How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 4

Ted Mosby: Architect

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ted and Robin have their first big fight

    You would think a show doing the same theme would get old. In this case it works again. The producers did a good job of convincing you that Ted is really cheating on Robin. (He's not) The fight that Ted and Robin had, I think first layed the groundwork of what would happen a the end of the season. Colbie Smuthers did a good job of playing Robin in this episode in that you almost disliked her. She does of good job of trying to change at the end. Barney pickup line in this episode was great. You have to see. What I also liked about this episode how Lilly really regreted what she did to Marshall. Also great song played at the end.
  • Television history is being created right here, in this episode...

    I can't see a single flaw in this episode. Everything about it was just simply amazing. I knew something had to be wrong with Ted (maybe drunk?) but it was still a great twist over there!

    My favorite part? Future Ted telling his kids if they remember that building he pointed at, and telling them that HE designed it. And then Present Ted showing Robin the first drawing of that building. Wow. That really made me smile. This is where you realize that we have something bigger than just a TV show over here. We have television history...
  • Barney has some fun when Robin thinks Ted's job is boring.

    This was a brilliantly written episode which ended with Barney using Ted's name to have some fun. But to the beginning. Ted and Robin get into their first fight as she believes Ted's job is boring (which is a flat out LIE!) so Barney helps out. He tells Ted that architects are hot and he should use it to his advantage with women although he's still dating Robin. When Lily smacks some sense into Robin, she becomes paranoid and believes Ted's cheating when Marshall and another guy at a party says how Ted Mosby, the architect, left with another girl. But it turns out Ted stayed faithful and went back to work. It was Barney, who came up with the "Ted Mosby, Architect" deal and posed as Ted to use the architect line to pick up women, which he did successfully. He ditches the lady to come back with Robin and Lily. Lily goes back to Ted's work to apologize, and it's a happy ending of an excellent episode.
  • Ted and Robin get into their first fight.


    "Ted Mosby: Architect" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode! In this episode, Ted and Robin get into a fight about Robin not listening to his stories. Barney convinces Ted that women thinks architects are hot. I love how Robin talks to Lily about her not knowing how to be in a serious relationship, so they go to the bar so Robin can apologize to Ted, and they find out that Ted Mosby, The Architect went off with another woman. I love how they go to all the places that Ted may have been that night and they hear stories about Ted with another woman. I love the end of this episode when you find out it was Barney using Ted's name and it was Barney who was out with that woman. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • Ted Mosbey *wink* architect.

    Barney is so funny in this episode!

    Barney: Dear... Resident, the time we spent together, however long it was, meant the world to me. I would love to see you again, but unfortunately, I cannot. You see, I am a ghost. I can only materialize once every decade on the anniversary of my death. I chose to spend my one day among the living with you, sweet... Resident. Perhaps we will meet again in another decade, provided you keep your figure. Until then, all my love from the beyond. Barney.

    Barney: There's nobody hotter than God.
  • Is Ted cheating on Robin?

    Wow, I was about to say how out of character Ted was being when I watched this episode but after the twist, I realized that it wasn't out of character at all. Ted & Robin have their first fight. Robin goes looking for Ted, and a bunch of people lead her to believe that Ted is cheating on her because of her fight. Robin becomes extremely paranoid with Lilly on her side. Everything leads them up to the girl's apartment. A place that supposedly Ted is cheating on her with. I was so so shocked throughout the whole episode that Ted was actually cheating on Robin. When they end up finding Barney in the room, I was as surprised as Robin & Lilly. It turns out that Barney used the "Ted Mosby: Architect" line after Ted realized it works to pick up girls. So that's why everyone said that it was Ted, because Barney used his name. A very enjoyable plot twist that made this episode rating 100 times better. Robin ponders if she is ready for a relationship with Ted, after going crazy like that when thinking he was cheating on her. When she goes to see Ted at work, they resolve their issue and the episode ends in a kiss. Definitely a great relationship episode with him & Robin. I knew he wasn't a cheater. Great episode with amazing twist.
  • Barney convinces Ted that his work really turns the ladies on, coupled with enthusiam and a little exaggeration. Ted takes Barney's words and tries it on women with wonderful results, putting Robin in a jealous fit.

    One of my favorite HIMYM episodes, the way the writers executed the episodes made me believe that right from the start Ted is actually playing the whole barney act. The dialogue makes you think that Ted is actually acting out all the playboy remarks, and later on youll find out the it's actually Barney using the identity of ted, with Robin's mind going crazy with jealousy.
    Together with Lily, Robin searches the city for the traces of Ted, hell bent on proving Ted as a cheating pig. Only to find out later the truth, dumping a pile of guilt in her shoulders. The story is really inspired, witty and creative, coupled with funny remarks and great acting, it really does make for quality TV.
  • Ted Mosby Architect...Just Genius

    This has to be my new favorite line. Barney already is my favorite character on the show, and this episode make me love the him even more. The way he goes from about using Ted name and job to score is classic. What is even better is the fact that Marshall who is there continues on with the ploy that Barney is Ted.

    Robert Jamerson...Architect
  • Best one yet, with an enjoyable plot twist. \"Ted Mosby... architect\" rules! :-)

    This episode is my favorite of the entire series so far. It employs a great plot twist that some people will see coming from miles away, while others will simply have to wait until the reveal -- it\'s more fun that way, anyway. We actually see some character development as well, with Robin coming to a realization about the way she feels about Ted. The running gag about Marshall\'s classmates at Columbia Law School was particularly enjoyable, and kind of makes you wonder what happens to Marshall down the line. A great episode, one that makes you wonder how the writers are going to top it.
  • An absolute hilarious episode, fine example of simple comedy [spoilers]

    Ted Moseby: Architect is a fine example of why I and countless others love this show. The episode is simple. The plot is simple, the comedy is simple and yet character development and plot development is amazing. The episode starts off with Ted explaining that him and Robin just had their first arguement. The way both of them describe their arguement was hilarious. For some reason (maybe because they decided to focus on the trivial issues) it reminded me a little of Seinfeld. After discussing his (Ted) problem with Marshall and Barney, Ted decides to find out whether chicks \\\'dig\\\' architects and talks to a chick and tells her he is an architect. From then on the episode shows Robin (who finds out Ted picked up a chick at the bar) and Lilly trying to piece together the many stories told by the many different people Ted has met through out the night, until right at the end they ask Marshall and Marshall tells them that Ted has been at work all night. Robin and Lilly don\\\'t believe this and Robin is almost certain that Ted is cheating on her and starts to admit that she isn\\\'t a good girlfriend. Robin and Lilly show up at the girls house that Ted is apparently having a fling with and, surprise surprise, they find Barney who has been impersonating Ted for the whole night.
  • Perfect Theme Music for an Architect...and a great installment with a twist!

    I loved the twist in this episode...swapping Barney for Ted as \\\"Ted Mosby- Architect\\\" made for a great game of Hide and Seek for the girls!

    And for all of you wondering what that PERFECTLY TIMED song was near the end when Robin brings Ted the coffee at work...

    Its titled \\\"Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect\\\" by The Decemberists. You can find it on their album Cutouts and Castaways. Talk about great soundtracking!
  • Ted Mosby, *wink* architect

    This was a very funny episode. I especially loved the twist in the end, how Ted wasn’t cheating on Robin but it was in fact Barney telling people he was, "Ted Mosby: Architect." Loved how whenever Robin would say Ted, everyone would be like, "Oh yeah, the architect." My favorite part was when they went to the law school party, and had to sign a form of consent before entering. LOL!

    Overall, this was a good episode. Hopefully we'll see more like this in the future. I'm looking forward to Barney's one night stand returning.
  • The first episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' in it's new timeslot! If you are trying to avoid spoilers than read no further.

    This is another fine episode of the hilarious CBS series 'How I Met Your Mother'. It is the first episode to air in the 8:00 timeslot on the Monday night lineup after moving from the 8:30 timeslot in a switch with the freshman sitcom 'The Class'. It's first upset leading off the night does not disappoint either. Ted and Robin have the first big fight and that leads to a chain of events making Robin think Ted cheated on her. Robin complained that all of Ted's work stories were dull and boring which really upset Ted. In the end we find out that Barney was mistaken for Ted therefor Ted did not cheat on Robin. This episode is cleverly plotted and kept me laughing throughout. If you have yet to see this wonderful series I would highly recommend you doing so as soon as possible. It is the funniest sitcom currently on TV and the characters are all great. Truly must-see TV.