How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 16

The Drunk Train

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • Life is not about the end, but How you get there.

    I agree. People are haters. People including friends of mine when we talk about the show, are frustrated that there hasn't been movement towards the identity of the mother. Personally I did think the show did go through a little bit of a lull, as do ALL shows. This episode was near perfect for me. It gave me all of the things that I wanted out of the Show, A little bit of plot development. Barney's planning, Ted's living the "single life" (which if you watch the show, realize that is what it is about, Ted's Single life) and Marshall and Lilly, doing the couple thing. I laughed out loud several times and thought it (the plot) made good movement in the right direction. If you really thought **Spoiler Alert**........................................ at the end, that The Ted & Robin thing would really be brought back to life, then you clearly are an dictionary example of gullible.

    The Quinn thing is a nice twist. If you think about it. Now there are 3 possible women in Barney's wedding, Quinn, Nora, Robin.

    Each have merit, and each of a possibility of being under that veil.

    I liked Nora, but something tells me that Barney would not be happilly ever after with her.

    I also like the idea of Robin, because it makes sense with the whole doesn't care if he can have kids or not, he would seem like the person that COULD look beyond that and love her for her, and be with her.

    But for the oddest reason I can seem to shake that nagging feeling now that it might be Quinn. I will hold final judgement till a little later, as I know we will see more development on this in "Karma".

    Enjoy the show for what it is. A Sitcom. In which drama and plot-line tend to develop slowly. Once you give up your nagging Curiosity of "Needing to find out the End", you can just enjoy the show for its humor. Remember Ted warned you in the very beginning, This is not about the Moment, of how He met the mother, but is about the journey it took.

    Looking at my wife today made me think, if every twisted thing in my life did not happen the way it did. I would have never ended up as happy as I am, which is why I say, just sit back and enjoy the ride, before you realize it is over, and you left wanting more.