How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 2

The Best Burger in New York

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ted tells his kids how rundown NYC was when he first moved there. But then things started to change around his neighborhood when new businesses started popping up.

Barney arrives at the apartment wearing promotional clothes for a new bank called Goliath National Bank. Barney's company had just bought this bank. He tells Marshall that they are hiring in their legal department.

The crew meet at the bar. Robin is starving because she just finished a cleansing program. They stay at the bar and order burgers. The burgers all arrive; all except for Robin's, so she tells them to eat without her. They all make love sounds as they eat but Marshall just thinks that the burger is average.

Marshall tells his story about when he first moved to New York City. He was scared because he always thought he was going to be mugged. After Ted forced Marshall to go for a walk, he started exploring and realized it wasn't scary at all. He saw a place with neon signs that said "burger." Marshall noticed all the celebrities had eaten there, including Regis Philbin. After his amazing burger experience, Marshall had rushed home to tell Ted about the place. The two of them tried to find the place again but never did. Marshall tried numerous burger places in hopes of finding such a burger again, but it never happened.

One day, Barney told them that Regis works out at his gym. The three rush to the gym to find out the name of the burger restaurant. Regis cannot remember the name but does remember that he loved the burgers there. Regis gives Barney his cell phone number and tells the crew to call if they ever find out the name of the place.

As Marshall tells the story, Robin blurts that she walks by the neon red sign he mentioned everyday. Robin's burger finally is ready, but Marshall demands that they go right away to find the burger place.

Barney texts Regis to tell him that they found the burger place. Regis is in the middle of hosting a show when he gets the text and runs out of there in the middle of it.

At the restaurant, everyone's burger arrives at the same time, except for Robin's burger again. Marshall shouts that this isn't the place.

Everyone is getting annoyed with Marshalls's burger hype. They think that the burger cannot live up to Marshall's expectations now. Robin assures him that it's only a burger and he begs to differ.

Marshall leaves the restaurant in search of the real burger place. The crew realizes that this is no longer about finding the right burger place. Marshall needs to find a job.

Robin's food finally arrives but Lily confronts the waitress and the waitress says that the place was modeled after another place uptown. They run out of there, again without giving Robin the opportunity to eat. As the group head uptown, Regis calls Barney and they tells him to meet them uptown.

They arrive at the restaurant but find out that it has been replaced with a Goliath ATM. Lily blames Barney for this. She tells him that the his bank sucks. Marshall stops her and says that he took a job offer from the bank.

Robin is so hungry she starts eating things out of the trash.

Marshall tells everyone that he wanted to have that same feeling he had when he first moved to the city, when he had that first bite of that burger. His whole life was in front of him then, but now he is growing up.

A bystander overhears their convo and says that he knows where the burger place moved to. He says he will tell them for $100. They don't have any money and they end up using the Goliath ATM to take out cash.

They go to get burgers and it is exactly as Marshall remembers. Regis meets up with them too.