How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 13

Ten Sessions

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • When Ted meet Stella

    When Ted gets a tramp (butterfly) stamp, he takes a verbal, but funny beating from this friends. Earlier this season Ted makes an appointment to get it removed. As it common with the show, you are only told part of the story. In the episode where Ted makes the announcement to this tattoo removed (platinum rule) Ted makes a date a Stella to only find out that it wasn't a date. You find out the story with it. It's pretty funny. Like when Ted first meet Robin, he gets that same look when he met Stella. Since I know the full story with Stella, I won't tell you what happened. However Stella makes a very good impression. She's not just a pretty blonde but there is just something about her. Speaking of blondes, Stella receptionist, Abby (Brittany Spears) does a surprisingly good job. I may be wrong but at this time she was having problems. I like to think that this show helped her get better at least for now. Unless you carefully paying attention, you didn't realize that it was Barney talking to Abby until you see the shot of Barney making the call. I also enjoyed how Ted's friends tried to help him out. I don't know about you, but I thought Ted's two minute date of Stella was really sweet.

    Even though there was only one storyline, I really enjoyed this episode. This was classic storytelling from this show. And yes you will see Stella and even Abby again.
  • I loved it,an amazing episode!

    This episode was so hilarious and enjoyable! Britney Spears as a guest star was great,i did not expect her to perform so well. The role she was given was so funny!
    When Ted goes to a tattoo-remover clinic he falls in love with his doctor. He wants to make her say yes to a propose for a date within their 10 sessions. Eventually she accepts when she gives Ted 2 minutes of her free time.
    The whole episode was very funny and exciting,i really enjoyed every minute of it. I would be glad to see Britney again since she gave only positive things to the show. It definitely gets 10 out of 10.
  • Ted chases his doctor. Doctor runs away. Ted refuses to take no for an answer.

    I'm going to be very critical of this but I would like to say that I liked the episode. It was full of the things I love about this show. It had some great lines and most importantly had some great heart. It's probably the third best episode of the season but I don't think it comes close to being in the top ten of the series (and I'd love to debate this) where it currently sits with its average rating. While Sarah Chalke was a great choice for Stella, that girl playing the receptionist seemed obnoxious and over the top. No where near the quality of the normal guest stars I expect to see. Two words: tacked on. I know, I know, I know… it helped the ratings but I just can't seem to get past the bad taste it left in my mouth. Oh well. I'll get over. Maybe.
  • Even Ted has no interest in Britney Spears!!

    I haven't watched more then a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother even though i've wanted to and I found this episode very enjoyable. I just finished watching online and was tempted to watch because Britney Spears is having yet another "comeback" by appearing on the program. At least she was better then at the VMA's. While nothing steller, I can tell she put effort into the episode and filled the role well. I really enjoyed this episode as a whole, from the plot to the writing and especially the "two minute date", that was very cute. I found Sarah Chalke adorable as Stella, although she looks far too refreshed to actually be a single mother. I liked that Ted's friends all went to check out Stella and how their visits affected his relationship with Ted. This was a great example of being heartwarming in a comedy, nothing trite or cliche but still nice. Very enjoyable, would consider viewing again.
  • Always funny! Britney was not that bad afterall!

    Ten sessions and no more tramp stamp!!
    I loved the episode, really funny! Britney was not that bad but I think a real actress could do better...or maybe it's just a prejudice of mine...

    Barney! Anything for a bet! ahahahah
    And he cant stop catching women!
    Marshall is a disease freak! Funny part!

    Season 1 Ted is comming back...he had quite a job for only 2 minutes with Stella...She may be the mother because of what she said about St. Patty's day, but I dont think she is...and she said last year too, Ted and Barney went to the party this year!
    I think the writers are just giving us fake trails, they wont reveal who is the mother until the show is over (and I prefer like this!)

    I want a episode focus in Barney! They're the best!!
  • This is the first time i have watched theshow and must admit that it will become one of my weekly shows to watch....cant wait for the next episode!

    This is the first time i ever watched the show and im gla d i did...this episode was so funny that i got hooked right away cant wait to see more. Bringign ritney into the show may have been done as an act of despiration but it made the show more interesting which is why i tuned glad that the show decided to have her come up because i would have never found out how great the show was if it was not for that....I now have to go out and get the dvds so that i can catch up.
  • A continuation of the story introduced in "The Platinum Rule". Romantic Ted returns to woo his Dr.

    **Romantic Ted returns**

    This episode is the epitome of why I watch this series. We are shown how Ted tries to woo his dermatologist, Stella (played by Sarah Chalke) to go on a date with him. Due to her oath as a doctor she is not allowed to date patients so Ted uses his ten sessions with her (while she is removing his butterfly tattoo from his lower back) to convince her to go on a date with him after his sessions are over. It was nice to see the softer side of Ted again after he has been a party boy most of the third season. The sessions are packed with chuckles as Britney Spears who plays Stella's receptionist tries to win over Ted's affections. The effects of Barney and Marshall trying to "help" Ted with Stella are quite funny. Barney lies to Ted to get him to grow a mustache and Marshall inadvertently gets Ted to read a self help book to impress Stella.

    The gem of this episode was the 2 minute date. It was cheesy, cute, and fun and definetely a glimpse back to the Ted of Season One that was trying to win over Robin. Stella and Ted have great chemistry and hopefully we will be seeing more of her in future episodes.
  • When I heard that Brittany Spears would be on HIMYM, I never thought it would've worked, but it turned into one the best shows yet!

    When I heard that Brittany Spears would be on How I Met Your Mother, I was very nervous,, sure that this would never work because of all of the news regarding her... but did it ever work! This episode, Ten Sessions, has now become one of, if not the, favorite How I Met Your Mother episode of mine! Terrific! So funny! Brittany Spears plays this totally-obsessed with Ted receptionist for Ted's love interest, a woman named Stella. Hilarity ensues as Ted tries to get Stella to go out with him and as the receptionist tries to win over Ted, even my comparing him to Tom Selleck and to a knight, who she would call Sir Ted. So FUNNY! CHECK IT OUT!
  • How I met your mother is funny every time I watch.

    This was one of the best episodes of How I met your mother. I am a big fan of this show and every time it gets better and better, there are amazing characters and a great storyline. In this episodes Britney Spears and Sarah Chalke were guest stars and they were both amazing. It was really creative to go on a date just for two minutes and I really enjoyed this episode. Ted wanted to have his butterfly tattoo removed and he just fell in love with his doctor and tried to persuade her to date with him in ten sessions.
  • Stella is introduced, and Britney Spears guest stars.

    I didn't think this episode was going to be all that great at first, but it turned out to be pretty good by the end. We learn something about Stella, she was out the night of St. Patrick's Day, just like Ted was. Was she at the same party? Could Stella be the mother? In this episode Ted has to go through 10 painful tattoo removal sessions, I love the buildup and development this season. Ted gets a tattoo in the first epsiode of this season, only to get it removed, only to meet Stella. It's funny how fate works in mysterious ways, which technically is what this show is all about. Fate. It's good Britney Spears' role was minor in this episode, because her playing the nerdy weirdo didn't quite suit her. I don't recall laughing at any scenes with her in it, so no, I didn't really enjoy her stay on HIMYM, I do recall her scenes being cheesy and played out. Stick to what you're good at Britney: Singing. Sarah Chalke's performance as Stella was amazing, she keeps on saying no to Ted throughout the whole episode, but she likes Ted. It turns out she has a daughter. But she doesn't specifically say no to Ted. So they go on a two minute date: literally. Which I very much enjoyed. I saw hope for this couple by the end, I hope it works out well. A great episode that got me excited for the next.
  • Quite an interesting episode, as Stella is introduced to the cast!

    This was quite an interesting episode of HIMYM. I found the storyline to be great, and there were certainly some very enjoyable moments!

    I thought that Britney Spears was really great as a guest star in this episode, and I hope that we can see a little more of her character in the coming episodes!

    I found myself laughing quite a lot throughout this episode, so that was ceratainly another positive side to this episode. I hope there are more like this one to come!

    Overall, definitely an episode that I woul d highly recommend. It was just missing that something special to prevent me from giving it a ten. But overall, a very goofd episode!
  • Don't usually like to use the above classification, but it fits better than any other here. Guest stars Sarah Chalke and Brittney Spears would be reason enough, but the storyline and plot twists are excellent as well. Then...

    There is an incredibly well-thought-out ending that will leave most people thinking they just viewed something really special. But, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Ted, who as we all know, is relating to his future kids, how he met their mother, may have done just that last night. Of course we think this most every other episode, but this one has a different feel. His eventual date with his tattoo-removing doctor (Chalke) seems to be just the beginning of something here. Add to that the fact that Chalke's role on Scrubs has ended (there are a couple of episodes left of this great sitcom that is ending rather off-center because of this strike-begotten season), and you have reason to believe that this might be more than just a trifle.

    The way that this episode came back and forth from real-time to flashback, with little clues scattered here and there, was a brilliant piece of writing. Reminded me of some of the excellent back-and-forths in the movie trilogy, Back To The Future.

    The two-minute date sequence at the end will certainly be what this episode is remembered for, along with a very low-key, commendable appearance by Brittney Spears as Chalke's receptionist who has a crush on Ted. The joke's on us in the absolute final scene with Barney, though.

    I would imagine that HIMYM fans are greatly satisfied with where this show is taking us, and the ratings for this 'very special episode' were excellent against very tough competition.
  • Dont Get Me Wrong!!

    I love this episode, Britney was great. She was really funny, but i also know it is the writing and not her acting!
    I really really really hope that Sarah Chalke is NOT the mother. I dont know, I dont think she is, but i really hope she is not. I dont like her as an actress she sucks on scrubs and i missed the old Becky. Overall I liked this episode because i love the cast. They make me laugh every week,
    And Barry was just hilarious, but the shouldput more story lines around MARSHall... whoa.. i think he is best!
  • They should have advertised Chalke over Spears

    I'll admit, I was loath to like this episode, or even tune into it, upon discovering that Britney Spears was guest-starring. I mean, she isn't exactly a great actress. However when I found out the hilarious Sarah Chalke (most commonly known as Elliot Reid on Scrubs) was also guest-starring I was sure to catch the episode. I adore Chalke on Scrubs and knew that How I Met Your Mother would be right up her comedic alley. And this episode was most definitely worth watching. The Spears bits fell predictably flat but the Sarah parts more then made up for it. Here's hoping for more Chalke in this show! Hoping she's the mother, to be honest.
  • What an episode. One on the best of the entire series.

    What an episode. One on the best of the entire series.

    Might even be the best one. Ok at first when i heard that Britney was going to be on, I thought it would be good for the ratings, but i had my doubts. If she blew it, it would be horrible for the show. But i'm pleased to say she did a fantastic job. Plus she looked fantastic. Other then that, this was a very sweet episode and the ending was one of the best moments in HIMYM history. A 2 minute date that included quick taxi drives, lunch, a movie, dessert, and a walk back to the office. Ted proves that you can change a no to a very special yes.
  • A superb episode. Posibly the best of the season so far. Destined to be remembered fondly by fans of the show along with the "Slap Bet" saga.

    It's the companion episode to "The Platinum Rule" where we are introduced to the notion that Ted wishes to date the doctor that is removing his "tramp stamp" lower back tattoo (against the wishes of all his friends)

    In that episode the stories told by the friends are all humourously intertwined and that motif is use to great effect in this one, too. Sarah Chalke brings her quirkiness from "Scrubs" down just a notch to play the doctor and still manages in only 22 minutes to make the viewer feel an affinity fot her character.

    The "troubled" Britney Spears makes an appearance as a seemingly timid church-going receptionist that develops a crush on Ted. Whilst her performance is passable in "stunt casting" terms, her acting shortcomings are apparent in scenes where she has to play opposite the likes of Sarah Chalke. Chalke's natural delivery and timing make Spears' performance seem just a tad over the top and expose her Disney Club roots. That said it didn't really detract from enjoyment of the show.

    A Special mention must be made of the highlight of the episode, nay the season so far... Ted's 2 minute date. However predictable it may seem before the event and however hard-hearted the viewer, I defy anyone not to let out at least a small, "awwww" at some point as the date actually rolls along.

    Overall, some slick writing and performances to match from the leads result in a "How I Met Your Mother" classic.
  • A great episode...Ted falls for the doc who is lasering off his tramp-stamp, but ends up having to fend off the doc's receptionist's advances. Wow, awkward sentence.

    No offense to Britney fans out there, and trust me I KNOW she's not an actress, but I thought her performance was stiff and forced and awkward and distracting from the rest of the episode. But all that aside, since in the grand scheme of the ep is wasn't that important...

    The "Two-Minute Date" was LEGEND-- wait for it -DARY! The cutest thing I've seen in a long time, real life (sigh, isn't it sad) or on TV. I think I'd just about die if someone did that sort of thing for me. It was awesome that they seemed to get in all in one shot, and the cabbie was an added bonus (I thought he was funny).

    I also Marshall's freakout about the mole, and of course, Barney's time out (and the fact that everyone reacted to the fireball in pretty much the same way--very parental while Barney was being the bad little boy). This is one of my favorite non-crime related shows. :-)

    Kudos for Ted for his stick-to-it, don't take no for an answer attitude, but even MORE for his acceptance of the fact that Stella's putting her daughter first and foremost in her life.
  • Great episode! Perhaps the mother? Spoiler alert.

    The Mother I think could very well be Stella (Sarah Chalke). The hint at the St. Patricks day party was a very obvious tease by the writers, and it could be a hint at the mother, just as easily as it could be a decoy.

    If HIMYM was to introduce the mother, it would need to be a recurring role. Sarah Chalke I think would make an excellent addition to the show. I also believe that her current sitcom, Scrubs, is in its final season. This could be the next step in her career.

    I have seen she does make upcoming appearances in future episodes, according to

    As per her 8 year old child, it could provide for material for upcoming episodes, and an obstacle in Stella and Teds relationship. Also regarding this matter, the "kids" he narrates to, seem to be around the same age, eliminating the theory that the girl is actually Stella's daughter. Perhaps a third child not in the room while he is telling the story?

    Lastly, in S1 E9, "Belly Full of Turkey" there is a line at the end that hints the mothers name is Tracy, unless that was an error, or just misinterpreted.
  • Britney's Back b!tches

    Gimme gimme more
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    Brit looks Amazing..she's so hot, funny, cute, pretty..
    a very special episode in which Brit shows us her amazingly greatness...she reborn..Luv "10 sessions" and luv britney!
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  • Ted is determined to win Stella's (his doctor) heart during their ten sessions together by any means possible but ends up getting some unwanted attraction from her receptionist Abby.

    The incredible interest surrounding the guest appearance of Britney Spears on this episode created a lot of anticipation and the writers served up an episode closer to the contrived laugh-a-minute sitcoms that populate the television landscape.

    An episode that focuses solely around Ted is always going to be a strong episode because Josh Radnor plays the Single Guy looking for The One so well. His pursuit of Stella by doing anything possible to win her heart was the focus of this episode, with hilarious consequences each time he tries something new.

    The pace of this episode was a lot faster than usual, not doubt written in mind that lots of new viewers would be tuning in just to see Britney Spears. On that topic, Britney Spears' character Abby was played beautifully as the awkward, shy and reasonably creepy receptionist. The amount of dramas that Britney has gone through in her life, along with her new body image means that she probably won't be able to play sex sirens anymore. But if she wants to carve out a niche playing these sorts of slightly disturbed characters, she will find much success. What I found weird was that although she attends a church group (or at least goes bowling with them), she asks Barney, 'Can we have sex first and then go shopping later?' Not exactly a Christian response...

    Back to that faster pace, it seems that the laughs were a little more set-up as usual without the smart subtleties that we are used to. If HIMYM continues on with this formula, there is nothing to distinguish it with the million other laugh-track sitcoms that are out there. But with that said, it was still a funny episode. The highlight for me was another typical Robin the air-head moment when she said, 'I bet Roger Daltrey is rolling in his grave.' The casting of Sarah Chalke was the right decision as Stella. I know she pulled out before shooting but even though Alicia Silverstone would no doubt have been far more attractive, and her credentials as an actress can't be discounted either, Sarah Chalke is used to being in a sitcom and her delivery was spot on. Playing a doctor would be pretty much second nature to her.

    Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin were sidelined to some extent in this episode but Barney's method to win the bet with Ted that he would never grow a moustache was a classic, very similar to 'Mary the Prostitute'. There is one thing that sets apart HIMYM from other sitcoms, and it's this: it's over-the-top gestures. Having a larger-than-life character like Barney helps push this along, but Ted is no stranger to doing ANYTHING to win a girl either. He did a rain dance for Robin and this time he put himself through all humiliation for Stella, including reading a self-help book, juggling and as mentioned before, growing a moustache. But the two minute date at the end would be a good summary of why HIMYM is such an incredible show. Ted pulled off an elaborate meal and movie set-up that could only happen on TV, which really appeals to all romantics out there. It was also good to see Ranjit back as the taxi driver, but they could've given him more lines. There have been better episodes of HIMYM, but not in this season. That's three solid episodes in a row, and no doubt some useful ratings figures. This episode was well-played and well-written, and another episode or two of the same quality will mean that HIMYM will return for a fourth season.
  • Best episode of the season. Better than Slapsgivings I think.

    I thought it was wonderful. The scene with the 2 minute date was the best part. I thought it was very romantic and cameos by Ranjit made it special. Sarah Chalke was amazing. Britney was okay. Maybe the writers are giving us hints on who the mother will be. It would be wonderful if Sarah was made the mother. This is a very special episode and I hope how i met your mother survives another season and does not get cancelled because I have read reports about the season ending on a cliffhanger and that woundlt be fun to be just left o a cliffhanger now would it.
  • 10 sessions + 2 minutes = perfect SPOILER ALERT

    This was an absolutely excellent episode. Ted decides to have his butterfly tramp stamp removed from his lower back. He is immediately attracted to his doctor, Stella, but she turns him down when he asks her for a date. He then sets out to get her to change her mind over the 10 weeks of sessions it will take to remove his tattoo. He buys a book he thinks she is reading, he grows a mustache he thinks she'll like, he even trys to be nice to her receptionist. By theh way, Brittney Spears plays the receptionist. I hope they didn't pay her a lot because she definitely wasn't needed to make this episode interesting. At the end of the 10 sessions she reveals that she has a daughter who is her only priority right now in her life. When Ted realizes she didn't say no he uses the two minutes she has for lunch to takes her on a date. It was so romantic it brought me to tears. He put more thought into 2 minutes then most men would put into an entire relationship.
  • Ted's attempts to date the doctor removing his tattoo are observed by his friends and almost thwarted by her quirky and naive receptionist, guest star Britney Spears. After a few hint drops Ted's doctor could be his future wife.

    So I think this was one of the most hyped up episodes of the series ever, maybe possibly for the history of television with the exception of the MASH finale and the episode of Dallas where we learn who shot J.R. I believe this episode was meant to do two things, boost Britney's questionable image/career, and help to garner a new audience to this fantastic show. While I am not sure of Ms. Spears's career future, although I thought her performance was great, I do believe this episode may have helped, it showcased the subtle comedic timing and the quirks of the ensemble, while drawing more focus towards Ted and a Barney in order to prevent new viewers from being lost in the shuffle on inside jokes that fans have all come to enjoy. I think it did this brilliantly, really making a more streamlined show that could get new viewers involved.

    The ten sessions were hilarious, with Ted screaming like a little girl and then attempting to read a self-help book he found in her office, I thought those were two genuinely funny mishaps. Though what was really the best session was the two minute date Ted and Stella had, it was sweet and very considerate, as well as rememberable.

    This brings us to the best part of the episode, Stella admitted to having been at the very same bar on St. Patrick's day that Ted and Barney were living it up at, which leads to the point that we will be talking about for months to come, could Stella wind up being the future Mrs. Mosby? It is totally plausible, because I have alway felt we may meet his wife first before older Ted narrates "and that is how I met your mother.", Stella could be the mother but for right now something still needs to happen in order for them to be right for each other, and that hasn't happened just yet.

    Onto Ms. Spears, I think she was great, the phone conversation scene was hilarious, when we learned it was Barney on the other end, but more importantly she did not over sell it, my hat off to Britney.

    So I am proud to say that after 11 months on this is my 100th review, I plan to keep writing them, I just hope you are reading them.
  • Ted tries to get a date with his doctor Stella in ten sessions but he only get's the attention of the receptionist Abby.

    This episode of HIMYM was really funny. It was really funny at the beginning of the show when Ted thinks he's going out on a date with Stella but it's not and then later when they're in a session she laughs at him. It was funny when Stella called out for the "lower back butterfly" and Ted and this girl both stand up. When the receptionists comes into the room when Ted screams and she calls him a woman was hilarious. It was funny when Ted and Stella are bickering about Allen and Abby was hilarious. When Ted didn't want Stella to know that the book that he has and Abby comes in saying he forgot his book was really funny. Marshall freaking out about his mole was hilarious.