How I Met Your Mother

Season 9 Episode 17


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2014 on CBS

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  • Worst episode ever

    In the eight years I've watched the show I can't remember a single episode that was bad. Some have been less than great but not bad. And then we get to this one, worst episode by far. Not just bad, really really bad.
  • Ted closure follows the Mothers closure closer to one another

    I was expecting a big let down for this episode after the wonderfully amazing 200th episode and after seeing its initial airing i felt i was right. But what i did was watch it again after watching episode 200 and i caught something in the big picture. the 200th entry in the series showed us the mothers journey up until the wedding weekend, during her march towards that point she had to learn to let go of her deceased boyfriend before she can fully move on. In this weeks episode while ted and robin are out searching for barney ted confesses he still loves robin and she maybe marrying the wrong man, but he eventually learns that to let go may not actually mean letting go as he finally able to move on from the woman we though in the begin of the pilot was the mother. The point im making is this while the episode didnt have the sense of fulfillment as # 200 did but it showed us the same thing that makes the ending we all know is coming inevitable, that ted and the mother had to fully let go of past romances to make way for one another
  • Ted lets go of Robin... again. Then flying.

    This was a ridiculous episode. It's especially disappointing after last week's epically amazing one. Firstly, we've done this before. More than once. Secondly, the scene where Robin floats away was hilarious even though it wasn't trying to be hilarious. I'm disappointed.
  • What the hell was Barney's story???

    What in freaking hell was that Barney story? Other than a lame and pathetic pretext to recall episode 1, I don't know.

    Marshall & Lily's story wasn't good either.

    But I kind of liked Ted & Robin's, although this is still around the same thing (for 9 years).

    And what is that new habit of finishing episode with song? God I hate that.
  • a heart pincher...

    i have to admit that this episode hit very close to my heart. and i would assume that it would also for the other millions of viewers... everyone at one point had to let go of something or someone no matter how hard it may be... it was HYMIM in its element... building up momentum for the series finale...
  • great episode

    "what ever you do in this life its not legendary unless your friends are there to see it" excellent, all the best for the better ending !!
  • Writers are on fire!!! GOOD BYE ROBIN SAYS TED FINALLY

    Great episode. That's 3 out of 4 that they have nailed and really 4 out of 7 that have been either very good or great. This one had to happen. And the way it did was very well thought out. The whole balloon being Teds best friend had to be for a reason. And the beginning when he lost it and said it took him 30 years to change his way of holding on to things, it was a very smart line. I LOVED when Robin went through all his Top 5 and Bottom 5 girlfriends and he also even before that when he told her the truth about Victoria and why he didn't marry her. Then professing his love to Robin again. We found out about the locket in a very smart, tricky way where they could bring back three of Teds old girlfriends and show his trip to LA. Then we finally saw in a very beautiful, metaphorical way, Ted finally after 8 years letting go of Robin by her floating away like the balloon did in the very beginning of the episode. THAT NEEDED TO BE IT WAS DONE TO THE SONG ETERNAL FLAME BY THE BANGLES WHICH WAS BEAUTIFUL AS WELL. We got to see Marshall and Lilly decide on where to go, and I thought it was also a cleaver idea, where Lilly tells him he is going to lose, and Marshall says he had her on the ropes and we find out she meant she was going to pick NY because it was better for the family, but he was going to hurt the marriage if he didn't learn to be more honest. Barney's was a little weak, but I LOVED the end when he gave them the "playbook" in pieces. He still had it after she Jeanette blew it up in pieces. He finally also has decided he is ready to take the plunge and get married. Again, way to go Carter and Bay
  • Let Her Go

    It was a little corny, tying the episode's central theme to Ted's balloon, but the whole of the episode worked, including the Eternal Flame at the end. I feel like Ted and Robin have finally gotten to the friend stage (and need to know if he has the locket or not!) and loved having Lily come back and make up with Marshall. I wish we saw where she went, but it worked for me (and sometimes you just have to be alone to figure it out).