How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 16

The Drunk Train

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • Where is the mother, please? (so we can put an end to the misery this show I laughed about so much has become?)

    And where is the show I enjoyed so much? I'd love to say what made me laugh the first seasons, that made this show unique, but making this review about this episode, there are so many things to complain about...

    So Barney and Ted take the "Drunk Train" to find a desperate girl to have sex with. (Please note writers: drunks are only funny if you are one of the drunks, otherwise they are annoying and disgusting to everyone else)... Not funny, annoying at best.

    Lily and Marshall take some time to be the most annoying couple ever. Finishing each others sentences? Keeping scores? Really? - Not funny, exhausting on Valentine's Day...

    Robin and Kevin finally break up. That was a good thing. Kevin never really fit in and he was mostly annoyed about the others. You might agree, but it doesn't work if someone's trying to become a part of a group. - Yeah, but irrelevant. You could see the break up from far away (and who cared anyway, Kevin wasn't even there for the last episodes)...

    And introduction to a new girl in Barney's life. That was actually a good move. Becki Newton joins the cast as Quinn, a girl who doesn't fall for Barney's move. As it turns out, she is a stripper at a club Barney practically lives in, so she knows him and his legendary sayings, and mankind in general I suppose ;)... To be honest, Barney doesn't deserve to get a sweet innocent girl, he needs someone who can see through his bro-code ;)... I actually see a future for these two!

    And then there's the mess Ted has become. I remember a time he was cute and sweet, now he is the most creepy character of all of them. He has become a side note and an embarrassing too. So he declares his love to Robin at the end. Just like that. Didn't see that coming nor do I feel it or care.

    And what about the wedding night jokes? That was not funny and this show could do so much better (a few seasons ago)... Would you please just point us to the mother so I can stop watching? Thanks!