How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 4

Ted Mosby: Architect

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Old Ted tells us sometimes a relationship goes so smoothly for so long, you think it'll be that way forever. He's referring to him and Robin, who have been having a good time until Ted joins the guys at the bar and tells them they had their first fight. At the same time, Robin goes into a nail salon and tells Lily the same thing. Lily asks what they fought about and takes her headphones out, while Barney asks Ted what they fought about and puts his headphones in. Ted tells them a few months ago his firm got hired to build a skyscraper and if they don't get it, they could go under. Robin is telling Lily the story and when the head architect reveals its design, it looks like a penis. The guys can't believe it either and Ted tells them it's a seventy-eight story pink marble tower with a rounded top and two spherical entry ways at the front. Marshall and Barney start making jokes, but Ted thinks it's a travesty and he could've designed something much better. Lily tells Robin even though they had their first fight, it ended well because she's here. Robin corrects her the fight didn't end at all, she came here because she got bummed out. Robin says Ted has been complaining about work non-stop for weeks, so when she came over, she was done. Earlier that day, she went into Ted's apartment and asked her about her day. She replied but didn't ask him about his and when he asks why she says she knows the answer. Ted points out he listens to her work stories all the time, and Robin says her work stories are interesting. In the nail salon, Lily can't believe it, but Robin says she knew what Ted was going to say and was helping him get there faster. Robin says Ted tells the same story over and over compares it to watching the same movie over and over again, like watching Field of Dreams once is more than enough. In the bar, Marshall and Barney are listening to the story open-mouthed with shock. Ted is shocked Robin's example of a bad movie is Field of Dreams and Robin says she thinks it's stupid. In the salon, Robin says now Ted's all mad about the movie. Lily says he's upset she wouldn't listen to him, not that she didn't like some movie. In the bar,Ted is still appalled she didn't like Field of Dreams. In the salon, Lily tells Robin listening is the foundation of a relationship and if he's really droning on, to practice saying the alphabet backwards in case of getting pulled over for a DUI. Robin says she doesn't know how to do that, as she's never been in a relationship this serious before. She guesses she should go apologize to Ted, and sees Lily's concentrating on something. She guesses she's saying the alphabet backwards, and Lily is perplexed as to what comes before q. In the bar, the guys are still choked up reminiscing about Field of Dreams. Marshall tells him to forget about Robin, he's hanging with them tonight and he has an awesome party lined up. It's the first law school party of the year and Marshall hasn't seen any of his law buddies since he and Lily broke up, and then adds the party will suck. Ted says he has to get back to his boring job and Marshall tells him his job's not boring. Ted says Robin thinks so, and Barney tells him lots of girls thinks architecture is hot. He makes something out of nothing like God. And there's no one hotter than God. Ted can't imagine the architect angle working on a girl, and Barney says anything sounds impressive when said with the right attitude. He says in a mopey voice, "Ted Mosby, architect." In a game show host voice he says, "Ted Mosby, architect." Marshall uses the same voice and says he's recently dumped and heading to a lame party. He puts his arms around two imaginary hot girls and heads out. Barney leaves with him and that just leaves Ted. He goes up to a girl at the bar and asks if she thinks architects are cool and she says architects are hot. She brings up Mr. Brady got Carol and Ted adds she did have hair of gold. Later, Lily and Robin enter the bar but Carl says Ted's left. Robin says she wonder where he went and a girl asks if she's talking about Ted Mosby, the architect. Robin says she is and the girl tells her he was here earlier. We see Ted in a booth with the girl he met at the bar and is impressing her with his architecture. He invites her to the party Marshall went to. That worries Lily but not Robin who says Ted got to vent and she didn't have to hear it, and maybe he'll come over later and she'll get the fun part. Lily laments it's like she's teaching love as second language, and when he picks up a random girl at a bar, she's supposed to freak out. Robin says in her mind, the girl is fat. The girl's friend tells her, "She's a kickboxing instructor. Her ass looks better than my face." That's enough for Robin and Lily to swing by the party. Old Ted tells us the party was for some of Marshall's classmates at Columbia law school. By day, they were some of the sharpest legal minds in the country, but by night, they were drunk party animals. Lily and Robin come in and ask a guy about Ted, and he says Ted Mosby, the architect was here earlier. Earlier that night, Ted is telling the girl from the bar, Anna, nothing is as good as watching the sun rise over your building. Anna says she'd love to watch the sun rise with him, and Ted says he knows, as it's the job. A girl named Kara asks Marshall where Lily is, and Marshall tells everyone about Lily calling off the wedding, but all his friends just translate it into legal jargon. Lily tells Robin Marshall is still hung up on their breakup because she listened. Robin asks the guy how he'd describe the girl and he says "the girl with the smackable ass." Anna tells Ted she knows the bouncer at a club and asks if he wants to go and he says does, despite Robin remembering Ted hates clubs. Ted asks Marshall is he wants to go and he does and they're off. Now Robin thinks it's bad as dancing leads to sex. She's going to call him and apologize and tell him she wants to hear his boring story. He doesn't answer so she calls Marshall who's in the club and he tells her Ted's at work. Robin tells Lily Marshall lied and Ted's cheating on her. Lily and Robin go to the club and talk to the bouncer who says Ted Mosby, the architect was here. Earlier that night, Anna and Ted are coming out of the club and Anna tells Ted she lives across the street and invites him over. He says he should give her a ride home and invites her to jump on his back which she does. Marshall asks what he's doing and someone could find out about this and says this isn't him, but Ted says it is tonight. Robin asks where the girl lives but the bouncer won't tell unless Robin gives him her purse for his girlfriend. He tells her the building and apartment number of Anna and Lily asks if Robin's going to kick her ass, and Robin says she's also going to steal her purse. As they walk to the apartment, Robin gripes how many opportunities she's had to cheat since she started dating Ted. Lily finds the door's unlocked and they're about to go in when Robin says she's the problem. She doesn't know how to be a girlfriend and she took the nicest guy in the world and turned him into a cheater. Lily urges her to go in and they open the door. Anna's in the shower but they see someone in her bed. They charge in only to find not Ted, but Barney in her bed, one his hands tied to the bedpost. As Lily unties him, Robin asks how he got there and where Ted is, and Barney says Ted's at work. He then tells him what happened that night. Earlier when Ted was talking to Anna at the bar, Barney came back in and Ted told him the architect angle worked but he had a girlfriend and left to go to work. Barney then tells Anna his name is Ted Mosby, architect. And everything, the party, the galloping, the club was all Barney instead of Ted. Barney then tells Lily and Robin he and Anna did it in three different spots in her apartment. Robin asks he used Ted's name and Barney tells her he's had some bad press on the web and is taking a time out on using his real name. Lily says it wasn't Ted so everything's okay but Robin says it isn't, as she's acting crazy and jealous and paranoid. Lily tells her this is how people act in relationships, which is why Robin avoids them. Lily tells her she hasn't been crazy or jealous or paranoid in months and she really misses it. Barney urges them to leave before she gets out of the shower and finishes a note he left for Anna and they leave. Next we see Robin comes to Ted's office and brings him coffee. He asks how her night was and she asks about his and apologizes for earlier. She adds she never saw all of Field of Dreams. Ted shows her the design for the penis skyscraper and then shows her his own design. Old Ted brings up when they went to Spokane and he pointed out a skyscraper, which was the first building he ever designed. That night was the first time he showed anybody his drawing of it. Robin is blown away. Ted says it's not like it will ever come to anything but Robin says not to lose hope and architects are very hot. Anna finds the letter Barney left her explaining he's a ghost and can only rematerialize once every ten years on the anniversary of his death. However, he signed it Barney, which confuses her.
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