How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 5

The Autumn of Breakups

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on CBS
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    How I Met Your Mother "The Autumn of Breakups" Review: Another Couple Down

    HIMYM has been all over the place in this still very young season, but "The Autumn of Breakups" showed a few signs that it's ready to get things back on track.

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    Ted asks Marshall and Lily for advice as he considers the future of his relationship with Victoria. Robins discovers that Barney's new wingman isn't human.

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    • I happen to be one of the few people who actually enjoyed this episode...

      I could see why people didn't like this episode. But to me, it was amazing. I guess it was pretty lame the whole "Victoria or Robin" thing as we have established that we've probably ALL seen this exact same storyline in Friends when Ross had to pick between Emily and Rachel. But it was different here.

      Ted choosing Robin was a sweet thing because no matter what, she is always more than just a friend to him. I love Robin and Barney together but sometimes I love watching episodes like this where a Ted/Robin possibility comes up.

      And Victoria's line in the end ALWAYS sends a chill down my spine: "I really hope you get her [Robin] It was beautiful.moreless
    • Worst episode ever!

      A dog really? This show has been lame all season and it used to be one of my favorites. They must be getting desperate.
    • Unimpressive.

      This episode left me nonpluessed. I mean first of all, what on earth was up with Marshall? He was like awful in this episode. It was difficult to even watch.

      Can't believe the way they ended Ted and Victoria - I really thought they could be more creative than that. It did not impress me.

      Wasn't really laughing much in this episode, but the Brover storyline grew on me towards the end, but that is the only thing I liked about the episode this time.moreless
    • Do It Beautifully

      As far as breakups go, this one was a sweet one. She gave him an ultimatum but she didn't plant expectation on him. It was almost as if she knew what his decision would be (and I'm sure she did) and that they were done, which is why it bothers me that she jumped on his proposal.. Victoria let Ted off the hook very gently - for a moment I almost thought they'd make it (I couldn't tell which couple was going this episode) - but then it's done. It was quiet and very final. Good job, HIMYM.moreless
    • Brover is ready to eat your meat

      This episode had it's ups and downs and in the end failed to impress me.

      The episode highlights an issue with Ted and Victoria's relationship. Appearently Victoria isn't as happy about taking things slow as Ted seemed to be and (Bizarro) Marshall and Lily point this out. It also introduces Brover, Barney's furry wingman (2nd greatest thing in the episode).

      Ted begins to work on issues with Victoria and makes a grand romantic gesture which ends with an ultimatum which is very similar.. No wait!.. Identical to the one given by Emily to Ross in Friends. The problem with this is that Victoria was the first big love of Ted in the show and in the first season Victoria was great. The writers turned her in to this twisted image of season 1 Victoria in this episode. I think she would have deserved a better farewell than this.

      Robin is worried about Barney and invites him to a dinner with herself and Nick. This is where the episode gets really weird because Nick's cooking show's intro and his awful attempts to come up with a catchphrase for the show were my favourite parts of the episode. "Who's ready to eat my meat?"

      'Autumn of Breakups' was not a great episode but it wasn't all bad. Marshall's transformation was horrible and Victoria's personality change a bit too sudden. Brover and Bad Boy Chef were pretty cool and also the Mosby boys and the tamed squirrel was fun. I really do believe that HIMYM can deliver better episodes than this this season.

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      • Goof: Robin knows her Aunt is a lesbian. When she talked about taking her dogs to her Aunt's farm upstate (Season 2 Episode 16 Stuff)she said, "It's just her and her partner Betty. They are getting pretty lonely." And when Lily was like, "Oh they love dogs?"Robin responds, "They? What do you mean by they?" And Lily realizing she's making an ackward generalization about lesbians says, "Ummm people who live upstate."

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