How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 14

The Bracket

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on CBS

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  • Barney's Bracket

    As you already know, Barney has slept with his fair share of women and done it with many kinds of ways, costumes, and characters. In this episode someone is spoiling it for him and now it's not Lilly or any of his friends. It was someone that Barney slept with. It was really funny how Barney got rejected and the ways Barney attempted to do it. The best one was the women at the art gallery. Watch where his hands are before he gets slapped. It was also funny how the gang was trying to guess the ways Barney was trying to seduce women. It was very entertaining how the gang was trying to help Barney which women was screwing things up. One of my favorite parts is when Barney was thinking of what women it could be. Watch closely at one of the women, It was a reference to a previous episode. When they get to the final four, that is the best part. Another great part was the reference to the women Barney slept with in the past episodes like him using Ted Mosby's name. I enjoyed how each women reacted differently to Barney apologizing or sometimes not. I think Lilly was the perfect choice to accompany Barney. I also really liked the friendship of Barney and Lilly. I could be wrong at this but whatever Barney said to Robin may have an effect on something that would happen later on. Robin trying to play it cool was pretty funny too. The only bad part but not really there was not a second story. But in this case it wasn't really needed. Great song at the ending with the pictures. This was a great episode that got you wondering who was the women. And yes you find out who it is.

    Barney has a stalker, a former scorned lover who is ensuring he never "scores" again. When the woman approaches Lily, warning her about Barney, the gang then composes a board of the women that Barney lied to and hurt the most, finally reaching a top 4, Barney and Lily set out to see if any of the 4 are his stalker. Failing, the gang sets up a scheme to catch his stalker in the act.

    This episode was hilarious. Not only was the storyline incredibly interesting and funny, but it managed to reference "Ted Mosby: Architect" (a personal favourite episode from season 2!) The best bit was the plan to catch the stalker in the act at the end. Except for Ted really, the whole gang wasn't that subtle. For example Lily's attempt to hang by the jukebox and not draw attention to herself. Classic! Also Robin's laughing every time she lied and Marshall's freaking out about trying to act normal. A highly enjoyable episode! It also mention Barney's blog again, love it!
  • Barney's attempts to pick up girls are ruined by a girl stalking him, to narrow down who the stalker is the gang make a bracket of the girls who hate barney...

    good episode, very funny... only one small plot hole...
    how did "anna" the girl who thought Barney was Ted Mosbie architect end up in the top 4 of the bracket? not only could she not be his stalker because when the stalker sits with lily at the start, her exact words are "Hey, a word of advice, that guy you're talking to... Barney Stinson, i know he seems charming. But he's just saying whatever it takes to get in your pants. sleeping with barney was the biggest mistake of my life." So the stalker knows Barney is Barney, not Ted. so 'Anna' should not even be on the bracket, but how is she make it to the top 4?? barney has done waaaaaaaaaay worst stuff than play Architect for a night, did the writers add 'anna' into the story for an additional joke or did someone somewhere screw up and no one notices?
  • Another mystery woman?

    Okay so we still haven't found out who the mother is and now we have to guess who Barney slept with who's after him? The only problem I had with this episode was the anti-climactic ending. It would have been a 10 on the rating scale if we found out who the mystery woman was. Not "Future Ted" saying "We'll talk about that later." I loved the format of this episode! Resembling "March Madness" Barney puts the top 64 girls he slept with in a bracket to narrow it down to see who is trying to ruin his life, when a girl comes up to Lilly thinking she was with Barney. Saying to stay away from Barney. So he goes through the whole episode scavenging for 4 woman, who narrowed it down from his top 64. We get to see some old friends from the past. Such as the girl from 204, when Barney used Ted's name, so now there is a website:, saying that Ted Mosby is a jerk. Then after going through all the girls, they decide to make the girl come to them as Robin disguises as a girl being hit on by Barney. The girl doesn't end up going up to her, another girl does, since Barney doesn't recognize her, he gives her a huge apology, but it wasn't even her. So mystery woman remains a mystery by the end, which like I said, was the only downside of the episode. Other than that, the format, editing and writing was all great. A great episode that introduced a long running arc for Barney: For once.
  • Barney has a stalker which warns women about him.


    "The Bracket" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, a women is stalking Barney and telling woman about him, so they'll slap him across the face. I love how the gang creates this system of all the women Barney slept with and who could possibly have a grudge against him. I love how Lily is annoyed that Barney won't apologize to any of the women he's hurt in the past. I love how Barney makes this one heartfelt apology that makes Lily proud. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Why?

    This has been one of the first times I have ever watched, How I Met your Mother. And it will probably be one of the last. The episode wasn't even that funny. Barney takes pictures of all the people he's slept with? What? How is that even funny. Then it gets awful when he finds out a girl he's slept with is trying to ruin his chance at, "scoring agian". So he makes a bracket to see who it is. It's then down to 4 women, who care anyway? One of his friends had seen the one and made him apologize to all 4 of them and then he would find out who it was. They never found out, so what was the point of the episode?
  • Season 3, Episode 14.

    Barney's efforts to hook up with women are being thwarted by a mysterious woman from his past. Barney and the gang must sift though his many past flings in an attempt to find out who she is. I really enjoyed this episode. Barney sold a girl before! LMAO! They stole Lily's blackboard! LMAO! I really enjoyed the journey Barney and Lily embarked on. They even broke a couple up! LMFAO! This episode was way too much! Very entertaining! I loved Lily's little Elaine dance from Seinfeld at the jukebox. Very entertaining, definitely. The writing on this show is pretty good. Even if it isn't funny, it's always entertaining. Great episode.
  • lagen.....dary coming back

    A Mysterious Woman is ruining Barney’s mojo by warning women to stay away from him. Only Lily has seen her, but before she’ll help him identify the woman, Lily forces Barney to go back and confront the girls who are most deserving of an apology. Using the NCAA tournament bracketology the gang takes the top sixty-four women Barney has been with and narrows the list down to The Final Four; the four women Barney must apologize to and face the repercussions.

    A Mysterious Woman is ruining Barney’s mojo by warning women to stay away from him. Only Lily has seen her, but before she’ll help him identify the woman, Lily forces Barney to go back and confront the girls who are most deserving of an apology. Using the NCAA tournament bracketology the gang takes the top sixty-four women Barney has been with and narrows the list down to The Final Four; the four women Barney must apologize to and face the repercussions.
  • Barney gets stalked by a woman who warns other women not to date him. Mystery woman never revealed!

    Pretty good episode, although kinda left you hanging at the end with no real conclusion to the story. It will be interesting to see how they turn what seems to be a filler episode into an actual plot point for the show. As it seems the mystery woman might actually be critical to the plot... Episode is actually called "The Bracket" can't say it was my favorite episode but it was interesting and funny to delve into Barney's seedy world. The last few episodes have really been trying to get back to the root plot of how Ted met his wife, and they seem to be getting closer and closer to that introduction, (and maybe closer and closer to a finale). Great Doogie Howser joke at the end by the way!
  • Another great performance by Barney. Team tries to find out the mysterious woman who warns Barney's the newest preys.

    This episode's level is became better with Barney's outstanding performance. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same thing for the others. I believe that the writer's strike affected the actors' performance bad. For instance: I sense the acting of Robin's the way as "compelled to play" or "nothing to do else, so I am here".

    They were much better before the strike and I miss their enjoyable laughs and jokes. Even it is so, I am so glad that they are back and we are able to watch How I met your mother again. I am waiting impatiently for the next episode.
  • Awesome and Legen...dary

    This one is truly awesome. Especially if you are familiar with Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie and well, Barney has been talking about his blog and it was funny when they paid homage to Doogie. I cant believe some of the comments in plots and characters. The show is simple, the premise and the title is a little gimmicky. Most comedies do have romantic arcs and this one just plainly used it as the title. Barney is the id of the show. Every good sitcom will have an id or something whacky, unusual if you will. The fact that this included the final four shows how much thought the writers put in to make it feel very current. I think some reviews have been over analysis certain things but over all, this has pretty decent character developments. With all the flashbacks, its amazing they have been rather consistent. This alone is remarkable. And yes, without Barney, this show would not be awesome or wait...legen..dary...actually thanks to the writers!
  • A woman is out there warning women about Barney so he makes a bracket of the top 64 women he has hurt the most, and the gang helps to pick the final four, and he and Lily seek to find her so he can apologize.

    While I liked this episode and thought it was well plotted, I did feel it painted our lovable Barney in a bad light. Some of the things he did to those girls actually made me mad at him, so they maybe could have toned it down a bit.

    That being said, the concept behind it was hilarious, it was only a matter of time before Barney's moxy was crushed by a scorned lover, which is when I had a far fetched idea, could she be the mother? Probably not but I think from now on whenever an unnamed woman is on the show, I think we all have to assume she is the mother.

    There were three highlights for me, the return of the "Resident" from the classic episode Ted Mosby: Architect, watching Robin and Barney flirt, mostly because she kept giggling, and then the ending homage to Doogie Howser.

    This was a great showcase for Neil Patrick Harris, hopefully it will help secure him an Emmy.
  • Barney is being stalked by a woman who tells his prospective victims about his ways. Together with his friends, he tries to find out the woman's identity.

    This is one of the show's best episodes. It focuses on Barney who is one of the reasons why I love this show. His character is so unapologetic about his ways of picking up women and discarding them right after. Although in real life you'll probably want to kill him (or his alter ego Ted Mosby) like the girl who made, you can't help but like the guy.

    The episode is just hilarious. All the lines were spot on. The high five with the Eriksens was just awesome. Lily's dancing, Marshall's inability to act natural, Ted's "I was there! Trust me! It's Fake Baby!", and Robin & Barney's flirt scene at the bar make this one of the funniest episodes I've ever watched.

    The website tie-in is really a "must-click" and the song... the song is long... But funny and creepy at the same time.

    But the best, BEST part of this episode simply has to be the end. I won't spoil it here, but just the opening music made me ROTFL. Classic. Yes Barney. You're awesome just like this episode and show is.
  • yet again Barney shows just how awsome he really is!

    This is the second time i have watched the show thos season and yet again i could not stop laughing...i have been catching up by watching the previous seasons and right away i decided that marshall and barney where my two favorite characters and this episode clearly showed why... Barney is always so funny and i love the way he makes up excuses in order t hook up with women because they always make me was a nice twist that was added at the end when they decided to show the sensitive ide of barney and how he apologozed it showed people that he is not really as shallow as you think...i especially loved the ending when we sawhim writing in his highly mentioned blog....keep bringing on the laughs!
  • Wow, very funny episode and great comeback from last week's disaster.

    This week's episode revolved around Barney, which was a pleasantly great change. The whole episode was about a woman stalking barney and basically ruining his game. However, with Lily's help, they were out to find out who she was, in great College basketball fashion. It was a great addition as to how they tied in the current March Madness style. The final four was great, however, I noticed that they only went to see three of them. Am I the only one sensing the foreshadowing here? But they did say at the end of the episode that there will be more about this woman in future episodes. But I've heard the theories about how this girl may be the "mother" and Ted's future wife. I highly doubt that but I do hope that sooner rather than later we find out who this woman is. I also thought that the ending salute to Doogie Houser was a great addition and was an excellent addition to the episode and to Barney's character. Let's just hope the directors don't cast Britney again since she was an awful actor. And here's to hoping that the future episodes will be legend-....dary!
  • The hunter is the hunted.

    Barney, the funniest person on this show is at the forefront here. Someone from Barney's past is spreading word about his past to his future conquests.

    Agreeing with another reviewer, Ted has purpose and direction as does Lily and Marshall. With Barney it's all the same. He needs to bed the next woman. Well, that is purpose and direction but it's not the same.

    There were many laughs and a nice nod to Doogie Howser (a role Neil Patrick Harris played) at the end of this episode. We also perhaps are given another sighting of the "Mother" in the title of the show. We only see the back of her head, but maybe they are drawing closer to that chase by Ted.
  • Barney tries to systematically track down the woman who is telling his prospective conquests about his past.

    Not an absolute shocker, but not so great either. Maybe we were expecting too much from the writers after such a solid episode the week before. What I didn't like about it was who one-paced it was, but it was by no means predictable. Stories revolving around Ted seem to have an actual direction, which helps with the plot, and gets us closer to finding the mother. But when we examine another character, Barney is particular, it just seems like a filler, albeit an amusing filler. The systematic process of finding out which one of his past conquests is taking their revenge out on him is slightly amusing, but what is really interesting is that the final four that we get to see are all obviously mentally disturbed, or have problems of their own. Maybe Barney's conquests are all damaged goods...

    The study of Barney as a character is starting to get a little tedious, especially as we examine what he prides himself on - being the New York Casanova. His lack of remorse is no longer shocking, because we are desensitised to it. The outrageous methods Barney uses to bed women are incredible in some respects, but as Lily once put it, 'unfortunately it's only a new middle.'

    What saved this episode was the Doogie Howser blog at the end, but instead of finding out something about himself, he makes the predictable conclusion: I'm Awesome.

    Two things to take note of: Ted said 'more about her later' when talking about Barney's stalker. Could that be something to do with the mother? And the way Robin couldn't control herself when Barney was fake-hitting on her. All those 'Barney and Robin' fans have probably more ammunition to back their case up with, unlike those stupid 'Ted and Robin' fans that still prowl the forums in their deluded state.

    Overall, not a great episode, but a few great one-liners saved it from becoming a disaster.