilarious, there's one other part that I particualrly liked as well. It's just after Barney has shot Ted in the face with the water gun and Marshall just says out of the blue, I never get picked for audience participation. He's hilarious, too.

    I have got to remember to watch this show more often, I forget how funny it is sometimes.
  • Lily gets asked to be in a play. Robin discovers the source of a lot of Ted's stuff and Ted discovers the source of Robin's dogs. They have a fight and ask the rest of the gang to rule on the matter.

    This episode was very entertaining. I enjoyed watching it. I loved when Ted kept seeing Robin's old boyfriends in her dogs. Then at the end when they kept fighting and the conclusion was that they were moving in together. It was very unique. Barney and Lily were also funny in this episode as well. Barney's play was so horrible and made Lily wrong and Barney right... Of course after Lily broke her silence. It was definately a series classic. It was so cleverly plotted. I am so happy that Ted and Robin are moving in together. They are made for each other and Robin definately deserves the title of "the mother."
  • A good episode, but not the best. [WARNING SPOILERS]

    The latest episode of How I Met Your Mother is 'another great installment' for this show. The episode centres around Ted and Robin fighting about whether Ted should be allowed to keep all the 'stuff' he has been given by his ex girl friends or not. Ted says he should because the stuff doesn't remind him of the girls but of the moments in his life and Robin says no because everytime she sees something thats given by his ex she sees the ex. Since Ted and Robin can not come to a decision they decide to ask the rest of the group and they vote that Ted shouldn't be allowed 2 (Lily and Barney) to 1 (Marshall). So Ted decides to throw all the 'stuff' away and is happy that he made Robin happy. Ted then finds out (from Robin) that the five dogs Robin has are given to her by her ex boy friends, and this annoys Ted, and he too can only see Robin's ex boy friends instead of the dogs. So again Ted and Robin ask the rest of the group and the group vote unanimously that the dogs should stay. Ted however still gets annoyed and so Robin sends the dogs to a farm with her Aunt. When Robin next meets up with Ted, they are outside Ted's apartment and Robin informs Ted that she gave the dogs up, and asks to go inside the apartment and surprise surprise, finds all of Ted's stuff back. This ignites the biggest arguement between Ted and Robin and the episode concludes with (for me) a surprise, Ted and Robin decide to move in together. Running parrallel with this main story is that of Lily and Barney arguing whether friends should be honest or nice. Barney was rude to Lily after being forced to watch her play and told her she sucked and the play sucked and Lily said he should be nice while Barney says its important to be honest. To prove his point Barney makes everyone sit through a three hour play featuring him only and this annoys and bores everyone until eventually Lily accepts defeat and tells Barney his play sucks.
  • Hilarious

    Definately leap and bounds better than last weeks episode. An arguement that any and probably every couple have ever had turns into one of the funniest episodes this show has ever done. Ted's large breasted bimbo girlfriend and Robin's troupe of boyfriends snuggling up to her every night were funny enought, but throw in the two plays and it was a winner. Loved when Barney turned and ran away after the Q&A portion of the play was announced. How hilarious was it when Marshall finally put a stop to the madness at the end bit of the episode with the return of the slap bet? Pure freakin' gold.
  • Well done, indeed.

    While I had my reservations through the first couple acts, by the time Barney got on stage for his play in act three, I was reminded why I love this show... Neil Patrick Harris -- the most under appreciated comedic actor in Hollywood. And I suppose that I would be remiss if I didn't mention the writing. Because, after all, what is a comic without his jokes?

    I wasn't so overly impressed with the A plot of the 'stuff,' but the smaller arcs were beyond solid. The committee, I always find hillarious, and the 'moist' gag was funny and oddly reminiscent of "Dead Like Me" -- I wonder if that was a throwback...

    And even though the funniest part to me, I had thought, was NPH's "acting" performance, the best part came at the end, with the number two slug from the slap bet. I love that we have eight more of those coming at any given time. It really gives us something to look forward to!

    So while it was no 'Pinapple Incident,' it was another solid episode, especially given the lackluster premise.