How I Met Your Mother

Season 9 Episode 22

The End of The Aisle

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2014 on CBS

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  • Did Ted suffer whiplash from that sharp 180-degree turn?

    He showed up for the wedding weekend in Farhampton keeping this secret about moving away to Chicago right after the ceremony because he couldn't stick around and pretend to be happy like nothing had changed; he obviously was still keeping the locket in reserve like some kind of lifeline to Robin (even after the balloon scene) and NOW he has this sudden clarity that he doesn't want her that way when she starts to open to the idea of picking him after all instead of Barney! I realize this was just the writers messing with the fans' collective heads, but, within the show and character continuity, it was just stupid and crudely portrayed. After nine years off and on of pining for Robin and re-charting his life's path because of her he just instantly declares he's not that guy anymore. So, who is he now - Bob Saget?

    As for Barney and Robin, after all this, I just don't see how two such people can ever function as a couple in the long term. They could have just been in some type of friends-with-benefits affair for as long as they wanted. With no kids in their future as we already know and they both agree, why on earth have the whole marriage thing? It seems like the writer just needed the wedding as a plot element and those characters simply got drafted into it.