How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 17

The Front Porch

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ted and Lilly and realtionships

    After Ted gets back together with Karen yet again, the realtionship quickly ends. This time it was not sorry dude guy. You find out that it's for another reason. But we'll get to that. I promise.

    Meanwhile everyone decides to go to Lilly and Marshall's place to support Robin and watch her show. Even though it was muted, Robin's show was pretty exciting and funny at the same time. It kind of remained me of end of Frasier when there is action shown but not dialogue is said. I wonder if any words were spoken. Either way it was entertaining. I enjoyed Marshall and Barney's choice of pj's. Even at bedtime Barney suits up. As with the pants story Barney is the only one who found what happened to Marshall, funny. I liked It's a wonderful life reference. I also liked how Barney got into his new pj's. What also was funny was Lilly and Ted's quote on Marshall's pj's.

    The reason why Robin's show was muted and the reason why Ted's realtionship ended with Karen was because of Lilly. Not only that Lilly had a hand in many of Ted's relationships, even Robin. I like Lilly more because of it. I really liked Lilly's front porch theory. She brought up a lot of good points in the choices that Ted makes. I do see that Lilly did go too far sometimes. This leads to Ted and Lilly having a big fight. Lilly tries to make it up to Ted by calling up Karen. Karen makes one demand which Ted refuses. I admire Ted for doing this. Even more when I watched season 8. If you think that Lily did was over the line, there is a reason but you wont see until season 7..
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