How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 5

The Autumn of Breakups

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on CBS

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  • How much is that in dog age?

    So, after two weeks without my favorite sitcom, I went desperate. And I have to be honest, since episode four was, to me, old school, I was anxious for this one, wanting it to be just as epic as the episodes that formed the earlier seasons. That didn't happen. How I Met Your Mother's quality fell big time, and I'm still a huge fan. The show isn't bad, far from it, but it isn't as legen... wait for it... dary, as once it was. So, this episode pulled me down a little bit, once again. I laughed two or three times, and tears hadn't followed, like it did on the last episode, and like it was usual on earlier seasons.

    Knowing that, let's dig on tonight's episode. It was pretty much basic. Barney found a new wingman: a dog! Yeah, exactly. I must say, for sure, that this show's comedy belongs to NPH. He performs such a great work every week (not to speak ill of the others, this cast is truly amazing!). So, Barney was handling Quinn's departure and not very well. So, he found comfort in this dog he named Broler. Yeah. So, we got a lot of fun scenes with Barney and the Broler, like how he helped Barney achieve chicks and how Barney did the favor for him aswell. We had this nice hilarious moment (the only one on tonight's episode) when Barney and the Broler approaches a woman with a dog, and says: "Nice dog", and then asks how old is she, and her owner says: "She is five" and Barney goes: "How much is that in dog age?", and the lady answer: "Thirty-five", and then, he walks away. LOL. Robin, concerned about his friend's, hmmm, mental state, went to talk to him, and that got Nick pretty jealous... OH YEAH, NICK. Did you know he had a cable TV show? Nick Bad Boy Cooks. Or something like that. The scenes that featured Nick's pun on his show were also fun.

    Okay, so back to Ted. He was a lot boring this episode, and I love him a lot. I love all the characters, can't help. ANYWAY... He turned to Lily and Marshall for advice on his relationship with Victoria, that was sinking. And what he had found out? Victoria wanted to marry and grow their relationship. He didn't got the clues, but his best friends did, and let him know. Funny moment with the clocks, where Ted mentions the clock was reset when he and Victoria broke up, and Lily and Marshall deny it, saying that when they broke up, the clock was paused, and now it has un-paused. Later, when he says to Victoria the clock was reset, she says: "No, it was un-paused, everyone knows that". Amusing at best. Of course, Ted pulled a Mosby and, seeking to fix his relationship, he proposed to Victoria. But, you see kids, Victoria is just a whiny little boring character that it's better offscreen. And then, she told Ted that she could only marry him if he stopped being friends with Robin. WHADDAHELL? Haven't we been there before?

    This plot ruined the episode for me. I've been there on Friends, when Emily asked Ross to stop being friends with Rachel. We all know how that ended up. So, why oh why, would the How I Met Your Mother's writers pull it? It was stated on Nannies that Nick and Robin, Ted and Victoria wouldn't last more than a month. And then I ask, why have they created this whole scheme to make the episode look more dramatic? How I Met Your Mother lacks no drama! Why are they trying to pull sad moments amidst a sitcom episode? That I can't explain. I was relieved to know that Ted wasn't going any further with telling Robin he would stop talking to her. The show led us to think that, and I thought it would end on this cliffhanger or something... That would be lame. Glad they didn't.

    Secondary plot feature Lily and Marshall being adorable as a couple, as usual. Lily was teaching Marshall how to give good advice's and how to reach his "inner goddess", and that was fun to watch, as Marshall behaved like a woman. Jason Segel doesn't even have to try! He is just so funny. Tho this week his scenes, while amusing, wasn't hilarious.

    By the end, Lily and Marshall promised Ted not to tell Robin that he had broken up with Victoria because of her, but future Ted (and I love future Ted's spoilers) let us know that she ended up finding out, but, as usual: He would get to that later. Oh, and also Barney had to return the Broler, but he nailed his owner. So, win for both, haha. The final clip feature Barney going down the street to find the Broler craving for his help. He asked what was going on, and the dog told him that "some bitch was telling he knocked her up". Yikes! Better run.

    While okay to watch, tonight's How I Met Your Mother was not that good. Lacked fun and a whole bunch of other elements that I miss so badly in this show. Whilst "Who wants to be a godparent" made me laugh to tears, this one was just nice to watch because I grew in love with those characters and it's always nice to see them developt.
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