How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 16

The Drunk Train

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on CBS
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A weekend Vermont vacation with Marshall and Lily sees Robin and Kevin discuss getting serious. Meanwhile, Barney meets a girl who seems to know his moves before he makes them.

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  • Jumping the Shark

    A lot people, especially former big fans of the early seasons, agree that this show - at some point - has jumped the shark. When was it exactly? When Stella left the cast? When Robin and Barney finally got together only to be the most ridiculous couple ever? Or was it in this episode: When Ted declares his "love" AGAIN to Robin after he learns from her she will never have kids and just broke up her relationship. I guess this moment is for most a new low in the history of the show - for me now HIMYM officially jumped the shark.

    It's a useless plot development (Ted wants/has(!) kids, Robin definitely doesn't love him), a perfect metaphor/example on how this show circles through the same themes over and over.

    What's up with the writers? Do they WANT to screw our minds? Why can't the show just have an ending the characters deserve instead of going somewhere negative which noone thought of just because the writers want to "surpise" us. The show's premise includes a happy ending and I seriously want them to stop coupling Barney with some random Stripper, Robin dying alone and Ted being a total jerk for 10 seasons and meeting the mother in the last 5 episodes so that absolutely NOONE cares about her character anyway when it's not properly introduced.moreless
  • Actually an enjoyable one. Obviously not as good as earlier seasons, but I still liked it! :)

    I enjoyed this one. The whole concept of 'The Drunk Train' was hilarious, and some of the scenes on that train were rather funny.

    Throughout the whole episode I was wondering who the actress playing Quinn was. She looked so familiar and I can't place it. Then around 7 hours later, it hits me that it is absolutely Amanda from Ugly Betty! I really enjoyed seeing her here!

    The storyline was rather interesting with the Kevin/Robin proposal. It was really interesting, but the world almost fell to the ground with the last scene. Ted and TRobin AGAIN!!! That seems ridiculous. But I'll reserve my judgement of that until we see what happens in the next episode.

    This was a good one. Hope the rest are good too! :)moreless
  • People are haters

    There are a lot of negative reviews about this episode but I actually thought this was one of the best episodes this season: Ted and Barney are out on the town picking up women again. It seems as though in the past few episodes Ted became just a side story and I'm glad he's getting the spotlight again, after all, the show is about his journey.

    We don't know that Robin doesn't feel remorse about the whole Barney thing, Kevin told her not to tell him and it was that same night that she CHOSE Kevin over Barney so of course she considered marrying him.

    I don't think Ted ever stopped loving Robin but maybe his love for her is stronger than his want for kids, people change and if he says he can overlook it who am I to judge. I'm not saying that I want to see Ted and Robin together, but we don't know where this story line is going and people are already hating on the writers. This is probably to infuse some drama into the show between the gang and not to start a new relationship.

    Barney liking the stripper: surprising? Maybe not but why does Barney's new relationship/love interest need to be surprising? This girl has obviously seen Barney every night at the strip club and I'm curious to see how that will affect their relationship.

    All in all, the episode is not bad.moreless
  • Where is the mother, please? (so we can put an end to the misery this show I laughed about so much has become?)

    And where is the show I enjoyed so much? I'd love to say what made me laugh the first seasons, that made this show unique, but making this review about this episode, there are so many things to complain about...

    So Barney and Ted take the "Drunk Train" to find a desperate girl to have sex with. (Please note writers: drunks are only funny if you are one of the drunks, otherwise they are annoying and disgusting to everyone else)... Not funny, annoying at best.

    Lily and Marshall take some time to be the most annoying couple ever. Finishing each others sentences? Keeping scores? Really? - Not funny, exhausting on Valentine's Day...

    Robin and Kevin finally break up. That was a good thing. Kevin never really fit in and he was mostly annoyed about the others. You might agree, but it doesn't work if someone's trying to become a part of a group. - Yeah, but irrelevant. You could see the break up from far away (and who cared anyway, Kevin wasn't even there for the last episodes)...

    And introduction to a new girl in Barney's life. That was actually a good move. Becki Newton joins the cast as Quinn, a girl who doesn't fall for Barney's move. As it turns out, she is a stripper at a club Barney practically lives in, so she knows him and his legendary sayings, and mankind in general I suppose ;)... To be honest, Barney doesn't deserve to get a sweet innocent girl, he needs someone who can see through his bro-code ;)... I actually see a future for these two!

    And then there's the mess Ted has become. I remember a time he was cute and sweet, now he is the most creepy character of all of them. He has become a side note and an embarrassing too. So he declares his love to Robin at the end. Just like that. Didn't see that coming nor do I feel it or care.

    And what about the wedding night jokes? That was not funny and this show could do so much better (a few seasons ago)... Would you please just point us to the mother so I can stop watching? Thanks!moreless
  • Life is not about the end, but How you get there.

    I agree. People are haters. People including friends of mine when we talk about the show, are frustrated that there hasn't been movement towards the identity of the mother. Personally I did think the show did go through a little bit of a lull, as do ALL shows. This episode was near perfect for me. It gave me all of the things that I wanted out of the Show, A little bit of plot development. Barney's planning, Ted's living the "single life" (which if you watch the show, realize that is what it is about, Ted's Single life) and Marshall and Lilly, doing the couple thing. I laughed out loud several times and thought it (the plot) made good movement in the right direction. If you really thought **Spoiler Alert**........................................ at the end, that The Ted & Robin thing would really be brought back to life, then you clearly are an dictionary example of gullible.

    The Quinn thing is a nice twist. If you think about it. Now there are 3 possible women in Barney's wedding, Quinn, Nora, Robin.

    Each have merit, and each of a possibility of being under that veil.

    I liked Nora, but something tells me that Barney would not be happilly ever after with her.

    I also like the idea of Robin, because it makes sense with the whole doesn't care if he can have kids or not, he would seem like the person that COULD look beyond that and love her for her, and be with her.

    But for the oddest reason I can seem to shake that nagging feeling now that it might be Quinn. I will hold final judgement till a little later, as I know we will see more development on this in "Karma".

    Enjoy the show for what it is. A Sitcom. In which drama and plot-line tend to develop slowly. Once you give up your nagging Curiosity of "Needing to find out the End", you can just enjoy the show for its humor. Remember Ted warned you in the very beginning, This is not about the Moment, of how He met the mother, but is about the journey it took.

    Looking at my wife today made me think, if every twisted thing in my life did not happen the way it did. I would have never ended up as happy as I am, which is why I say, just sit back and enjoy the ride, before you realize it is over, and you left wanting more.moreless
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