How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 19

The Broath

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • #FreeQuinn

    Hey, remember when How I Met Your Mother was a comedy with genuine laughs and everything? Yeah, that doesn't ring a bell with me either. Apparently, even the writers have forgotten that particular detail since "The Broath" -- the 19th episode in this profoundly mediocre season -- seemed deliberately calculated to contain as little humor as possible. Maybe if these people were remotely interesting anymore, the shift towards drama would be quite so jarring. But it's getting increasingly hard to recognize the characters we knew and once loved adored generally enjoyed. In their place are, as Barney describes them toward the end of the episode, a group of "presumptuous, meddlesome and downright destructive" individuals who should probably be put in a jail cell alongside the Seinfeld cast for the good of humanity.

    But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, as that way lies a third act plot twist that we should save for the final graf... not that it isn't that hard to figure out if you're paying attention. "The Broath" begins with Barney summoning Ted to his apartment and forcing him to swear to a secret vow known as "bro-oath or The particular secret he's taking a broath to protect is that Barney's new girlfriend, Quinn, works a pole for a living. See, he's about to take the big step of introducing her to the gang, but doesn't want him revealing her past as a 1) a stripper and 2) a stripper who bilked Barney for thousands of dollars, as that information would likely prejudice them against her. Ted places his hand on Barney's leather-bound Bro Code volume and diligently swears the broath... and then spills the beans to his friends not one second later. Yet another example of why Ted Evelyn Mosby is the worst human being in the world.

    Anyway, the revelation that Quinn is a duplicitous stripper predictably inspires lots of hand-wringing amongst the group, just as they're about to truck over to Quinn's to have a "getting to know you" dinner with her and Barney. The night appears to go disastrously with Quinn bossing the poor guy around constantly, refusing to even let him go to the bathroom. She also mentions that her lovely, rent-controlled apartment is going on the market soon, news that's of particular interest to Robin and Ted who vacated their old apartment in the previous episode and are currently residing at a work frenemy's house and a college dorm respectively. And because it's not a How I Met Your Mother party if one couple isn't embarrassing themselves publicly, Marshall and Lily start telling old sex stories involving themselves and "anonymous" partners. Why Quinn doesn't throw them all out of her apartment right then and there indicates she's not as smart as she seem to think she is.

    Now convinced in the wake of this dinner that Barney and Quinn's relationship is doomed, the four decide to stage a "Quinn-tervention" on his behalf and break them up. Before the man of honor arrives, Ted and Robin bicker some more over which of them deserves Quinn's apartment more and Marshall and Lily tell more sex stories including one that once again touches on the torch Lily carries for Robin. Finally, Barney shows up to save us all from this painful, painful scene and acts all hurt and confused about Ted's having broken his broath. This inspires a random flashback to Broman Times that ends with Barney-as-Caesar fighting a bunch of ninjas because the episode was apparently running short and the writers dug up a rejected idea from a never-produced Scrubs script in order to pad out the running time. Then Quinn shows up and the Quinn-tervention really goes to shit -- or depending on your perspective, works like gangbusters -- because she and Barney instantly break up. Yay! Run, Quinn, run! Get away from this soul-sucking place and awful people. If it doesn't already exist, we're creating the #FreeQuinn hashtag on her behalf. It's the least we can do.

    So despite their plan having succeeded, Ted and the gang are slightly guilty about the way things went down and they trek over to Barney's apartment to apologize. Because this is Barney, apologizing involves all of them taking another broath, this time to never get involved in his personal life again unless "it's an issue of health, national security or he's about to get up on a But then -- surprise! Quinn enters the room and reveals that this whole thing has been a set-up all along. Realizing that his friends would freak out about Quinn and try to break them up, they conspired to mess with their heads for their own amusement. Realizing how effectively they've been played convinces the quartet that Quinn and Barney are, in fact, the perfect couple. So they stay together -- and even go through with their supposedly fake plan to cohabitate -- while Lily and Marshall and Ted and Robin resolve their own personal dramas for another week. As the episode draws to a close, Future Ted mentions that he and Robin don't see each other for a long time following the non-events of this episode, probably because Cobie Smulders had to go help Nick Fury and The Avengers save the world from that wascally imp Loki. Don't rush home on our account.
  • Barney and Quinn prove they're great for each other.

    I still think Barney and Robin will marry but for now the writers are doing a good job of letting us know that Barney is crazy for Quinn the Stripper. They make a plan to trick the others because Barney is positive that they won't approve of her job. He knows Ted will tell the others but falsely demands him not to. Ted, Marshall, Lily and Robin host a "Quinntervention" to get Barney to break up with Quinn. Quinn does it for him and the others start to feel bad until the duo admit they did it to teach them a lesson. Good for Barney and Quinn, who did I mention was hot? Seriously... Anyhow, Ted and Robin are fighting over Quinn's empty apartment once she moves in with Barney. Robin eventually gets a promotion and gets another apartment on another side of town, but Ted still doesn't take the apartment. But we'll save that for later.... Good, enjoyable episode as the next-to-last season winds down.
  • They needed to call this episode 'The Quinntervention'!

    I really loved this episode! It was amazing! The prank played by Barney and Quinn on the others was spectacular, and it was just epic to watch! This was downright hilarious and extremely entertaining.

    I do have to comment that this is the second epic episode in a row in my opinion, so the signs are positive. I really like Quinn, and the actress is from Ugly Betty, where she was spectacular as well!

    The Broman scenes with Brotus and Caesar wew - hilarious!!! We studied Julius Caesar last year, so I found those scenes particularly spectacular!

    Keep it up, guys! I'm really loving HIMYM at the moment!
  • Broman Times

    Despite what many of you might say, this IS A COMEDY SHOW, and HIMYM writers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have a way of sewing emotion to comedy, with a twist. I thought it was an incredible episode, and one of the funniest this whole season - all the "bro" references? Broman Times? AWESOME! Bringing up the concept of "fake history" that Barney is so attuned to - and even though they are attaching Barney to a new woman, they are trying to create the illusion that Barney is ready for something serious: with Nora, and now with Karma, so they can build up to the finale, where he would be getting married.

    I also liked Karma, because she is kind of like a female Barney, even if her acting might have been a little stale - also, Barney finally got to make Robin and Lily kiss! Epic moment!

    All in all, this was a great episode, and somebody please upload that "Bro" Gregorian chant that Barney recorded from the Monks: FUNNY!
  • nice episode

    This was really an amazing episode i liked it a lot with every thing Barney was so funny by the "Broath" stuff and Quinn is so nice she's a female Barney which makes her "awesome" but in spite of that i don't want her to the future Mrs.Stinson,I want Barney and Rpbin to end up together they are so sweet together even since season 1 and when they started having feeling for each others they fitted so much so sorry Quinn you are sooo pretty,smart,hot even hotter than Robin but it has to be Robin so really hope Quinn is just a distraction
  • Quinn & Barney?! Nah....

    I m a huge Barney-Robin fan.. So much so that I m really not interested in any mother story n just want to know who Barney ends up marrying.. The way they have made us believe in this episode that Barney n Quinn are really getting ahead in their relationship, I think, is just a distraction..

    Actually, just watched an episode from Season 6 called "False positive". Robin asks Ted, if he could be her Best Man, n get things right in track in case she is getting a cold feet during her marriage.. At the end of the first episode of this season, Lily tells Ted, the Bride wants to c him.. So I think its definitely Robin, who must be getting a cold feet while getting married to Barney..

    Anyways, for now, I feel this is just an episode that will help in building up the forthcoming Robin-Barney chemistry (I really hope thats the case)... Otherwise, an absolutely average episode.. Jokes not too funny.. N dint feel any chemistry between Barney n Quinn.. A little sad for Ted though..

    Cant wait for the next episode n the Grand Finale!!!!
  • What happened to HIMYM ?

    When I first saw season 1, I didn't like it because I didn't want to watch 10 season of a stupid quest to find a wife. My second try proved me wrong and I enjoyed every moment. However, things began to go bad when the writers decided to pair up Robin and Barney, but I overlooked it. But TED AND ROBIN AGAIN ? I thought it was too much. How can Ted be so dumb ? It is so clear she has no feelings for him. And Robin is starting to look like the girl we see in all groups of friends who still hooks up in her 40's and is completly lost. I mean I really liked her character of a strong and independent woman but she's gone bad !

    I don't know what they've decided to do with Barney and Karma (I've already forgotten her name) but I thought we would see the wedding in the past episode.

    In fact it seems to have become "How all my friends went on with their life and how I got left behind"...too bad...
  • Uninteresting

    I am so sick of the writers trying to pair up Barney with different women, but I'm even more sick of having to endure Ted pairing up with Robin again. These episodes have little or no bearing on the final outcome of Ted meeting the mother and honestly are a waste of time. I do enjoy watching Neil Patrick Harris act, and this is probably one of the only reasons worth watching this show these days.
  • Bad Karma and Bro-No

    To be honest, I can't really remember what happened in the episode. Many of HIMYM's episodes now are becoming superfluous and forgetful. It's hard to tell when it all started going bad, and there are still some great scenes. Case in point: the ending sequence in "No Pressure". Even though the writers should have N. E. V. E. R revisited the Ted/Robin relationship, Ted walking among the sea of yellow umbrellas to Florence+The Machine's "Shake It Out" was magical and brought me back to the Golden Years when we were actually on the quest to finding the mother.

    I will ask myself this time and time again, and I will probably never know the answer, but WHY GO BACK TO TED AND ROBIN? I was tired of their drama even in the earlier seasons. I liked when the writers would joke about them getting back together because it fit their story. They had closure, they had their backslide, and they've both moved way on. In the Season 5 (or was it 6?) finale, when Ted and Robin almost kiss and Future Ted says that's when they almost made one of the worst mistakes, that should have ended any kind of Robin and Ted storyline. We know Robin isn't the mother! Why keep beating it over the head?

    Sorry, I have a lot to say about Ted/Robin and even Barney/Robin. Call me if you want to talk over tea. We need to set aside at least two hours for me to vent. But, in any event, back to the episode at hand: I hate Karma. First off, I don't believe in it, or else I would be the happiest, richest person on Earth, and all those mean people I know wouldn't be so well off. But I digress. Karma, aka...what IS her name?, is a big, huge distraction. I get that they wanted to have a "female Barney", but, I tell ya, if she ends up being Barney's bride... <--Oh, and another thing! Did anyone else notice how this show has switched from "Who's the mother???" to "Who's Barney's future wife???"

    I'm still watching the show because I don't want to miss out on who the mother is. And, from the title of next week's episode, I guess I can FINALLY find out why Ted was wearing that green dress.

    (I'm usually more eloquent and organized. I'm just really starting to despise this show. And it's 2:30 in the morning...)
  • This show has lost its touch

    The first season of HIMYM was probably too pink and over-romantic; things got better in seasons 2-5; but the last two seasons mark the clear decadence of this show. They should do just one more season, wrap up the "Mother" story and be done with it.

    This episode is a good example of what I am saying. The main story (Barnie and Quinn tricking the others into thinking that they broke up) is not funny, and doesn't have a good punch-line at the end (two guys kissing? really? that's the best you can do?). The Robin-Ted storyline is depressing: they should have never gone back that road. And characters are becoming the charicature of themselves (Robin screaming at Patrice; Ted being weak and self-centered, Barnie whining over a girl...).

    The worst part is that not even the jokes are as good as they used to be. That "Ceasar" fantasy, for instance, wasn't funny at all, and it was far too long. It's hard for me to think of a joke in this episode that made me laugh out loud.

    All in all, I hope that they cancel this show before it gets too low. And it's already happening...
  • I smell a great twist

    Well.. it was a great episode. Did anyone else notice Robin drinking too much? May be she is having a rough couple of weeks... or .. or she could be upset about the Quinn girl..

    I don't want to see Barney ending up with Quinn. They look perfect for each other (I'm glad Marshall jinxed it by stating so)... but imagine that... that would be so.. so boring... and I'm rooting for Barney and Robin.

    and what could Ted mean by saying "and that's how we met Quinn".. this could mean two things- 1) she was so important 2) how we met Quinn and not aunt Quinn... (but that would be a total giveaway)

    Were they really to be together.. Quinn would not have dropped the 'unless I get married' hint.. I dunno, just speculating.

    Yet I smell a great twist...

  • The Playbook of Season 7

    Spoilers Inside

    Well the episode was reminiscent of the palybook episode where barney would con all of his friends and he doe it once again here.

    HIMYM team completely foxed me making me believe the relationship with quinn ended.because while Barnery ends his relationship with Nora which i deeply regretted , the same would happen with quinn. But it was not to be at least until now or so they would make us believe. Barney was at his best in the episode showing his emotions and also making us laugh with the broaths.

    Lily and Marshall were blowing each other out the whole episode and it was nice to see their love for each other . Ted and Robin was more emotional this week and it felt a bit of downer at the last scene.

    the pinnacle of the episode was when ted says this is the story of me and robin since 2005 and the students ask "why your stories are always long" . finally the himym takes a sarcastic tone at itself .appreciate it . so hope they make the episodes more interesting like this one.

    Totally liked this episode. Thumbs up himym.
  • Hmmmm

    Probably one of the best of the season so far! So sad about Ted and Robin not being back to "normal" anymore but I suppose it is weird for exes to be such intense friends??

    I think Barney and Quinn are cute but ugh I am still a huge Robin and Barney supporter. The writers can't have made us fall in love with them being together at the beginning of the season just so they don't end up together!