How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 17

The Goat

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After Barney sleeps with Robin he hires help to find a loop hole in "The Bro Code" that will let him off the hook.

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  • Ted turns 30

    After such a monumental moment I am glad that the producers decided to follow it up immediately. Sometimes the show does things like the 5 slaps (three have happened so far), who screwing up Barney in his hooking up with women (you will find that out later this season), and in this episode, the goat. This was something that you first heard about in season 1 and the reason why this series is so great. Like with Sandcastles in the sand from the previous episode, the goat was the back story to this episode and why this episode was great.

    There was a funny scene between Barney and Robin deciding what to do with what happened. As bad as the things that Barney does to people, you have to admire him for trying to find a loophole with hooking up with Robin with the Bro Code. I may be wrong but this was the first time I heard of this at this point in the series. I do know that if you watch some of the episodes on TV, at the end you see what some of the codes actually are. Also the Bro Code book is available in stores. Anyway back to the story. I really enjoyed how Barney thought the Bro Code originated. Another funny moment was how Marshall was acted after he found out what happened. Yet another funny moment was the questions that Lilly asked Robin all sorts of questions what Barney and her did. That's Lilly the nymph coming out. I like that part of her. It's something you have seen before and something you have seen again. Ranjit driving and cursing out Barney in another language was pretty funny. It was a very memorable scene when Ted told off Barney. I understand how Ted being mad but maybe it's because Ted getting mad the way he was mad brought back some memories from season 7, More on that much later. Yes what Barney did was bad but remember Robin was emotional and there was (probably) alcohol involved. Like I said before I think was set up from season 1.

    Now the goat. I really liked the delay with future Ted telling the story. The story of how the farmer was going to do to the goat was pretty funny. I really enjoyed how Future Ted saying just wait and then when you think you are about to hear it, it turns out it happened later. I think was kind of remark on how fans wanting to know who the mother was. If you are annoyed by not knowing the goat story, remember that in 2030 Ted is close to 60 and some things can slip and they already have. But don't worry you will hear the goat story.moreless
  • It's Ted's 30th birthday.

    "The Goat" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode with Barney and Robin in bed together. I love how Barney feels like he betrayed Ted and I love how he gets Marshall to try to find a loophole in The Bro Code. I love how Robin acts all cool about it, but then the secret it's too hard for her to handle so sh tells Ted about it. It was so sad when Ted yells at Barney, punches him in the face, and declares their friendship over. I love how Future Ted tells this story about Lily rescuing a goat and the goat destroys the apartment on Ted's birthday. But then Future Ted realizes this story is about Ted's 30th birthday, and everything that happens with the goat happens on Ted's 31st birthday. I give this episode.moreless
  • Clearly viewers did not understand the purpose of the goat in terms of story progression. The goat really is an example of how "HIMYM" is so unique in its storytelling. Let me explain.moreless

    I believe we got the first goat teaser back in Season 1. So already the writers either knew how they were going to bring in the goat or they were trying to figure out a way to tie it in (although I think it was more the former). But wait! The goat never showed up in the bathroom. At the end, Future Ted mentions how the goat was eating ROBIN'S WASHCLOTH, but he quickly recants and remembers Robin wasn't living with him at the time--she was living with him on his 31st birthday. With 3 episodes left, the writers already gave us a cliffhanger, and, apparently, 98% of viewers did not catch it. Will Ted and Robin begin dating again? Why will Robin live with Ted this time next year? Again, either the writers have something in mind that has to wait for another year, or they're thinking of a way to tie it all in (again, I believe in the former). By the blackout at the end of the episode, my arms had the ones I have when I know something good is lurking in the future...

    As far as this episode goes, it's OK. It would have been easier for the audience to see Ted upset with Robin than with his "bro" Barney, who is supposed to be the comic relief in heavy plot lines. But then again, aren't we sick of Ted/Robin drama?moreless
  • Part of the bigger picture.

    One of the reasons I love this show is because it is essentially one big story. It's the story of Ted growing up and eventually meeting the girl of his dreams. Ultimately the show is about the journey of Ted and his friends because we know the outcome. Heck from episode 1 we know that Robin isn't the mother, but we're still interested in how the whole thing unfolds. I think this episode might be a disappointment to some because in the excitement of a possibility of a Robin-Barney couple we forgot that there is a journey that has to take place. If the two are supposed to be together it shouldn't be because depressed Robin took Barney home to show him a video and they did it. There has to be more to the story than that and I certainly hope there is.

    The real issue in this show is not the Barney-Robin relationship but the Barney-Ted relationship. While the two are bros there have been a lot of things Barney has done that made Ted shake his head. Until now Ted has been able to look away and ignore, but this was too big to ignore. Ted turning 30 was a big moment for him and a moment where he is examining his life. Ultimately Ted decides this is something he can't forgive Barney for (at least for now). I think the best part of this was the reaction both Barney and Ted had to the repercussions of this event. The interesting part is seeing how they get back on track as 2030 Ted refers to Barney as "Uncle Barney". Ultimately I feel like this show was saddled by the goat, an off the cuff comment made in a season 1 episode. But the writers got the last laugh by using the goat as a plot point for next season. I can't wait to see how they get to that and I hope they wouldn't have done that unless they were pretty sure they were getting a fourth season.

    This episode had everything that makes HIMYM so special. There was solid humor, a touching moment (Robin and Ted in the apartment) and some seriousness in the form of Barney and Ted "breaking up." I think in the long run this episode will be much like Nothing Good Happens After 2AM. Right now it might seem a little baffling but it is setting up the end of the season arc and will likely be more appreciated once we get the rest of the story.moreless
  • Ted finds out.

    The aftermath of Barney & Robin sleeping together. Robin wants it to be like it never happened, Barney just can't do that. He actually feels bad for once in his life. The things that I didn't like about this episode is the only reason Barney wanted to find a loophole in the bro code was just so he can feel better, not for the sake of Ted's friendship. I side with Ted on this one completely, Ted always followed the bro code, never broke it. Barney breaks it, of course Ted should be pissed. He wasn't pissed at Robin because it's different with Barney, like Ted said, it's not just about Robin, Barney broke the bro code, and I think it was completely reasonable that Ted didn't want to be Barney's friend anymore, after everything Barney put him through he sleeps with his ex of a year. I'm glad that Robin at least had the decency to tell Ted what was going on, it was the mature thing to do, which is another reason why Ted didn't get mad at Robin. The goat didn't set well with me, we waited two years for this goat plot, and it turns out that Future Ted got it wrong, the goat was on his 31st birthday, next year. We saw some of the goat, but we never got to see what the goat did. It was a bit of a tease, since it showed us that Robin lives with Ted a year from now. Are they together? A great episode, it really owned up to it's cliffhanger which is what I enjoy from a show. Great episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Ted mentions at the end of the episode that the goat incident ended up on his 31st birthday instead of his 30th. However, in "The Wedding Bride" there is a reference of the goat in the movie; Ted and Stella had broken up and, therefore wouldn't have been at his 31st birthday party.

    • Lily asked Robin if Barney was all smooth "down there." In the second season's "Columns", Lily paints a nude painting of Barney. She would already know the answer.

    • The "birthday goat" is first mentioned in the season 1 episode "Milk". The episode begins with Ted's 28th birthday party and concludes with him mentioning the goat incident on his 30th birthday.

    • We learn Ted's birthday is April 25th, 1978.

    • The Bro-Code articles:
      1) Bros before Hoes.
      29) A bro will in a timely manner alert his bro to the existence of a girl-fight.
      34) Bros can not make eye contact during the devil's three-way. (two dudes)
      53) A bro will when ever possible provide his bro with protection.
      87) A bro shall at all times say Yes.
      89) The mom of a bro is always off limits. But, the step-mom of a bro is fair game, if she initiates it and/or is wearing at least one article of leopard printed clothing.

    • Barneyism - Barney uses the word "bpeg" when saving Robin's naked body to his memory. He explained that a bpeg is a "boob image" in the episode Where Were We?.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lily: I can't believe you slept with Barney, that's so gross! Was it amazing?
      Robin: What? Lily, I really don't want to talk about this.
      Lily: I know, but it's Barney. It's hard not to be curious. Did he have like devices and stuff?
      Marshall: Lily, come on!
      Lily: Accents?
      Marshall: Stop!
      Lily: Did he tie you to anything?
      Marshall: That's enough!
      Robin: What is wrong with you?
      Lily: Alright, sorry. (Pause) Was he all smooth down there?

    • Marshall: We can't keep a goat.
      Lily: But she's so cute and fuzzy and soft.
      Marshall: Yeah, and it also sheds, eats garbage, and can't control its bowel movements. Why don't we just call Duluth Mental Hospital and say my Uncle Linus can live with us?

    • Marshall: Ted has upheld this this time and time again. For example, article 87, "A bro shall at all times say yes."
      Girl: So he saved you from an avalanche?
      Ted: Yes.
      Girl: And he carried you six miles to safety on his broken leg?
      Ted: Yes.
      Girl: And you're a pre-op transsexual nightclub singer who used to be a member of the Russian mob?
      Ted: Da.

    • Barney: Are you saying you don't want to be bros anymore?
      Ted: I'm saying I don't want to be friends anymore.

    • Ted: Hey, Barney, I'm getting rid of some of my old stuff. Do you want my Xbox?
      Barney: (thinking that Ted is referring to Robin) Shame on you! She has a name! What kind of man do you think I am?
      Ted: Uh, someone who likes video games?

    • Barney: So... I just slept with my best friend's ex-girlfriend.
      Robin: And I just slept with my ex-boyfriend's really good friend.
      Barney: (corrects her) Best friend.

    • (While Ted was yelling at Barney in the limo)
      Barney: I'm horrified that this happened.
      Ted: How did it happen? Ahh? Barney? I want to know. Tell me exactly how it happened.
      Barney: You mean, what position?

    • (Marshall is upset after Barney tells him about Robin)
      Barney: You can't tell anyone. Attorney-client privilege.
      Marshall: Why are you doing this to me?
      Barney: Because I need you, Marshall, as my lawyer to prove I didn't do anything wrong.
      Marshall: How can I help you as your lawyer? You didn't break any laws, did you? Robin knows that you slept with her, doesn't she?
      Barney: I didn't break any state or federal laws. But I think I broke a much, much higher law. The Bro Code.

    • (The morning after, Barney and Robin lying together in the bed)
      Barney: In my experience the way it normally goes is: we lie her for a while, make a little awkward chit-chat.
      Robin: Check.
      Barney: Then I make up some cabinet meeting/heart surgery/rocket test flight I've got to be at. Slip out of your apartment and never call you again.
      Robin: And later at the bar you tell your good friend Robin the story of your latest conquest and she thinks to her self: "Who is this sad, self loathing idiot who climbed into bed with Barney Stinson?"
      Barney: Actually, you usually say it out loud.

    • (Ted reveals he knows Barney slept with Robin)
      Barney: So, You're not mad?
      Ted: No, I'm not mad. Well, Robin and I broke up a year ago, we both dated lots of people since then, I'm with Stella now. Seriously, I'm fine with this.
      Barney: I'm so relieved to hear you say that.
      Ted: Yeah, yeah. Oh, I just remembered, my mom is coming in to town next month. Maybe you'd like to nail her too!!

    • Robin: Okay, here is the deal Barney: the second my feet touch the floor this never happened.
      Barney: Okay. Wait (Barney lift the sheet up). Right click, save as into the bpeg folder and okay. This never happened. It's a good plan.
      (Robin gets up)
      Robin: Now we go back to exactly the way things were before.
      Barney: Okay. Right. So Robin.
      Robin: Yes, Barney?
      Barney: Guess who nailed the chick from Metro News One last night?
      (High five)

    • Barney: I can't keep buying things! I have six self-cleaning litter boxes and I don't even HAVE a kid.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Die Ziege", an exact translation. The French title is "La chèvre de Lily", meaning "Lily's Goat". The Italian title is "La regola infranta", meaning "The Broken Rule".

    • International Airdates: Australia: June 26, 2008 on Network 7; Czech Republic: October 14, 2010 on Prima COOL