How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 12

Symphony of Illumination

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • The writers finally revealed secrets towards the main story arc...or so we thought...or wait, did they?


    Luring with its appeal, yet delivering only a tease, How I Met Your Mother has unfortunately provided its fans with television blue balls on numerous occasions. Symphony of Illumination, however, was another level of cruelty.

    Regardless, after few declining episodes since the season premiere, this episode quietly elevates the season. The exploration of parenthood from the characters in this episode is intriguing.

    For Barney, "Are you sure you are not just getting fat?" and "Did someone forget to tell your boobs?" were two hilarious *punch* lines to open the episode.

    From there, the episode unravels with a twist. Upon repeated attempts to layer Robin's character, the writers succeeded in the Symphony of Illumination. In one episode, Robin illustrates despair from two extremes, sandwiched with comic relief via the "non-prego" dance.

    The subplot of Marshall and Lily's interactions with the teenager suggest comically lenient parents in the future.

    Finally, no HIMYM holiday episode can be complete unless the main character goes overboard touching. Ted's surprise holiday decorations was genuinely heartwarming and a fitting end to a holiday episode.

    Additionally, the writers managed to sneak a critical development towards the main story arc into this episode. If Robin cannot be pregnant, she cannot be the biological mother. Thankfully, could all the nonsense "Robin is the mother" fans FINALLY put this theory to rest?

    Although one last thought to end this review... if an illumination is the case of this episode, what could stop Ted from pulling a Robin in the series finale?

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