How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 17

The Front Porch

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ted has never be so mad with Lily before.

    This is my first time seeing Ted Mosby being so mad with Lily Aldrin, and it was pretty obvious that Lily must have done something which is really wrong, and bad to Ted, who is always chilled and takes thing easy. Lily uses Front Porch Test to judge the girl if she is the best candidate for Ted Mosby. Ted wanted to get back to Karen, however Karen realized that Robin's ear ring on the bed which Ted and Karen played pillow with each other. Karen was really furious and decided to break up with Ted and she left Ted's room. Soon later, Ted found out that Robin's ear ring was intentionally placed by Lily and he got really furious when he found out the truth that Lily did not only broke him and Karen up, but his relationship with Robin. Lily explaint that she did not break their relationship intentionally, however their different goals in life drove them to break up and live separately. Ted said that they might be couples until today, if Lily were not to do that using The Front Porch Test. At the last part of this episode, Ted proposed to Robin if she can be his back-up wife if both of them are still singles in their forties. Robin got so touched, and her tears came out. After that the discussed the condition of the agreement. After this episode, I was left suspense by the end of the episode, and I am really eager to know what lead Ted to marry another lady rather than Robin Scherbatsky.
  • Ted and Lilly and realtionships

    After Ted gets back together with Karen yet again, the realtionship quickly ends. This time it was not sorry dude guy. You find out that it's for another reason. But we'll get to that. I promise.

    Meanwhile everyone decides to go to Lilly and Marshall's place to support Robin and watch her show. Even though it was muted, Robin's show was pretty exciting and funny at the same time. It kind of remained me of end of Frasier when there is action shown but not dialogue is said. I wonder if any words were spoken. Either way it was entertaining. I enjoyed Marshall and Barney's choice of pj's. Even at bedtime Barney suits up. As with the pants story Barney is the only one who found what happened to Marshall, funny. I liked It's a wonderful life reference. I also liked how Barney got into his new pj's. What also was funny was Lilly and Ted's quote on Marshall's pj's.

    The reason why Robin's show was muted and the reason why Ted's realtionship ended with Karen was because of Lilly. Not only that Lilly had a hand in many of Ted's relationships, even Robin. I like Lilly more because of it. I really liked Lilly's front porch theory. She brought up a lot of good points in the choices that Ted makes. I do see that Lilly did go too far sometimes. This leads to Ted and Lilly having a big fight. Lilly tries to make it up to Ted by calling up Karen. Karen makes one demand which Ted refuses. I admire Ted for doing this. Even more when I watched season 8. If you think that Lily did was over the line, there is a reason but you wont see until season 7..
  • Ted finds out Lily is responsible for many of his break ups.

    This episode was pretty average like all the episode I've seen. Here are good things about the show, original characters and plot (sometimes) and here some band things its like friends and its full of white people most of the time, but i digress this episode didn't make me laugh, chuckle or even smile i just stared, but i must give this show some credit it's not as raunchy as 2& 1/2 men and not as stupid as rules of engagement or the one with the nerds. After writing i like this average shows always come up with something new, but it's cast full of white people makes me cringe as the fact as tv isn't evolving the way it show and that closely resemble friends, Well that's it Gotta Fly!
  • Lily wrecks some of Ted's past relationships..

    You know, after watching the first half of the I thought I'll give a rating of at least 9 or 9.5. But the episode sort of lost ground toward the end. I must say, though roughly silly, the pajama scenes and ones at the TV studio which runs silently in the background, were actually funny. Marshall's crappy fantasies flying like superman, and Barney's bed suit to impress women who may knock on his door in the middle of the night were silly but made me laugh.

    I know this episode of HIMYM made not fall under the category of a sound comedy like 2 1/2 men or Gary Unmarried. But it was good enough and woth your 30 minutes of TV time.
  • Ted finds out something terrible about Lilly.

    This episode sort of reminded me of "Aldrin Justice" in a more serious way. Ted & Lilly have a huge argument when he finds out that she has sabotaged his previous relationship's including with Robin. This all starts out when Karen breaks up with Ted after find Robin's earring in bed, turns out Lilly put it there. This all happens when Robin's newscast is on, that Ted mutes so he doesn't see all the hilarious things that occur which brought the rating of this episode way up. Robin put out a fire, delivered a baby, and showed a picture of all of them and shed some tears. It was so hilarious, this was all happening when Lilly & Ted were arguing. It was strange to see Ted so mad at Lilly. Although, there is always episodes where Lilly makes mean weird spontaneous decisions, (like leaving Marshall). Meanwhile Barney finds out a new way to sleep with Marshall in a nightgow-shirt, whatever. That was an okay plot, it wasn't that funny but it was great to see the one chance Barney gets to scoring a girl in the middle of the night and he's wearing the nightshirt. By the end of the epsiode, Lilly gets Ted & Karen back together. But then Karen says that Ted shouldn't hang with Lilly anymore. So then he breaks up with her, and has the romantic dinner set up with Robin instead. The thing they copied from Friends: The backup wife. In the season 6 finale of Friends, Ross became Rachel's backup husband. But that's probably the only setback. A great episode. It was sad to see Laura Prepon go though.
  • Creative and surprsingly witty.

    When Ted's girlfriend Karen finds one of Robin's earrings in his bed, she accuses him of cheating on her and breaks up with him. Ted soon learns that Lily, who couldn't stand Karen, planted the earring in his bed in order to break up the relationship. Ted goes on to discover that Lily had actually broken up several of his relationships, and had even been behind his break up with Robin. Meanwhile, the gang all gathers at Lily and Marshall's to watch Robin's new early morning news show, and Barney discovers how comfortable sleeping in a nightshirt can be. A must see episode! Very creative and very funny. A
  • Creative, modern - crams an hour of comedy into 22 minutes.

    Great, great episode. I love the writing and the characters in this series. It just doesn't follow set "characterizations" that we see on other shows. I loved the bit where they mute out the show in the background and it turns out to be the best show for her. I loved the arguments, flashbacks, porch talk, and pajamas talk. Creative, innovative, and modern scripts - I've never watched anything like this, with the dialogue so original. It sort of reminds me of Friends or Will and Grace. It just feels really good to sit back and watch these friendships develop more and more over time. Feels like they pack more into 22 minutes than most shows can say in an hour.
  • This episode wasn't one of my favourites...but I can live with it.

    This episode was not a great episode let's face it but it was a good one. However, saying it was not a great episode when we are comparing it to the show as a whole is not really fair as the show is well written and as such tremendously successful. It was indeed another good episode with a few twists and turns but I couldn't help but feel it was a little predictable. I mean, come on, who didn't see the Barney gag coming at the end? However, it was a good episode for a few reasons, mainly the continued character development of Ted and Lily. I love the idea of the front porch of awesomeness and I like how Ted eventually saw that his friends meant more to him than a nasty girlfriend. Barney, again, was awesome and because of these points I think an 8.5 is a fair score. Of the episodes in this series of HIMYM some episodes have really stood out such as "The Naked Man" and "Intervention". This one sadly didn't reach those heights but the bottom line is it was another fine installment of a fine show.
  • The flying pajama scene was truly one of the great scenes in TV history!!

    The flying pajama scene was truly one of the great scenes in TV history!! It was up there with Saturday Night Live's Land Shark, "these pretzels are making me thirsty" and the entire episode of Family Guy Blue Harvest. For anyone who disagrees, try this: smoke a little ***, check out one of the best stoner flicks of all time, the Big Lebowski, then re-access. Though I have never loved HIMYM, I'm so happy I caught last night's episode! I told my husband that single scene made it worth all of this show's other episodes that I have sat through.
  • Ted finds out that Lily is the one responsible for most of hist break-ups. Marshall shows Barney how fun it is to wear a night gown.

    This episode of How I Met Your Mother was so much better than last weeks episode. I saw a little bit of Alysons baby bump while she was sitting down at the bar. Barney wearing a pyjama suit is hilarious. Marshall wearing a nightgown and Barney freaking out was funny. Poor Robin, showing everyone all her friends on her show and it's muted. Lily breaking Ted up with all his girlfriends is hilarious. That cooks arm on fire on the tv with Robin and the guy falling on the tv was hilarious. Marshall flying was funny. The woman giving birth on Robins show, Lily being the one who broke Robin and Ted up, Barney wearing the night gown was all funny. Lily was so sweet giving that note to to Karen. But Karen is a jerk so I'm glad they broke up. Oh and that is so sweet with Robin and Ted eating together. Yay for Robin being Teds back-up wife!! No night shirts for Ted and Robin was funny. The ending was awesome with the girl ringing the door and Barney in the night shirt. Poor Barney!
  • Ted discovers that Lilly is the reason for alot of his breakups as the gang finally decide to watch Robin's show.

    After many weeks of constant filler episodes it seems that HIMYM is finally in the right direction in terms of finding Ted's future wife. This ep is a little light on the truely laugh out loud moments but just the fact that the show has found direction again is enough to stay tuned.

    This week Karen breaks up with Ted after finding Robin's ear ring in Ted's bed. Ted is bummed out but soon discovers that the ear ring on the bed was no accident and that Lilly planted it there. Lilly explains to Ted about her porch theory where her, Marshall, Ted and Ted's wife spend their twilight years on the porch playing bridge together. Should the woman in Ted's life not meet the porch theory well enough then Lilly tries to separate them.
    Lilly then riles out all the people that she was responsible for over the years with Robin also on that list. Meanwhile, Robin discovers that none of her friends have actually seen her morning show. So they tell her that they will all go to Marshall and Lilly's in PJ's and watch the show for the first time. As the show starts Ted discovers Lilly's betrayal and mutes the show to confront her. What ensues on the show is a fire, a heart attack as well as a birth on set. Robin is excited that it was the first show they saw only to find out they missed the whole thing. At the same time Marshall is showing Barney the advantages of a night shirt (not a night gown apparently). Soon Barney abandons his PJ suit for the more comfortable night shirt with terrible consequence later on.

    Like I said, as the show focused back on Ted and the future you feel that the show has found some direction. The problem here was that this eps premise was great but lacked the laughs needed to be a truely great episode. Here's hoping that the show can keep its direction all the while bringing in some better jokes.
  • Ted finds out a horrible secret about Lily.

    I've been complaining about How I Met Your Mother wanting to be a drama, and this was one of those episodes where this genre switch was apparent. However, that part of the show really wasn't that bad. Ted was less horrible than Lily, and the future porch scenes were mildly charming. The "funny" storyline was absolutely brutal though. I honestly cannot stand Jason Segel, and I cannot comprehend how my once favorite character on the show has become one of the worst. I liked Barney's pajama suit, but the ending was unnecessary at all and those flying in the sky dream scenes should not have made it out of the writing room.