How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 8

The Duel

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2005 on CBS

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  • Sword fight lmao

    Another hilarious episode of How I Met Your Mother. This episode concentrated on Lilly moving in and Ted getting territorial of his own apartment when he feels like her and Marshall are incrementally pushing him out of the picture. It did a great job of setting up the whole Shockie thing, showing it was an important antique in their apartment, and how easily Marshall was willing to get rid of it in favor of Lilly's new coffee machine. Although the irony is that it's actually more common sense given that Shockie created inferior coffee while causing harm to all those that came in touch with it.

    This eventually led to the bizarre sword fight between Marshall and Ted that lasted for a lot longer than it should have. What was awesome about this was that the flashback led to a setup of the table getting broken because of a screw that was not properly used five years prior, and then played into effect just mere moments later when Marshall ends up stabbing Lilly.

    The best thing about the episode however was that it did a great job of intertwining the two story lines. The other being Barney thinking he created a new fool proof way of dating that'll determine if a couple are meant to be in under five minutes. This leads to Robin thinking how insensitive his plan was, which led to her getting into a date with a nerd that she didn't want to be in, but didn't want to be proven wrong.

    And then to throw in another set up into the loop was Barney's whole getting out of a date by a phone call through Ted. This was hilarious because Robin actually had to go to the hospital because Lilly really did get stabbed.

    And then it was brought in full circle when the cause of Lilly moving in, her place turning into a Chinese restaurant, they all end up eating dinner there. Just brilliant writing, absolutely brilliant.
  • Lilly moves in and Ted and Marshall fight

    This was another wonderful episode. At this point Lilly was engaged to Marshall seemingly living with Ted and Marshall but she didn't. Like many How I Met Your episodes, this was the little things that mattered like Shocky or the swords. Speaking of swords, that fight between Marshall and Ted was awesome. I am glad it never got too serous and how Ted and Marshall really got into it. I also like how Lilly was too mad what happened. You also see some insight into Ted, in that he is reluctant to change. The B Story was also good. Robin at this point was career change but at least episode she was open to dating a guy that is probably out of her league. I loved the Have u met Robin part. This is an episode that appreciate more when you watch season 7.
  • Ted is worried when Lily officially moves in.

    When Lily finds out that her apartment she hasn't slept in for three months has been turned into a Chinese restaurant, she and Ted and Marshall agree for her to officially start living in the apartment above MacLaren's. Barney tries to warn Ted that Lily will start changing things around the apartment. Ted thinks it's silly but as we know, however mean or weird the things Barney might say are, they seem to be right a shocking percent of the time. Marshall even takes down the historic swords to place one of Lily's paintings, which, is just, a complete violation of... well, in the words of The Big Bang Theory, the "roommate agreement". Ted and Marshall have a duel over who gets the apartment when Marshall and Lily get married, but they eventually realize the immaturity of this fight, so they cease. Barney in the mean time tries to make the "Lemon Law" of dating "a thing", where the guy has five minutes to decide whether or not to continue or request another date. This originally disgusts Barney's dates but he later hears another girl using the term, pleasing him. However, even with a sword fight, not a very exciting episode as Barney's subplot wasn't interesting. (Barney? Plot? Uninteresting? How!?) The episode was so-so.
  • Lily officially moves in with Ted and Marshall.

    "The Duel" is a hilarious How I Met Your Mother. I love how Lily has an apartment because you think she lives with Ted and Marshall, but she just hasn't been to her own apartment in awhile. I love how it was turned into a restaurant and Lily officially moves in with Marshall and Ted. I love how Ted and Marshall get into a fight in the apartment, and then they start sword fighting, and they are actually having a lot of fun until Lily walks in and Marshall accidentally stabs her. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • Awesome.

    As Lily becomes more of a permanent fixture in Ted and Marshall's apartment, Ted feels like he is being edged out of the mix by his engaged roomies. Petrified of being left alone and homeless, Ted tells Marshall that when he and Lily are married, he wants the apartment. The problem is that Marshall wants to keep the place too, so they settle it like real "grown-ups"--launching into a sword fight that leaves one man down for the count. I haven't watched this show in ages, I started reviewing it and then just stopped bot because I wasn't enjoying it, it's just I have got any free time to watch this show on the interent. However, I'm glad to be getting back into it, this episode was interesting. I love the start scene about Ted talking about the apartment. I love the way Lily's apartment has cahnged, funny stuff. I love everything about Barney, 'because I look good' - he does, he is, I love the way Barney laughs, what a legend. I love the phone scene with with Robin and Barney hilarious. I love the way Ted is about the whole apartment sharing. I love the scene with Barney blows Katie off. I love the scene with Ted and Marshall about the apartment, and the sword fight and then Lily get stabbed and then Robin has to leave her loser date, funny. I love the end scene, love those guys.
  • I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to lemon law you.

    When Lily loses the apartment that she hasn't been to in three months (her landlady died and it became a Chinese resturant), she moves in with Ted and Marsall. Of course, things are technically the same but Barney convinces Ted otherwise, making Ted jealous, of course.

    This leads to Ted buying a British phone booth for the apartment, and he and Marshall end up sword-fighting, which is a pretty funny scene. It ends with Marshall stabbing Lily with the sword.

    Barney, who seems to be a useless character, introduces us to the Lemon Law, where within five minutes of a date you can determine whether you want to spend the rest of the night with that person, and if not, you "lemon law" them and leave. It's amusing but Barney is just a jerk. Funny, I admit, but sometimmes his antics get bothersome.

    Good episode. Really funny, but some of the jokes fell flat. The sword part was probably the best scene.
  • An absolutely hilarious insight into Ted & Marshall's relationship.

    "The Duel" is a great view into Ted & Marshall's friendship and exactly how they feel about each other and how the dynamic of Lily is going to play into everything.

    As obvious in earlier episodes (ok, so this was a rerun tonight that after the 2nd viewing, was worth reviewing) - Ted is very happy for Marshall and Lily but in some way, insanely jealous of their relationship and what they have.

    Barney convinces Ted that by Lily moving into their apartment that things were going to start changing and the woman was going to start taking over.

    Barney's 'words of wisdom' eventuallly took a hold in Ted's mind and after Lily bought the guys a new coffee pot to replace Shockey, their old coffee pot that gave them a good jolt each morning, Ted was convinced that Lily was in fact taking over the apartment. He became quite territorial, even labeling food in the fridge. When Lily mentioned what was going on to Marshall he was oblivious to it, and sure enough, an English Phonebooth appears, as Ted is trying to mark his turf, just as Barney suggested.

    Things finally came to a head when Marshall tried to replace the swords that the guys put on the wall when they moved into the apartment with Lily's painting.

    Thus ensues the sword fight between the two, and Lily walking in to the fight and getting stabbed, which creates the other funniest scene in the movie other than the sword fight.

    While all of that was going on, Barney and Robin were in the bar arguing over Barney's new "lemon law" concept of dating. Barney pulls his "haaave you met Robin" to a nerdy guy, and sets her up with him and gives her the chance lemon law out of the date. Robin refuses to do so, but ends up getting a call to the hospital that Lily has been stabbed. Klingon insults ensue, and they end up in the hospital checking on Lily.

    In the Hospital they set the record straight that Ted gets to keep the apartment but it really doesnt matter now. All is right in the world of Ted, Marshall & Lily.
  • Lemon Lawed, Mixtapes and Swordfights = Perfection

    This was the first episode I saw of the series and I have to say it is hilarious. I love all the characters and their crazy antics. The line about the poorly constructed round table gets me every time. I just saw it again tonight and it never gets old.
  • Lily moves into Ted and Marshall's apartment, but Ted fears that Marshall is gonna bud him out to be with his financee...

    This is a great episode. Funny and nerve-wrecking. It's an episode when you think this'll happen next, but something totally different happens instead. Like when Marshall took down the swords for Lily's painting, I was expecting something like the him and Ted would start fighting, and Lily would come in and the three would do something histerical to settle it. Instead, Ted and Marshall have a swordfight. Also, when Marshall was standing on the table and i saw the flashback, I was expecting Marshall to fall, but maybe break a window or put a crack in the wall, and then Ted wouldn't want the apartment. It's a very good episode, as well as the first-rate comedy of Barney's "lemon-law" and making Robin go out on a date with a total nerd. I couldn't of laughed more when I saw that alien guy in the restaurant! :)
  • Hilarious situation!

    See now this is what this show really needs, dynamic plot lines like this one. Not all the episodes should be centered on Ted's life love regardless if that's the premise of the show. I thought the show was going a bit downhill for me, but this episode proved me wrong. So much funny things happened in this episode, I don't even know where to start. First of all, Lilly's apartment turning in to a Chinese restaurant to start off the episode was laugh out loud hilarious. Basically this episode was about Lilly moving in with Marshall & Ted's apartment. And Ted feels as though they are trying to edge him out so they can have the apartment when they get married. A bunch of occurrences happen to make Ted believe this, and somehow it leads to a sword fight. Another hilarious situation, especially when Marshall accidentally stabs Lilly in the arm. Wonderful plots that tied together perfectly, then they all go to the Chinese restaurant to eat, love the mix tape part. Meanwhile Barney creates the Lemon Law in which you can ditch your date between the first five minutes of the date. Robin tries to prove the Lemon Law wrong. When Lilly gets stabbed, Robin does actually have to use that as an excuse when she is on a date with someone. And the date assumes it's a lie. Another reason why the plots tied together wonderfully. Which is what is awesome about this episode. An amazing episode.
  • AHaha! A really hilarious episode!

    This was one amazing episode and I really enjoyed it! I thought that the episode was very funny, and there was really nothing wrong with it.

    Firstly, I loved the concept of Lily's apartment being transfomrmed into a Chinese restaurant. I was cracking up for ages after I heard that! Can't believe how they came up with that concept!

    I loved the swordfighting idea, as that was really amazing! Sorry for Lily though, but it was certainly hilaiorious. Can't believe it!

    Overall, if you want a great laugh, look no further than this episode. So far, this has been the funniest episode. The storyline wasn't really that spectacular, abut the hilarious laughs certainly compensated for that!