How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 15

The Burning Beekeeper

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • Not the worst, but not great.

    It wasn't a particularly funny episode, but I loved the format. It's interesting because in most of the scenes people say or do something and you find out why room by room. I think it defiantly had the potential to be a great episode, but there weren't really any funny scenes..
  • Are the writers trying?

    Easily the worst episode of the entire series. Not a single moment of anything even remotely approaching funny. Each verbal exchange failed miserably. What an embarrassment.
  • disappointment

    I feel like this is the worst episode of How I Met Your Mother, ever. If season 7 had only 23 episodes, and this was the one that was removed, it would still do just as good.
  • Loved the format of this one.

    I think that to be honest, the episode was rather pointless and the storyline was exceptionally lacklustre.

    However, I just loved the format of this episode, with the 'Room by Room' events of those five minutes. It was really well done.

    There were definitely some great laughs in this episode, too, but I hope that next week will be more significant with more focus on the main storyline. Can't wai t to see what happens next! :)
  • Why all the hate? It wasn't bad.

    I really don't see why everyone disliked this episode so much. I thought the way the episode was approached (room by room) was creative and revealed things in a fun way that added to the humor of certain jokes. Also I like Cootes' character because he's so different and a good mix for Marshall who has always wanted that type of job. The bees escaping and Barney choosing being stung over staying in the room with the crazy girl was pretty funny too. It wasn't the best episode ever but I don't think it deserved such low ratings as a 1 or 2...that type of rating is reserved more for moronic shows like those on the Disney channel or newer Family Guy episodes. I laughed enough and my attention was held throughout the episode so it was good enough for me. Really Barney was the biggest saving usual.
  • -Facepalm-

    Horrible horrible 20 minutes. This show was great at the beginning and it was fantastic even till the 6th season and then came this season. The 150th episode was already a big dissapointment. This episode? What was even the point of it? They should just get it over with this season and tell us who the mother is. There was not a single laugh in the whole episode,not even from Barney. Robin and Ted's storyline was absymal. So Robin screams at people and Ted doesn't. Lily was so boring with the whole 'I can't throw a party'. The review may be harsh but since I had high hopes for Himym, I was utterly dissapointed.
  • No More Mickey!!

    Can not stand this guy Mickey (Lily's father) didn't like him from the beginning! Now he is all over the show....His character the big loser he is, will bring the show down with himself..I hope they get rid of him!
  • Feels repetitive

    How I Met Your Mother [7x15] The Burning Beekeeper

    TV .com rating-6.7

    RJG rating-6.5

    Marshall & Lilly organise a house-warming party..

    And guess what?It doesnt go usual...Even though this episode has the fun "multiple storylines blending together at the end" kind of storytelling ,it feels highly repetitive of past episodes...The comedy is average... and the main problem is, it has absolutely nothing to do with "how ted met his wife"..

  • The show is going downhill

    The first 5, maybe 10, episodes of the season was absolutely fantastic. It was funny and exciting, and I couldn't wait for the next episode. Now, I'm thinking about stop watching the show. The last few episodes has been horrible. Really, really, really bad. This episode was not an exception.

    The characters are not developing. If anything, they're going back to being the way they were in the first seasons.

    I hope that they bring back the great show it was last year before the season finale. I don't want to see the show get worse and worse until it gets canceled.
  • Highlight of the season perhaps

    This could be the best episode of the season, but that wouldn't really be hard to pull off because this season has been average at best and utterly abysmal at worst. The highlight of this episode was seeing a different setting to the bar or Ted's apartment but still this has absolutly nothing to do with how Ted meets his wife. This series started off so well, and has had so many good seasons with some great twists but is very quickly on the decline.
  • Not horrible

    I admit, the show has seen better days and I didn't find myself laughing too much at this episode (perhaps just at Barney choosing to go into a room full of bees over committing to a woman) but I would not go as far and say the show is horrible. Despite the fact that it wasn't as funny as usual, the show was still entertaining, even if not hilarious. I love the gang and they can't go wrong. I also liked the format of the episode, it's something different.
  • seriously...??

    watched it with straight face, from beginning till the end... never found a moment to laugh, and whatever was funny ; was being repeated... in last 151 episodes..

    it was going so well, the story plot, by robin nora barney.. now suddenly they are making these episodes god knows why
  • not much fun..

    another bakwaas episode... i love this show very much.. but now a days the show is much disappointing.
  • Marshall and Lily throw a disastrous housewarming party in their new home.

    The main reason I liked this episode was because of the format it was in. It all takes place within a few minutes at Marshall and Lily's housewarming party. Each scene shows events that occurred within the three main rooms of the house: the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. However, Ted & Robin's fight was boring. Barney, for once, didn't have an entertaining storyline, and Marshall & Lily's wasn't that good (funny) either. Lily's dad is still hanging around and he was decent. The most exciting thing that happened was at the end, when Marshall's boss, wearing Lily's dad's beekeeping uniform. Soaked in kerosene, he takes a meal out of the oven and catches fire, ultimately running out. Other than that, not much happened. Not one of the season's greatest in my opinion.
  • Ugh why?

    I freakin' love this show but holy crap I wish it was like it used to be! I love all the flaskbacks they do and this season is showing that the creators are getting lazy!

    For example; when Ted and Robin were in the kitchen talking about how they have reacted in the past when people had confronted them, that was a prime opportunity to chuck in some flashbacks, but did we get to see any? NO! So disappointing! For a show that usually has close to 30 separate scenes in an episode and seeing one with like 6 tops, I am reverting back to watching old episodes after seeing the new ones, just to make myself feel better :(
  • Rock bottom?

    Another episode that makes me question why I still watch this show. Every week it feels like it's letting it's fans down. This episode was reeeeeally boring. It's time to put an end-date and start rapping up the loose ends (because if you end it without revealing the mother it will be unforgivable)
  • I loved it!

    I don't understand why the rating is so low, I really liked that episode and its format. It was really original and as you watch it, you get to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

    So the episode is divided in 3 acts of 5 minutes each. In the first one, you see what is happening in the living room, the second one in the dining room and the third one in the kitchen.

    So as you see what is happening in every room, the story come together, which is in fact only 5 minutes of the housewarming party.

    Maybe there is no memorable jokes in this episode, but I still laughed a lot. You have to give it a chance. The only thing that I didn't like is the end of the episode, there is no closure and its quite rushed.
  • WOW worst episode ever ?

    was the last scene in this episode Barney leaving the bedroom into the swarm of bees? because if it was I am going to get angry!

    I was just waiting for something to happen at the end, it was a really really dull episode all we learnt was Marshalls job is now less time consuming

    Horrible episode, i keep thinking that the live streaming channel i watched this himym episode on cut off the last scene because nothing happened , ahh hopefully next week