How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 17

The Front Porch

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ted finds out something terrible about Lilly.

    This episode sort of reminded me of "Aldrin Justice" in a more serious way. Ted & Lilly have a huge argument when he finds out that she has sabotaged his previous relationship's including with Robin. This all starts out when Karen breaks up with Ted after find Robin's earring in bed, turns out Lilly put it there. This all happens when Robin's newscast is on, that Ted mutes so he doesn't see all the hilarious things that occur which brought the rating of this episode way up. Robin put out a fire, delivered a baby, and showed a picture of all of them and shed some tears. It was so hilarious, this was all happening when Lilly & Ted were arguing. It was strange to see Ted so mad at Lilly. Although, there is always episodes where Lilly makes mean weird spontaneous decisions, (like leaving Marshall). Meanwhile Barney finds out a new way to sleep with Marshall in a nightgow-shirt, whatever. That was an okay plot, it wasn't that funny but it was great to see the one chance Barney gets to scoring a girl in the middle of the night and he's wearing the nightshirt. By the end of the epsiode, Lilly gets Ted & Karen back together. But then Karen says that Ted shouldn't hang with Lilly anymore. So then he breaks up with her, and has the romantic dinner set up with Robin instead. The thing they copied from Friends: The backup wife. In the season 6 finale of Friends, Ross became Rachel's backup husband. But that's probably the only setback. A great episode. It was sad to see Laura Prepon go though.
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