How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Ted and Barney open their own bar, Marshall visits his dad's gravestone, and thanks to her drunk boss, Robin gets her chance to shine.

    I thought this was one of Season 7's best. For once, I was fan of all the characters' storylines and subplots starting with Ted and Barney's dream of opening their own bar. This is after McLaren's is overcrowded on New Year's Eve and beer prices are skyrocketing. When they flashbacked to when they first thought of the idea, I loved when Barney threw the Monopoly game board up in the air. And then the name, Puzzles. Why's it called that? That's the puzzle! Random, but Neil Patrick Harris never fails to disappoint. Things get out of hand and Ted and Barney find themselves with the same problem: they have to higher their prices from it's original mark: $2 to over $10. Meanwhile, the whole story's being narrated by Marshall for a change, as he's telling his dead father at his gravestone his adventurous New Year's Eve. He tells of how Lily admits she's been saddened by her father's lack of making her believe in anything. At this time, other visitors in the cemetery interrupt Marshall's time. He tries to watch the Vikings game, too, while having to sacrifice some of his drinks and burgers. However, his flashback to one of his father's tailgates was touching and opened his eyes to his fellow cemetery visitors. Meanwhile, Robin gets her chance to shine as the new year starts when her boss is a mess, dealing with issues with his relationship. Overall, "beastmode" episode.