How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 11

The Final Page, Part One And Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Legendary!

    one of the best sitcom episodes EVER...

    THAT is why I have been watching HIMYM for such a long time!
  • The Final Page

    I've never been happier that I was wrong about where something was headed. This episode, this reveal, everything leading up to the conclusion was perfect. I could have done without the lengthy recap of all the things Barney's done since starting the steps on the final page, but it worked beautifully. Here's to hoping the meeting and engagement of Ted and his kids' mother can be this poignant. Good job coming back from what's been a rocky season.
  • The Final Page

    One of the most entertaining hours of television in 2012. This episode had it all Comedy and Story Development. It's hard to find a comedy with both of these qualities these days and that is why HIMYM is one of the best comedies ever. I almost cried when Robin got proposed by Barney and ted finally let go of Robin which is great cuz now he can search for the one again without ever looking back to Robin. This proposal came out of the blue for me i did not think that he is going to propose to Robin i though he was going to propose to Patrice with Robin interrupting and telling Barney that she loved him. However none of that happened and Barney was doing one of his plays his last one and it was called the Robin and he had Help from Patrice who he wasn't dating these past 2 weeks as we all though or maybe its just me. Overall a great midseason finale and can't wait for the show to be back next year on January 14th.
  • So wrong but so glad


    The episode where Barney proposes to Quinn but shows Barney marrying Robin in the end... In my review of the episode I said that Barney could not top that proposal but I'm so glad he did. Part 2 of the Final Page was one of the best episodes of the series and it managed to make me very happy and sad at the same time. We have Barney and Robin who have just gotten engaged and are together and we have Ted who is the center of a party in his honor and he looks so lonely.

    Say what you want but to me Ted's love life has always been the center of this show. Not to say that the Barney/Robin thing hasn't been fun to watch. And it seems like such a long time when Ted had a serious relationship with someone (I'm not counting Victoria because her role in this season was so small in my opinion). And now that we saw Ted letting Robin go I think we can start to concentrate on Ted again. But who knows... I don't think there's time for a serious relationship for Ted when it's hinted that he will meet the mother in Barney's wedding
  • very good

    :).. excellent
  • One of the best episode ever

    This is definitely the best episode of the season. It was really funny and it was really really exciting. I couldnt be more excited about this episode.
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