How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 2

The Best Burger in New York

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • Marshall tries to find a burger

    At this time Marshall in the depths of unemployment. While this episode was not as good as the first episode of season 4, for me the downgrade was not as far as others due to my unemployment at this time. Speaking of jobs, Barney has a new job that as of this time in the series he still has. It was a little weird how much Barney was promoting GNB. even for him. Marshall tries to find some fulfillment in trying to find a burger. Time and time again they enjoy the burger except Robin to only find out that it's not. Somehow Regis Philbin is involved in this. However he still did a good job. The story of that best burger Marshall had was kind of cute. (spoiler alert) Marshall does find it and also had a new job working with Barney. There wasn't much of a second story, but Marshall finding a burger was nice before he works for another big company.
  • The gang tries to find the best burger in New York.


    "The Best Burger in New York" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. It really made me crave a hamburger after watching this episode. This episode made a good point about how things change, and they can either change for the better, or for the worse. It was entertaining that the gang was trying to find the hamburger place in which Marshall had the best burger ever, although it seemed to drag on for a bit. I wish there were more subplots in this episode. Overall, pretty good episode. I love how they found the exact place where Marshall ate his best burger. I give this episode a 8/10.

  • One of the best storylines that they have come up with!

    I definitely really enjoyued this episode, and I have enjoye d watching it on numerous occasions! While there are some really good episodes of HIMYM, the sign of a really awesome episode is the fact that you can get never get tired watching that episode.

    I thought the whole concept of the best burger was hilarious, an d all of the adventures to the burger were absolutely hilarious!

    Moreso, Robin's constant hunger problems made the storyline even more funnier than it really was.

    All up, this was definitely a great episode. Lily's comment about the 'wedding vows off the Internet' was hilarious! I definitely recommend it!
  • Marshall tries to find a hamburger he ate eight years ago.

    HIMYM does not seem to be getting much better this season than it was post-strike last season. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are desperately reaching for these storylines and they don't get any sillier than this. Stuntcasting has become How I Met Your Mother's thing but the Regis Philbin appearance here was completely unnecessary. People are going to say how great Million Dollar Heads Or Tails was, but it was just terrible.

    Neil Patrick Harris was funny here, and the running gag involving Global National Bank was entertaining, but that's one of the few positives to take from this. Normally a Marshall-centric episode would be hilarious but ever since Forgetting Sarah Marshall Jason Segel just isn't very funny anymore.
  • Marshall and his gang hunt for a very special burger, which he had eaten a number of years back.

    I found it very counter intuitive to give this episode a 8.5 and at the same time classify it as unoriginal. Unoriginal in the sense, this installment reminded me of the movie - Harold&Kumar go to whitecastle; which also has a similar plot line. Nevertheless, I found this episode nearly as good as the previous ones, when judged in terms of the humor content.

    The plot here revolves primarily around Marshall, and has clearly taken a break from the main storyline. This was good in way, because it steers the focus from Ted and Stella, and of course, the moist side of Barney. Regis Philbin's cameo appearance was a nice move as well. Story wise, I felt Barney's dialogues this time were bland. The parts where he vouches for his company were not in line with his character, and definitely didn't evoke any laughter. I liked the part, where Marshall talks to himself facing the mirror. There were certain small funny sub-sequences, which many would have missed -such as Robin eating from the trash near the ATM, Regis receiving a text message in the middle of his show.

    Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable installment. However, I would prefer they stick to the main story and retain the original character attributes.
  • What was this about?? This episode did nothing to bring the main plot forward (Barney & Robin? Ted & Stella??), it was nothing but a bunch of people eating burgers (one of them not so much) in various places. Even the jokes weren't that good this time.

    There's one thing I hate on TV, and that's close-ups of people's mouths while they're eating. Saliva, half-munched food, moist lips sprinkled with breadcrumbs... sorry, I don't need that in XXL on my TV. Plus, people talking with their mouths full is bad enough in reality. But enough about my pet peeves. Why didn't I like this episode, when I usually love every single bit about HIMYM?

    Well, it's ok to take a break from the main plot theme (hint: the show has the same name). Not hearing about Ted's quests to find real love, about Barney's latest pick-up successes (or his blossoming love for Robin), about Marshall's attempts to find a job, etc... that's ok, as long as they fill it with something equally interesting and funny.

    But a nice BURGER that somebody had 8 years ago?? For crying out loud. Are the writers on strike again? Seems like it.
    But there were good parts, too. I liked the sub-plot about Barney's bank, great acting from his side as usual. Let's just hope that next week things get back to normal.
  • The group tries to find the restaurant where Marshall had "the best burger in New York."

    I realize that this episode didn't really drive the main plot forward, but it was fun nonetheless.

    If there were any film buffs or classical music fans watching this episode, I'm sure they got a kick out of it (I would have put this in the Allusions section, but I'm still a level 1 member). When the group finds a restaurant with a "green door and red neon sign" and Marshall realizes it's the wrong one after taking a bite of his burger, Robin says, "It's just a burger," to which Marshall replies, "Just a burger?" The monologue that follows, including the music in the background, is an excellent spoof of a scene from the film "Amadeus," in which Salieri describes (in language similar to Marshall's) the same piece playing in the background (Mozart's Serenade in B flat, KV 361). I would say this scene somewhat made up for the lack of progress in the overall plot :)
  • 9.5
    I absolutely loved this episode! Barney was soo funny about bringing up Golliath National Bank like every 5 seconds. I loved Marshall's comparason of all other burgers as tasting like his grandfathers feet. The funniest parts were probably when Robin's burgers would always come last because that happened to me all the time at resturants. Ted explaining Robin the "pants radius" was very funny too. Regis' gest star role was really funny too, i loved the "Million Dollar Heads or Tails". I also really don't want ted to marry Stella, he should be with Robin again! PS. I loved the Golliath National Bank advertizement at the end of the show that was so funny.
  • I will sum up this episode with one sentence.

    Marshall,Robin,Barney,Ted,Lily go searching for a burger with Regis Philbin. Side Notes. No Comment.

    Final Comment. This was not worth 21 minutes of my life, it had nothing here to laugh at or even enjoy the simple drama. A show should not be based on the best burger. Utterly wasteful, they need to keep rolling with the story or get rolled over by there own past success. It is only the beginning of the season and they already put in a filler that does not fit in there whole story development. Why are they torturing us with a burger episode. Where did they see that one being funny.
  • The REAL writers must have been on holidays -- this episode was just awful. Formulaic, boring -- didn't laugh once.

    This show is otherwise (other than 30 Rock) the only really good sitcom left on TV. I guess that's why the standards are set so high in my books. This is material I'd expect from the "average" sitcom out there -- overly obvious sexual double-entendres, awkward physical comedy, a poorly-acted out "guest" celebrity. I hope this episode doesn't set a trend! The actors seemed to even feel their material was sub-par this they were just "phoning it in". I was cringing. Looking forward to the next episode...this is an incredible show, so every now and again a poor episode is to be expected.
  • Ode to a Burger

    Marshall-focused. Lots of Barney. Minimal Ted and Robin. And the quest for perfection. Throw in Regis, and you have a winner.

    This was a very, very good episode.

    The burger theme was hilarious. Finding perfection tied in well for Marshall's willingness to compromise his dreams for a less ideal job. Yet he prevailed in the end, and apparently "never looked back".

    Barney's inputs were top stuff as usual. His rendition of the advert song was particularly endearing.

    Everybody's dirty burger talk was very funny.

    Ted was kept to a minimal. More of that, please.

    The Barney-Robin story line and the Ted-YM storyline were totally ignored for the rather weak "pants radius" theory.

    Still Regis was hilarious, and the exaggeration of his physical prowess was very pleasing TV.
  • After a great start of season 4 the show is going downhill again

    After the first season I thought that the show should end right then because it can not get any better. There were moment in the following seasons which were great few of them even legen - wait for it - DARY but the last season was hit hard with the writers strike. The Burger episode feels like straight from season 3.

    If i should use an analogy I would compare the episode to a burger without a patty. The bun was fine, the vegetables and condiments all right but the most important ingredient was missing. Sure, there were some funny lines in the episode but the plot was too weak to entertain. Maybe the show would be better off ending with a big wedding and being reborn as How I brought up my kids.
  • Did the writers not learn anything by the failed second appearance of Britney? Stop with the celebrity cameos!

    This episode starts out promising. I like the introduction, and older Ted's opening dialogue about New York is bang on. Unfortunately, the episode goes downhill from there, turning into an absolute waste of time. Mind you, I've loved almost every episode of this show.

    And if it wasn't for my love of this show, I would have turned it off during the painful 1 minute, 4 second monologue by Marshall about how great "the greatest burger" was. It was actually kind of disgusting, what with the close-up shots of his finger licking and intimate details of how the meat felt in his mouth. I live for steaks and hamburgers, but come on, that was WAY over the top.

    The running gag about how hungry Robin is got old, too. It was funny when Marshall threw her first burger on the ground, but when she opted not to take a bite of the next one she was holding, that ruined it. Anybody who was as hungry as she says she was, after two days of not eating, would have sat and ate.

    Then, just when I thought the episode couldn't get any worse, enter Regis Philbin playing a tough guy, burger-loving gameshow host. Why? Wasn't "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" popular like five years ago? It seems like Regis just wandered onto the set one day and the producers thought, "Hey! How can we slip this washed-up TV host into an episode? He's still popular with the little old ladies, so surely he'll appeal to our 20- to 30-something target demographic."

    I can only hope the writers attempt to advance the plot a little this season. So far it's been a bit of a letdown.
  • The Best Burger in New York. With a special appearance by Regis Philban.

    This episode was funny, but it was kind of a filler episode. Robin just got off of a seven day clense of not eating, yet she really has been on it for 2 days. They all decide to order a burger. Then Marshall tells everyone about when he first went out in New York. Now, he can not find that place and it has been eight years since he had the burger. So, Marshall tells the gang that if they are going to eat a burger it has to be the best burger in New York. Robin still hasn't eaten and it is taking forever to find the place. But they FINALLY find it.

    Overall, it was an average episode. Still funny though.
  • I just love how the episode always has an amazing plot planned out. This episode is a perfect example.

    The do it every time. So many things they say return in a funny way. It is not just that it rhymes, but it is always true. Just when you are wondering, what the this have to do with the episode. They make a turn and everything comes together. It also shows a kind of character building for the group. They stick together and do not give up untill the burger has been found. And if the plot does not do it for you, the in between jokes will do the trick. The flashbacks and the perfect weird haircut. I wish I was as creative as the writers of HIMYM. Good episode.
  • Really an 'Ode to a NY Burger'

    Some review said it an Ode to a Burger and truly it is. I must say this episode is a treat for the food lovers. I can't help noticing that just like other sitcoms this one also has a thing for the food lovers. And as I am one of them, whenever these references come I just relish it. This episode just made me hungry like a million times... and I actually ate again after watching this one. And the Robin shots with she getting left hungry again and again were so real that I felt like I myself was being starved! I really loved it when Robin started eating out of the dustbin in front of the bank.

    The way Marshal described the joy of the first bite of the burger, it was just delicious!

    Unlike some other episodes, this one stayed just on one story and all five actors stayed together in it... which made for a better viewership.

    The guest appearance also did fine.

    I rate this at 9.
  • This was just a fun episode to watch, and Regis was hilarious.

    When Marshall reminisces about finding the best burger his first night in New York but not being able to find the restaurant since then, the gang sets out on a mission to find the legendary burger. But as the search grows futile, Marshall becomes overly fixated in finding the burger, making the gang question if this has more to do with him not being able to find a job and the toll it’s taking on him. Bottom line this was a wonderful episode again. Regius Philmen was a great guest star, and Barney promoting his bank was hilarious. It was good to see Marshall finally get a job. Definately watch this episode if not for the guest star or for Marshall getting a job then for the enternal quest of findinf the perfect burger in New York. =]
  • Wow, this dragged on for a while.

    Are these people made of money? How the heck are they going to go to 3 different burger joints, take a bite, and then just leave. You'd think Marshall would be watching his spending since he's unemployed in this episode. I think that was the only unrealistic part of this episode. This episode was too slow paced for me, all they did was run around town with Regis Philbin. Yes they do end up finding the burger, but I think we've learned from the whole "Britney Spears" experience that this show isn't good with celebrity guest stars. It just doesn't work. I thought the whole bank joke that I didn't even find funny dragged on for way too long. There isn't much left to say about this episode, because nothing much really happened.