How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 11

The Final Page, Part One

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Exceptionally pathetic.

    This episode was up there with the most pointless ones. Please note that I am only inferring Part One when I say this. Part Two was flawless, but Part One was a trainwreck.

    I didn't lauh g even once. I wasn't interesting with the storyline or anything.

    Just an overall disaster for me. No more to say.
  • The Pit

    This episode was wonderful; gave everyone screen time and united them with the common theme of the pit and who they'd put in it. The message might have come across as a little heavy-handed by some, but I feel it was balanced by the episode's comedy and its drama of Barney's saga. The on-going jinx didn't get old, either, because it served that purpose of letting Ted (and hence the audience) in a little bit on Barney's plan (which I'm convinced he has now, as opposed to where I stood last week). I loved this week's interaction between Robin and Patrice, too, as it had some sort of depth to it rather than just Robin's banshee shrieks.
  • Well the title was a let down

    As I saw my tv listings for today the title "The Final Page" really caught my eye. It gave us a hint of dread as I thought "They are wrapping it up too quickly!!!" and a exasperated sigh of relief that it did not happen. However I do think the next season should be it. They cannot carry it on for a few more because frankly it is getting a little tiring and Ted is not going to end up married otherwise until he is actually 40.

    Step it up people make the next season awesome and then let it go.
  • Ok,the show was ok

    The show was ok