How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 10

The Fight

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • It was all about Fight!

    From this episode I could say that most of the scene were about fight. Ted joined the fight as he took it as one of his life experience, and Barney also showed up after he realized Robin was attracted to guys who actually fight to show their manly attributes. The interesting part started when Doug beat the gangs up without Ted and Barney's help, however Barney claimed that he actually went for the fight, finally Doug cheered them inside the bar with crowd around full with joy. Marshall doubted it, so he tried to fear Barney and Ted that they might get sent to jail, sued by the two guys inside the bar. Then, Ted confessed that Doug did the fight alone, and it was not their fault at all, and finally Marshall aided them to drop the law suit.

    However Doug felt very angry, when he realized that actually three of them put him into a hot soup, and he speculated about the reason why Stella left Ted, was because Ted was a wuss, and Ted lost control emotionally and then he fought with Doug, but Doug knocked him out. Anyway, this was the fight which Ted had ever been into. Marshall solved the case, by eventually knocking Doug out, and this scene was added with a funny part as well, where Barney actually ran away and escaped when Doug wanted to fight. Overall, Marshall was the hero in this episode, and this was the time he actually shone.
  • Ted is in a fight

    When Ted got left at the altar he wanted to confront Stella only to find out that she was actually happy. I find it interesting that now is the time Ted decides to deal with the anger he has been dealing with. Doug the bartender who apparently has been around for some big moments wants Ted and Barney to join him in a fight with some guys who were in the gangs spot. I think that Doug played by Will Sasso did a good job of playing him. The fight with the guys against Doug, Barney, and Ted did not happen. More on that later.

    Ted and Barney decide to join Doug when he asks them. Ted did it because he is not going through a good time and Barney because he sees that Robin is into this kind of thing. I like that Ted did for himself. At this point Barney is back on Robin or in his words from a previous episode on top of. I loved all of the references to past events. Marshall has been against the guys fighting. The jokes the gang had on Marshall were pretty amusing. The "fights" the gang thought they had were also funny especially the "cocoa Another thing I enjoyed was how Marshall made the guys think that they were in trouble and later how he helped them. The only thing I didn't like about the episode was how Ted playing this Then again Ted was going through a rough patch. The scenes in the Kindergarten were also enjoyable. I think I like Marshall's better. Another good thing was how Marshall didn't tell the kids the whole story. The actual fight was more interesting. I liked how Robin was into Marshall after he punched out Doug. Another highlight was seeing Barney running. I like the ending how it wasn't a lesson about not fighting.
  • Doug. the Bartender has an obsession with fighting.


    "The Fight" is a hilarious How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, the bartender Doug is very loyal to his regular customers, so he challenges these guys to a fight who are sitting in Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily, and Marshall's both. I love how Doug invites Ted and Barney to participate in this fight. I love how Doug beats these guys up alone, but he thinks Ted and Barney helped. I love how Ted and Barney beat themselves up to make it look like they fought. I love how Ted and Barney get sued so they have to confess that didn't actually do any fighting. I love how Lily found Barney's wounds sexy. I love how Doug gets angry when he finds Ted and Barney portrayed them and he challenges Ted and Barney to a fight. I love how Ted punches Doug, and then Doug knocks out Ted, and Barney runs away, and Marshall beats up Doug. I love how Marshall reveals his fights with his brothers were more than just fights. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • I have laughed 20 minutes long. It was so well organized and jokes were amazing. Sometimes i have miss some jokes because of laughing.

    I have laughed 20 minutes long. It was so well organized and jokes were amazing. Sometimes i have miss some jokes because of laughing.Espically lightsaber scene and Kindergarden scene were amazing. Actually i didn't like photoshoped bartender scenes because its kind of braking the spell of the show. Because the crew was always making the story so smooth and connected each other this will make their so free and they could add everything they want. So i hope they will not use it very much.

    Usually HIMYM crew are not making very good episodes after holidays but this episode was hillarious and over-reached my expactations. 10 point :)
  • Fight.

    This episode was pretty average, I think what made this episode stand out was that in the end, friends stand up for friends no matter what the circumstance may be. We see that Barney is still in love with Robin since he was trying to impress her with his fighting skills. In this episode: Ted & Barney pretend to get in a fight with some people at the bar, when really the bartender was the one who beat them up. They love all the attention, especially from Robin, but then they end up getting sued for assault, they turn to Marshall for help and tell the truth. You see Robin hitting on Barney before she found out the fight was staged. Robin really is a nutty character, isn't she? So then after they get sued, they end up throwing the bartender under the bus, that's when the real showdown begins. The bartender ends up fighting Ted, then Marshall ends up standing up for Ted regardless of everybody calling him a wuss throughout the whole episode, and he punched the bartender in the face, and he convinced the people who were assaulted to drop the charges against Barney & Ted. Marshall really is a good friend. Other than the good plot, it seemed like this episode was lacking, it didn't have much of a side plot, and didn't have an ongoing arc going for any of the characters. It just felt like something was missing, regardless of how funny the plot may be. When an episode doesn't feel complete, it often ends up getting a low score. But I guess the main plot made up for it. Okay episode.
  • Just absolutely hilarious. Timseys cocoa break!

    When the bartender at MacLaren's gets into a fight with some patrons sitting in the gang's favorite booth, Ted and Barney decide to back the bartender up and get into their first fight. Ted wants to prove he's not the pathetic guy who got left at the alter and Barney wants to impress Robin, who thinks fighting is sexy. But when they step outside and find the bartender, Doug, has knocked the guys out in a flurry and thinks Ted and Barney helped him do it, Ted and Barney decide to go along with the legendary story. The story of the fight makes them heroes at the bar until the guys who got beat up decide to press charges, and Ted and Barney have to decide whether or not to come clean.
  • Barney and Ted pickup a fight..

    For most part, this wasn't bad. Based on a very lame theme of picking up a fight, there wasn't much in store actually.

    Though it was neatly discharged 30 minutes, there weren't enough scenes that make you go laughing like crazy. I liked the parts in Lily's classroom, where the kids mock Marshall, and the pretty much all the parts involving Barney. The ending was a bit too boring and cliche.

    The ladies, Robin and Lily don't seem to add anything funny to the show. The one scene where Robin tries to get out of the apartment when Marshall reveals the truth about the brawl, was sick.

    Not entirely satisfying.
  • Ted and Barney fake being in a fight and are served with notices that they are being sued. Robin is turned on by guys that fight and this attracts her to Barney.

    This ep is one that is there for a few laughs but strays from Ted's quest of meeting the girl he will marry. It centres all around the idea of fighting and how bad an idea it is. This ep does have a few good laughs in it but with this story has so much more potential.

    Here we are introduced to a new character that we are led to believe has been there all along. This man is loyal to his patrons to a fault in the bar. This leads to him starting a fight with a bunch of guys in the gang's booth. He asks the guys to fight them with him, Barney decides to go to impress Robin while Ted goes because he is tired of having the nice guy tag. When they get outside they find that the bartender has won the fight but thinks that Ted and Barney helped him out. To keep the charade going they hurt one another to make it look like they were in the fight.

    Marshall gets a hard time from the guys as being a wuss, but Marshall says he's been in plenty of fights and chooses not to get violent. All seems to be going to plan when Barney and Ted are being sued for assault. At this point they have to confess to Marshall to help them out of the problem.

    This ep has some good moments, like when Robin drools over Barney after he gave himself a black eye. But to be honest the show seems to have peeked last season and if something doesn't happen to put Ted in the direction of the woman he is to marry this show might begin to become very stale.
  • Fighting proves manliness...

    Not bad, but not good. Parts were dragged out, such as the deliberation whether or not to fight and Robin's "melting" over the "bad boy." Also, the episode was predictable in that I knew where jokes were going before they even began. It amused me to see how Doug was always there in some classic moments from the past. They did a good job introducing him as if he was just unnoticeable before, but in fact was around for some very funny moments. Overall, I think this was a filler episode that stalled throughout, but sufficed in the course of things as every episode cannot be great.
  • *Yawn*

    *Yawn*. Nothing happened. We could easily have done without this tosh-fest. There was No plot movement or improvement. There was No character development. There was Minimal comedy. HIMYM better arrest this downward spiral.

    In all this abysmal fare, there were a few bright bits:

    1) Robin: How she is turned on by tough guys was interesting. How she acted it out was Legen-waitforit-dairy. "You have a scar? You have Robin. You are missing any teeth? Robin is missing her panties".

    2) "I'm serious woman! Put it back in your pants!". Marshall as the enduring softie is what we love about him. Keep it that way, you foolish writers.

    3) Being taunted by kids as too unmanly.

    4) What happens in 3-5 year's time. I wants me one of those too!

    This episode was driftwood – but less useful. It was too preachy about a lesson that was blatantly obvious and poorly conveyed. And it ruined a sacred aspect of Marshall for me. Don't ruin Marshall or Barney – they are the ONLY decent actors on that show!
  • Finally a decent episode that's not trying so much to create a trend, but rather is funny and imaginative all on its own.

    Finally a decent episode that's not trying so much to create a trend, but rather is funny and imaginative all on its own.

    For the past couple of weeks, How I Met Your Mother episodes were trying too much to create 'trends' – all of those silly yet original phrases, rules, and behavioral patterns. We've had the Naked Man, the Woooers, the Cheerleader effect… It's too much! Barney's shticks are good fun, but they can't hold the series on their own, there needs to be something more – and this episode provided it!
    We finally got a full episode with a story of its own and not too many attempts to create its own definition of things and behaviors. And it was a kick-ass episode too! Although Barney is starting to get annoying as Robin's love puppy, Ted is still cool and Marshall kicks ass, literally!
    And don't get me started about the Lightsaber finale, my poor nerdy heart couldn't take it, it was too awesome for words. Yet again – How I Met Your Mother has proven that it's a survivor, and that it still has a long way to go and lots of things to accomplish before jumping the shark. It was a pleasure to watch, can't wait for more!
  • Back to the norm for HIMYM.

    After a few solid episodes of How I Met Your Mother this season it's back to the horrible for the show. This show seemed to be getting back on track but from the annoying cutaway sketches, to the generally bizarre plot this was a huge setback for them.

    Will Sasso used to be funny back on MadTV but he was really annoying here. I get that he fits the middle-aged bald comedian look that How I Met Your Mother casts their guest stars based on, but this was a mistake. I get that a few jokes may not land (see the Lily Aldrin character) but a whole episode is inexcusable. The one good thing was the return of Marshall's "lawyered" catchphrase, but that's about it.

    Just not a good week of CBS comedies tonight.
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