How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 12

The Final Page, Part Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Play Me Like a Fiddle, Deceive Me For Love

    The pinnacle of heartwarmth and sincerity not often able to be tempered in a sitcom, of all things. Very, very clever.
  • Spectacular!

    After an abysmal Part One, I absolutely wasn't expecting much, but this episode certainly delivered!

    It was flaawless. Great storyline development with major events.

    The playbook's last page was spectacular.

    Nothing I could fault with this one.
  • Best Episode ever!

    I actually got teary eyed as the playbook proposal unraveled. I had a hunch that Barney will be proposing to Robyn and not Patrice but the way he did was just awesome.

    I think HIMYM is having a great season this year. I will be sad to see this show go since it is one of the best sitcoms on TV right now.

    Fantastic episode. Have to say, I happily cried from the moment I saw the roses on the a brilliant, romantic conclusion. <3 Love you, HIMYM
  • playbook

    last page of playbook was AMAZING !!
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    Despite having already popped the question, Robin insists that Barney seek her father's permission before the couple can announce their engagement. Meanwhile, a conflicted Ted throws himself into the planning of the their wedding.
  • Speechless

    Really thought that Barney and Robin would end up together. The way Plot was set, gave me more and more satisfaction (The Final Play - Brilliant Idea). But I don't feel sorry for Ted nor would I say poor Ted. This Episode Shows he is as EVER The Best Character on this show. He deserves someone Best who will understand him the way Barney understands Robin. Hats Off to the Writers because they gave me An Ultimate Hope I needed the most that "Ted Mosby The Architect will get someone Best!"
  • the most episode ever!!!

    THE ROBIN, last page of playbook, so brilliant. unexpected. so interesting. never have i cried watching any show, ever!!! HIMYM, the best tv series episodic show ever!!!!!! please dont end yet....... :c
  • Best episode

    Not just in this season, but I think in the whole series, I was completely dissapointed with the season so far, but everything changed when I saw how everything was related to this final play. Amazing.
  • Whoa!

    Best episode ever! I'll miss you HIMYM!
  • The soundtrack

    Can you tell me please whats the name of soundtrack which plays after Barneys proposal?
  • Brilliant

    Like many people, I was starting to lose the faith, as this season hasn't been great so far, but The Final Page felt like vintage HIMYM. As much as I've been with Marshall in rooting for Ted and Robin to be together, despite the reveal that she's Aunt Robin in the first ep and the fact she can't have kids. But, Barney and Robin were always meant to be together and this episode cleared up an arc that has made precious little sense this series. Barney's behaviour has been erratic up until now and confusing as hell, with Robin herself not much better. But seeing that the whole thing was one of Barney's plays and how well he engineered the situation, just shows not only how well he knows Robin but also how the two deserve to be together. And poor old Ted played his role in finally letting go of Robin, even though it was supposed to be his big night, he was happy to end up miserable and alone for the sake of his two best friends. Of course, there were other things going on as well, but they played second-fiddle to that stunning ending. Marshall and Lily were excellent in the first half but tbh, the second half wasted them. I'm getting a feeling that they have become so much of a couple they rarely affect the major story lines in any way since series 6. The problem is there is nothing shocking left to do with them and they often end up lost in the sidelines and lumped together for a mediocre baby storyline. But that wasn't enough to spoil this episode for me, or take the gloss off a sensational ending for Barney and Robin, and poor Ted...
  • I really really really loved this one :')

    I loved this episode so much!! I knew about his plan before because I've read a persons opinion on tumblr but I couldn't imagine how perfect his plan in fact was :') I cried so much during the end because I'm so happy that my OTP finally found together and that they're going to spend the rest of their lifes together :') I thank the writers so much for this and Neil and Cobie I thank that they are such talented and incredible people who really killed this scene! it touched me so much and I'm really looking forward now for the rest of the series :)
  • Speechless!

    Just wonderful! Loved every minute of it.
  • "None of this would have been possible without

    It is, perhaps, appropriate in the season of "It's a Wonderful Life" that we realize the story of how Ted met his wife is really more the story of his role in the lives and happiness of those around him.

    "And so let's all raise a glass to Ted Mosby. None of this would have been possible without
  • Legendary!

    one of the best sitcom episodes EVER...

    THAT is why I have been watching HIMYM for such a long time!
  • the best so far

    waited a long time to see an ending like this. the best episode ever! legen---wait for it-----dary!
  • I just can't

    This is the absolute perfect ending to what has been an up and down first half of the season. This though, brought all the character development together perfectly. First we had Ted unselfishly bringing Robin to the top of the WWN building, giving a beautiful speech and finally letting her go, then we have Barney's development in what is without a doubt the most amazing proposal I have ever seen. It was absolutely 100% Barney, both old and new. It was manipulative and sneaky sure, but at the same time it was sweet and especially with step 16, incredibly vulnerable, which was great to see out of Barney. He finally grew up and made the most perfect play he could have and it was so sweet and moving. I knew something big had to happen in this final episode, but I didn't realize it would be executed this well, especially since how the season had been going. Welcome back HIMYM, thanks for reminding us why we loved you in the first place.

    This episode is one of the episodes that really shows why this series is one of the very best!
  • just amazing turn of events!

    love it !! cannot say anything else.. :)

  • Return to form

    This episode harkens back to the days of the better episodes of seasons past. This was really a return to form. Too bad we had to watch 10 mediocre episode to get to this. I still feel that Marshall and Lily are becoming redundant. I haven't dad any real laughs from them in a long time :-( hopefully when the show returns this will provide momentum for better future episods.
  • I Got Goosebumps

    Fantastic episode!! Haven't given a HIMYM ep a '10' for a long time but this episode really deserves it! The whole episode was great and the last scene was just beautiful. Barney was really smart in his proposal technique. This episode gave the correct character development in a neat episode. Ted really got over Robin and gave his blessings to Robin. That was really bold of him considering that he had feelings for her. Barney finally realised that he deserves Robin and Robin deserves him too. I was so happy when Robin picked up the page titled 'The Robin'. I understood the whole plan by just seeing those two words.

    Lovely episode. Made My Day. What about you?
  • Perfect

    I knew it was going to be a play! So clever and billiant. What a beautiful episode. Been rooting for them all along. Sublime.
  • A clever title goes here!

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  • Finally!

    Loved the episode but the whole season has been off for me. It hasn't been the "OMG I must watch this episode now" kind of season that others have been but this episode did turn it around somewhat. I was over joyed by the end but it has been Robin that has been pissing me off all season. She has never been that bitchy before and it was just getting annoying, especially since she used to be my favourite character. I'll see what the new year brings though before I make any rash judgements.
  • Ted is.... wait for it

    Ted is the whiny-ist weakest leading character on TV! I swear his parts drag on because he is such a pitiful leading man. As much as I love Barney and I think Barney is the funniest character on tv right now, Ted is his polar opposite lamest! I just can't say enough for how weak Ted is. No wonder why he is still single. No woman wants a man who cannot speak up for himself.

    All that being said, Barney is great! I love his character.
  • Legen- wait for it - DARY!

    This is the episode that is bringing everything together for the characters! I loved it! It was unexpected in many ways but also very emotional and full of all the things we've been wanting to see. Ted is finally starting to get his life together and isn't as whiny as when the season started. It was great. I can't wait to see what comes next.
  • Legendary!

    This episode finally had a moment we've all been waiting for! This has been a rough season so far especially for Barney's development as a character. At this point, I was legitimately worried for Barney's sanity and for whether he was gonna get back with Robin to eventually marry her.


    I was absolutely overjoyed to see Barney finally propose to Robin and that Ted is finally starting to get his life together.

    This episode seems to be the turnaround this season needed and now ranks among my favorite HIMYM episodes. (Yes it was almost as good as the original Slapsgiving).

    On a hot vs crazy scale, this episode ranks Legen... wait for it! Dary!