How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • Big Time Screw Up... read this.

    Didn't anyone notice that when Marshall and Chloe arrive at the apartment, and Marshall goes into the Kitchen, it is THEN that we hear the glass break, and Marshall thinks that Cloe broke the picture.

    But when Lily's story comes out, she breaks the picture before they even get into the apartment. Now I would love to add this to the trivia section, but this site won't let me. I can't find where they explain how you get the privilage to write some allusions and trivia entries.

    A little clarification would be nice...

    I love watching all the episodes online. Being able to go back to the very first episode and watch them all is great. thank god for the internet.
  • The Eyes don't have it!

    Neil Patrick Harris may have come out of the cloest, but the series is still trying to get out of the basement. I probaby bet that Harris' admnission that he's gay, the ratings are going to rise. Believe me, check the ratings on next's week episode, you know what I mean. In this week's episode, one of the characters' date is a woman with weird eyes. I didn't buy into this premise. It's just another lousy episode of the series. Only this one is better than the one a few weeks ago. Alyson Hannigan is still the best and the only cast member that I like.
  • Marshal started dating another girl. Barney got a new nick name, "Swarly". Lily & Marshal end up back together.

    I love "How I Met Your Mother", but this episode definalely wasn't on of their best. It was hillarius as always, but I dont think it's going anywhere soon. I am soo glad that at the end Lily and Marshal got back togethr, cloe was crazy, but i personaly dont believe the whole "crazy eyes" & "finger nail " aspect of it all. I love Barneys new nick name, it caught on fast, but it will definaltely get old, and fast. "How I Met Your Mother", has a lot of patential to keep going strong if they keep forking up good episodes, that will keep the viewers on the edge of there seets like always.
  • Decent plot; tiring subplot

    I think the writers blew a chance to write a great episode around a pivotal plot point with this episode. The breaking up and reuniting of featured couples should be few and far between during a sitcom's life cycle. So when you're going to do it, do it right.

    (Friends, though they did it a little too much, did it right. Look at the top rated episodes of Friends, and you'll see a lot of Ross/Rachel, Chandler/Monica hook up and break up episodes.)

    The crazy eyes theme was gimmicky; that's the one thing that annoyed me about the plot. It was saved however, by the non-chronological explanation of Lilly stalking Marshall's new love interest. That was fun and well done. The reunion, however, was just a little too anti-climatic.

    But the subplot just didn't do it for me at all. Barney gets called by the wrong name and this becomes the major vehicle for driving the comedic subplot of the show? That joke just got old early for me.

    All-in-all I think they whiffed on the chance to write a milestone episode around Lilly and Marshall's reunion. It was watchable, but certainly not notable. Still this remains a solid show for me.
  • Another solid episode

    Every week before i get into the latest How I Met Your Mother, I have severe doubts about the show. I dont know why, I just have these thoughts that tell me " dont bother this show has on the edge and is gunna fall any time now." I guess i'm right in thinking itll never reach the heights of season one. But for the last 5-6 episodes now, I've have ignored those thoughts and been surprised at the quality that this show continues to bring. This episode rode on the success of the SWARLEY and theres nothing wrong with that. I think Barney is well and truly the main stage for the show and writers have realised that. And was it just me or was it a real disapointment to see Marshall and Lily get back together? Marshall was finally holding his own in the show. FYI Neil Patrick Harris coming out of the closet DOES NOT and WILL NOT affect my admiration for Barney.
  • Back together!

    They got back together! Yes! Yes! Yes! Knew they couldn't be apart for long, it was nice to see Morena Baccarin back on television and in a surprising funny role. She made a nice little cameo that had me really laughing by the end, poor girl. And Swarley, that was absolutely the more perfect thing in the world. Can't get better!
  • A solid episode with a great ending.

    **Spoiler Warning**

    This episode doesnt quite rank up to the last couple but considering the calibre of those shows im definately not complaining about that.

    The episode started great with the whole, being in a coffee shot is boring bit and it just got better from there. I just loved the whole Swarley plotline, with Ted and Robyn finding different ways to fit Barney\'s new nickname Swarley into conversations and situations each with hilarious results.

    The Lily and Marshal storyline was well done if not ever so slightly flat. Morena Baccarin did a good job as Marshal\'s brief new crazy eyed girl. Aly gives one of her best performances playing a ultra jealous Lily, her hunchbacked stalking and jealous diving across the couch scenes are an absolute riot.

    The episode is missing some great Barney lines but i actually like that because this proves they can create a great show without needing Neil to steal the show.

    There are flaws to this episode but none matter in the face of the last few minutes with Lily & Marshall getting back together again. Even with under 30 episodes of character development i already feel so much for the characters that i almost cried with joy when they kissed.

    This can only be good for the show and i cant wait until next week.
  • Season 2, Episode 7.

    This episode was OK. I didn't like the Barney plot, at all. Swarley is the stupidest name. The best part about that storyline was that Robin got a Spanish magazine subscription sent to his house under the name Swarlos. Haha, I love Robin. Otherwise, the episode was OK I guess. I didn't catch the whole thing. However, Chloe, the coffee lady, was pretty weird. It was a cool plot though. Lily was so jealous. I liked the flashback to Ted's crazy ex-girlfriend. Yay, Lily and Marshall are finally back together! I loved when Lily was sneaking around in the apartment and jumped back in between them. Good episode. Marshall and Lily back together 11-6-06. Awesome. :)
  • I'm not that into this show, but I liked the way the episode turned out.

    The crazy eyes thing was pretty funny, I'm sure most of us has dated a woman that was crazy, to be fair I'm sure it works the other way around too. I watch this show a little, and when those two got back together at the end I believe my exact words were about f'in time. I think that adds to the story with those two together, as well as gets the whole group together, maybe I'm drawing on my own group of friends and those who have dated each other. I thought the episdoe was funny, and I don't know if it was building up to it since I didn't see the episode before, but it was kind of a good twist out of nowhere. People don't like big changes usually so putting those two back together was a good move by the writers, I think.
  • Swarley's friends get back together

    Don't read this until you saw the episode. This may contain some spoilers.

    The producers did a good job of getting them back together slowing setting up. But more on that later.

    That was a great start of the episode. It was a shot at Friends but it was done a light hearted way. Swarley. What a great name and the jokes never got old. How Chloe got Barney from Swarley and I think one reason to believe Chloe was not all there. When you watch this episode, you don't realize it.

    This was another classic story telling of two different tales. Your opinion of Chloe changes a lot in this episode. You went from thinking she's cute, to crazy, to normal and back to crazy. More on that soon. Ted and Barney had it right on the head about her.

    The ending was great and the producers and writers did a great job of setting up Marshall and Lilly back together again. What Lilly did to Marshall, even from the biggest feminist can be seen mean to Marshall. At the same time the door was not closed on their relationship. It was a nice touch that the same place they broke up, they got back together.
  • Crazy Eyes!!! A truly funny episode with some great cameos.

    Ok so I was surfing on IMDb about a year ago and was on the Alyson Hannigan page. Being a big fan of Buffy I was keen to see what work she had done since the series ended. As expected there was some poor choices ( Date Movie anyone??) but there was also a new series on TV, and so my love of the series began

    Being a big fan of all things Joss Whedon, I was delighted to see two more cameos in this episode to add to Alexis Denisof (Wes in Buffy/Angel) and Amy Acker (Fred in Angel) from series 1.

    Morena Baccarin (Inara in Firefly) guest starred as Chloe, a girl Marshall goes on a date with for the first time since the split with Lilly. Working at a coffee shop, Chloe writes her name and number on Marshalls coffee and after a while flirting they go out. The guys however think that Chloe has "Crazy Eyes", a sure-fire way to determine if a girl is crazy, but Marshall disagrees. However after a few meetings he begins to reconsider....

    Elsewhere Chloe accidently wrote Barney's name as Swarley on his cup so the gang proceed to annoy him and keep calling him that.

    Lilly meanwhile realises that she isn't happy with Marshall dating again, even after 6 months of the split. She breaks into the flat to re-display a picture of her and Marshall that he had removed, not so Chloe would notice but so Marshall would feel guilty. She inadvertently breaks it and has to hide behind the couch when Marshall brings Chloe home. After being rumbled Lilly runs out of the house and Marshall follows her out. After a brief chat on the steps they reconcile and get back together and go for a celebratory drink in the pub.

    Returning back to the apartment they realise Chloe is still there and has ransacked the place looking for her keys, which were on the coffee table all along!!

    But I think what stole the show for me was Tom Lenk as the coffee shop waiter. Another "Whedonite" on the show and a real underrated talent, here's hoping he becomes more permanent in the role!
  • Marshall goes out with someone not named Lily and Barney gets a new nickname.

    Marshall asks out the girl at the coffee shop that he believes likes him. This is the same girl who accidentally gives Barney his "Swarley" nickname that will never stop haunting him, and she says yes. So they go out and Lily tries to act fine but she's dying inside, so she tries hunting this woman down. The others try to help keep her calm by saying it'll never last, saying she definitely has "the crazy eyes". Then a lot of, well, crazy things begin happening and Marshall is almost convinced that Chloe does have the crazy eyes. But all of these crazy things, it turns out, are linked back to jealous Lily. Marshall and Lily finally get back together on the doorsteps of the apartment while the others give "Swarley" hell. This was a great episode and I'm glad that Marshall and Lily are finally back together, each with the person they should be with. And the tactics others used to torture Swarley were hilarious.
  • One of my favorite episodes, funny, and a great couple got back together.

    I think that this is one of my favorite episodes overall. I loved how people were calling Barney funny Swarley nicknames. I wish they would have had more actually. And the "I wanna go where everybody knows my name" was definately classic too. And what also made this episode great was how Marshall and Lily got together again and i loved how they said she had an even worse case of crazy eyes than the other girls. I would definately watch this episode again someday. I've watched the other episodes and there aren't any more Swarley nick names any more I am pretty bummed about that.
  • Series classic cause it was SO DARN FUNNY! Not completely original, but hilarious.

    "Swarley." Who comes up with things like that? Apparently only the writers of How I Met Your Mother. It wasn't completely original, but I loved how creatively Swarley was used throughout the episode. Swarls Barkley was my favorite. And I loved the flashbacks of the crazyeyed women experiences of Ted and Barney. Especially Barney. I'm still rofl about it! There is no other show that I have watched that knows how to make a "but a gut" funny sitcom about crazy women and not make it offense. This was the first episode that I saw of How I Met Your Mother, and it left a great impression on me. So I'm sure I'll be watching the show again real soon.
  • It's Swarley time Swarley Brown!




  • Crazy and funny episode defining characters´ psyche scarcely with a few brushstrokes...

    This episode comparing a Coffee and a Pub, scent of glorious past tv moments, maybe, is absoltely gorgeous and well woven, even when there are some gaps (for example when the gang got surprised about the explanation on the Crazy Eyes stuff, previously spoken). I have just enjoyed a lot when Ted and Robin are trying to find different ways to create so many variations on Barney's new nick . A. Hannigan is awesome with her performance of a hunchbacked `being´, resulting sorta a strange limp-man in the rain. And the voice... fabulous. I´ve been laughing for days!!! remembering that. One of the best situations ever in the show not only in that punctual scene, but the way it is related to the nervous Chloe, previously explaining something which seemed to be a crazy mind thought... 10!!
  • Lilly & Marshall get back together.

    An eventful episode, Lilly & Marshall finally get back together after 6 months of being apart, but of course there had to be some buildup to get there. Marshall meets someone new, and Lilly gets jealous, basically stalks Chloe to see if she's pretty and then she hides in Marshall's apartment when Marshall is on a date with Chloe. Meanwhile Marshall is trying to figure out if Chloe is crazy or not. When someone mistakes Barney's name, and calls him Swarley: It catches on and soon everyone starts calling him Swarley. Him getting so bothered by it was hilarious, and that final scene in the bar with everyone calling him Swarley was hilarious. Just when Chloe & Marshall were going to kiss, Lilly jumps out in between them, she goes outside to cry and they finally kiss and get back together. Coincidentally Barney & Ted are walking along and they see them together. It also mentions how Marshall was in the season finale compared to now. Things definitely have changed. Robin needs a plot of her own, lately she's just been a side character or just sucked in to a relationship plot with Ted. What happened to plots that were related to her career? Anyways a great eventful episode.
  • best episode of the season so far...

    I was also hoping to see Lily and Marshall trying to survive in the single's world, it was too soon to bring them back together...

    the whole Swarley thing was amazing, especially the last scene. I might be saying this because I used to love Cheers, but anyway I loved it. Swarley should stay for at least a couple of more episodes (depending on the creativity of the writers, but so far they've been great)... the coffee shop joke was also funny, they finally decided to say something about the show being compared to Friends all the time..
    I honestly can't compare the two, there are so many different things about the shows that I like
    so I don't know which one's better...
    ??? the coffee shop or the bar ???
  • Very funny episode :)

    Scary Eyes was really funny and I'm really happy Marchall and Lilly got back together. It was about time too, they just belong together. I liked the kidding around with "Swarley" and when Lilly dressed up as this weird guy and followed the coffee shop girl, that was hillarious too.
  • Best episode ever!!!

    I was soooooooooooo upset when Marshall & Lily broke up last season & I have been waiting for them to get back together since she returned from San Francisco & realized what a mistake she'd made. I loved it when she revealed that she was the hunchback w/a limp chasing after Chloe! Chloe totally sounded crazy on the phone with Marshall & it was hilarious to see how the pieces fit together in the end. I missed why Barney is called "Swarley" but who cares, Marshall & Lily are back together again!!! I hope the rest of the season is just as good!!!

    (I also agree with whomever wrote that the episodes are better when the focus isn't on Robin & Ted.)
  • Barney gets a new nickname.


    "Swarley" is one of my favourite How I Met Your Mother episodes. It's actually in MY Top 5 How I Met Your Mother episodes. I love how Marshall gets a date, and Barney tells her she has crazy eyes. I love the crazy eyes. I love how both Ted and Barney reminisce about girls they been with who had the crazy eyes. I love how Lily tries to follow Chloe and find out who she is. I love how Lily and Marshall get back together in this episode. I also love Barney's nickname Swarley. I love how everyone starts calling him Swarley and he hates hit. I love how he pretends to like it, but then ends up admitting he still hates it. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • One of my favourite eps

    I love this episode definately one of the best of the entire show. Seeing Marshall and Lily get back together was terrific. Barney stole the episode however with his reaction to being nicknamed Swarley. Everyone's efforts to annoy him with the new nickname was hilarious and the variations of Swarley were epic.
    I really liked chloe in this episode and Lily's attempt to make Marshall feel bad for seeing her. The crazy eyes examples were quite good to. If you want a good HIMYM drinking game try drinking everytime some says Swarley or some variation of it, works a treat
  • Swarlos.

    this was such a great episode. it has two main parts, both being very entertaining. it is one of my favorites, first is swarley. barney gets the name swarley written on his cup, and everyone starts to call him that. theysaid stuff like swarles barkley and bob swarley man. those two were classic. barney even tries to call robin something else, but the gangdoesnt think its as funny as swarley. and at the end with the cheers reference, where everyone said swarley, tht was cool. also in this episode is crazy eyes, hence the title. marshall is dating this woman with crazy eyes, and everyone warn him. lilly chasing her was hilarious. shecalled hera hunchback old man with a limp. that made marshall think se was crazy. but in the end, after all the funnieness, lilly and marshall get back together. all happy in the end.
  • Swarley and Crazy Eyes. Two very funny pieces fit together to make a funny and sweet episode.

    HIMYM has done it again. Funny but sweet. In this episode the writer was able to straddle the line between being as funny as hell with the whole Swarley thing (this has actually happened to me at numerous coffee can Melanie be misheard?!?) Anyway, the Swarley stuff was hilarious. And it was nice to see the gang be funny and Barney get some crap slung his way. Then the whole concept of \"crazy eyes\" was simply brilliant. Then, we get to see Lily and Marshall get back together. I was nearly crying with laughter up until that point and then crying when they got back together. This show ROCKS! And this episode is a favorite!
  • Best episode of a TV show ever... FIRST 10!!

    In my opinion, I think that this is the best episode of any TV show ever. The whole thing with Swarley was one of the funniest things that I have seen on TV. Making fun of "Friends" with the coffee shop and the homage of "Cheers" was awesome. When Marshall goes out on his first date with another girl after breaking up with Lily, Lily gets jealous and tries to break this situation off. In the end, Lily and Marshall get back together and Ted and Swarley try to come to an agreement of him changing his name of Swarley into Jennifer. Swarley is still Swarley and still has a cool name. Overall, this was one of the best episodes ever on TV and I still watch it all the time. I just like to see the parts with "No more Swarley, no more Swarles, no more Swar-LAY, no more Swar... wait for it... ley" Those are just great moments in this episode. Make sure you see this episode of How I Met Your Mother.
  • One of the funniest episodes ever!

    There are few episodes which provide so many laughs with one running joke within an episode. This is one of them. The mere mention of Swarley just cracks me up, and I love how the writers just took off and ran with this one. All the name variations were just hilarious, but nothing topped Barney's attempt at reverse psychology. His reaction is just priceless. The plot progresses nicely also with Marshall and Lily. This one definitely jumped to one of my favorites for the series, and is easily one of the most enjoyable episodes of any show I have ever watched.
  • Another good episode.

    The return on Lily and Marshall, but only after he dates the woman who has "crazy eyes". Well according to Ted and Sworley anyway, although there wasn't any real evidence of her craziness until the very end anyway.
    This show seems to be very good when Ted and Robin are in the background and when the other 3 are the main focus or when the story is just about Ted or Robin. It feels like the writers know that they might as well make the combination of Robin adn Ted slightly off-kilter since they aren't going to work out anyway.
    This episode is just another reason to show how great Alyson Hannigan is.
    Loved the end bit with the Cheers gag.