How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 17

The Goat

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • Ted turns 30

    After such a monumental moment I am glad that the producers decided to follow it up immediately. Sometimes the show does things like the 5 slaps (three have happened so far), who screwing up Barney in his hooking up with women (you will find that out later this season), and in this episode, the goat. This was something that you first heard about in season 1 and the reason why this series is so great. Like with Sandcastles in the sand from the previous episode, the goat was the back story to this episode and why this episode was great.

    There was a funny scene between Barney and Robin deciding what to do with what happened. As bad as the things that Barney does to people, you have to admire him for trying to find a loophole with hooking up with Robin with the Bro Code. I may be wrong but this was the first time I heard of this at this point in the series. I do know that if you watch some of the episodes on TV, at the end you see what some of the codes actually are. Also the Bro Code book is available in stores. Anyway back to the story. I really enjoyed how Barney thought the Bro Code originated. Another funny moment was how Marshall was acted after he found out what happened. Yet another funny moment was the questions that Lilly asked Robin all sorts of questions what Barney and her did. That's Lilly the nymph coming out. I like that part of her. It's something you have seen before and something you have seen again. Ranjit driving and cursing out Barney in another language was pretty funny. It was a very memorable scene when Ted told off Barney. I understand how Ted being mad but maybe it's because Ted getting mad the way he was mad brought back some memories from season 7, More on that much later. Yes what Barney did was bad but remember Robin was emotional and there was (probably) alcohol involved. Like I said before I think was set up from season 1.

    Now the goat. I really liked the delay with future Ted telling the story. The story of how the farmer was going to do to the goat was pretty funny. I really enjoyed how Future Ted saying just wait and then when you think you are about to hear it, it turns out it happened later. I think was kind of remark on how fans wanting to know who the mother was. If you are annoyed by not knowing the goat story, remember that in 2030 Ted is close to 60 and some things can slip and they already have. But don't worry you will hear the goat story.
  • It's Ted's 30th birthday.


    "The Goat" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode with Barney and Robin in bed together. I love how Barney feels like he betrayed Ted and I love how he gets Marshall to try to find a loophole in The Bro Code. I love how Robin acts all cool about it, but then the secret it's too hard for her to handle so sh tells Ted about it. It was so sad when Ted yells at Barney, punches him in the face, and declares their friendship over. I love how Future Ted tells this story about Lily rescuing a goat and the goat destroys the apartment on Ted's birthday. But then Future Ted realizes this story is about Ted's 30th birthday, and everything that happens with the goat happens on Ted's 31st birthday. I give this episode.

  • Clearly viewers did not understand the purpose of the goat in terms of story progression. The goat really is an example of how "HIMYM" is so unique in its storytelling. Let me explain.

    I believe we got the first goat teaser back in Season 1. So already the writers either knew how they were going to bring in the goat or they were trying to figure out a way to tie it in (although I think it was more the former). But wait! The goat never showed up in the bathroom. At the end, Future Ted mentions how the goat was eating ROBIN'S WASHCLOTH, but he quickly recants and remembers Robin wasn't living with him at the time--she was living with him on his 31st birthday. With 3 episodes left, the writers already gave us a cliffhanger, and, apparently, 98% of viewers did not catch it. Will Ted and Robin begin dating again? Why will Robin live with Ted this time next year? Again, either the writers have something in mind that has to wait for another year, or they're thinking of a way to tie it all in (again, I believe in the former). By the blackout at the end of the episode, my arms had the ones I have when I know something good is lurking in the future...

    As far as this episode goes, it's OK. It would have been easier for the audience to see Ted upset with Robin than with his "bro" Barney, who is supposed to be the comic relief in heavy plot lines. But then again, aren't we sick of Ted/Robin drama?
  • Part of the bigger picture.

    One of the reasons I love this show is because it is essentially one big story. It's the story of Ted growing up and eventually meeting the girl of his dreams. Ultimately the show is about the journey of Ted and his friends because we know the outcome. Heck from episode 1 we know that Robin isn't the mother, but we're still interested in how the whole thing unfolds. I think this episode might be a disappointment to some because in the excitement of a possibility of a Robin-Barney couple we forgot that there is a journey that has to take place. If the two are supposed to be together it shouldn't be because depressed Robin took Barney home to show him a video and they did it. There has to be more to the story than that and I certainly hope there is.

    The real issue in this show is not the Barney-Robin relationship but the Barney-Ted relationship. While the two are bros there have been a lot of things Barney has done that made Ted shake his head. Until now Ted has been able to look away and ignore, but this was too big to ignore. Ted turning 30 was a big moment for him and a moment where he is examining his life. Ultimately Ted decides this is something he can't forgive Barney for (at least for now). I think the best part of this was the reaction both Barney and Ted had to the repercussions of this event. The interesting part is seeing how they get back on track as 2030 Ted refers to Barney as "Uncle Barney". Ultimately I feel like this show was saddled by the goat, an off the cuff comment made in a season 1 episode. But the writers got the last laugh by using the goat as a plot point for next season. I can't wait to see how they get to that and I hope they wouldn't have done that unless they were pretty sure they were getting a fourth season.

    This episode had everything that makes HIMYM so special. There was solid humor, a touching moment (Robin and Ted in the apartment) and some seriousness in the form of Barney and Ted "breaking up." I think in the long run this episode will be much like Nothing Good Happens After 2AM. Right now it might seem a little baffling but it is setting up the end of the season arc and will likely be more appreciated once we get the rest of the story.
  • Ted finds out.

    The aftermath of Barney & Robin sleeping together. Robin wants it to be like it never happened, Barney just can't do that. He actually feels bad for once in his life. The things that I didn't like about this episode is the only reason Barney wanted to find a loophole in the bro code was just so he can feel better, not for the sake of Ted's friendship. I side with Ted on this one completely, Ted always followed the bro code, never broke it. Barney breaks it, of course Ted should be pissed. He wasn't pissed at Robin because it's different with Barney, like Ted said, it's not just about Robin, Barney broke the bro code, and I think it was completely reasonable that Ted didn't want to be Barney's friend anymore, after everything Barney put him through he sleeps with his ex of a year. I'm glad that Robin at least had the decency to tell Ted what was going on, it was the mature thing to do, which is another reason why Ted didn't get mad at Robin. The goat didn't set well with me, we waited two years for this goat plot, and it turns out that Future Ted got it wrong, the goat was on his 31st birthday, next year. We saw some of the goat, but we never got to see what the goat did. It was a bit of a tease, since it showed us that Robin lives with Ted a year from now. Are they together? A great episode, it really owned up to it's cliffhanger which is what I enjoy from a show. Great episode.
  • Huh?

    At first thsi episode started off great. I thought the scene with Barney and Robin in bed together was funny, but then it just went down hill from there. I liked that Barney inlisted Marshall's help to try and find a loophole around what he did, but that got kind of tiring after a while. And what was up with Ted? I was so glad when they were in the limo together and Ted said that Robin already told him and that he was okay with it. But then he went psycho. What was up with that? Barney is hardly ever apologetic, and he was being sincerely sorry, he felt really bad. But Ted didn't care. Barney kept aplogizing and even let Ted have a free punch, but Ted was still pissy. And also, how was Ted saying that he and Barney couldn't be friends anymore, and being all mean and cruel to Barney, but in the flashback that we saw, when Robin told Ted that she slept with Barney, he was completely fine with it. That's ridiculous. How could Ted say that he and Barney couldn't be friends anymore and then just shrug it off, and tell Robin it was no big deal. She was just as much at fault. This episode just really made me pissed off at Ted.
  • Who are these people, and where are the bros I've watched for two and a half seasons? (spoilers)

    The episode was trucking along just fine, and I was getting my hopes up about the significance of the goat and the result of Ted finding out that Barney and Robin slept together. Knowing Ted, I expected he would be fine with Barney's "betrayal" despite Barney's fretting. The writers even went so far as to give Ted dialogue that made him appear to forgive Barney right away. Barney seemed about to realize that Ted was in fact a really great guy (as the flashbacks of him upholding the "bro code" also showed). Then, mysteriously, Ted changes attitudes and becomes angry with Barney. For a while, I thought the writers were trying to trick me. I just don't believe Ted would act that way. But closing this episode with Ted not wanting to be Barney's friend's just too unbelievable without some kind of explanation. Trading in realism and identification with the characters for some temporary relationship drama? Not worth it.

    And the thing with the goat rubbed me the wrong way too. Unless this plot was a way to show that Future Ted is going senile, the goat was a tease.
  • amazing episode lookin forword 4 episode 18

    As (Ted) prepares for his thirtienth birthday by getting rid of old stuff he’ll no longer need, Barney and Robin struggle with the ramifications of their night together and whether or not to tell Ted. Barney enlists Marshall’s legal expertise to find a loophole in “The Bro Code”, a list of do’s and don’ts for all bros, but ultimately decides he just needs to come clean. And in a surprise blow, Ted “breaks up” with Barney, realizing their lives are going in a different direction and he’s tired of the single life.btw the episode is amazing and im lookinf forword to episode 18
  • Good episode. Seems HIMYM finally decided to get back on track and deliver better stories than the rest of season 3...

    I don't know if you feel the same way, but for me Season 1 and 2 were by far much better than the third. Many things happen in this season, yet the story doesn't move at all or is in any way changed (when are they moving in their new apartment? There hasn't been any real relationships, Stella appeared in only one episode)
    Also, seems the writers ran out of ideas (in part due to the strike), as they kept using stories from season 1 and 2 and ruining them. But the most important thing that has changed!!!!!
    - When was the last time you heard barney say: legendary! Or any suits jokes??? Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
    Anyway back to this episode (and the one before). HIMYM is giving us new story lines and more character development which I think is a great idea as we move forward and they even gave us hints to season 4 (the goat was eating robin's underwear... no wait robin didn't live here at my 30th birthday [...] the goat was at my 31th birthday.

    To sum up, good episode, better than the ones before. Keep headed that way HIMYM.
  • Don't review the show if you dont know what you're talking about. Great episode. It was about Ted's development and Barney crossing the line.

    First of all. Just to clarify.

    Ted has NOT slept with someone Barney has slept with! If all you people that are saying he did are referring to Stacey in the episode "Little Boys" Barney never slept with her, he only told Ted that to freak him out. Further more, Ted didnt sleep with her. He couldn't get past the fact that he though Barney had. Futher more, the problem wasn't that Barney slept with someone Ted had dated, it was that he had slept with someone Ted had loved. Anyway on to the review. I enjoyed the episode. Not the strongest, not the weakest. But I do think we're going to start seeing a change in Ted and Barney. Ted needs to grow up and I think thats where this is going. It was a good character developement moment along with some pretty funny stuff. The goat thing was weird, how they just put it off again. But they put it off for three seasons already. One more season wont hurt. All in all. A good episode from a great show. A great show is one in which all the episodes have to come together for it to be good. Like how one episode of 24 might suck but in the context of the whole season its great.
  • Well, I enjoyed... MOST... of it.

    This wasn't a bad episode, but slightly below average as far as How I Met Your Mother goes. I'm glad that the episode picked up where the last one stopped, but we didn't get any resolution AND we got a really silly plot point right here.

    I'm willing to accept Ted being a LITTLE upset, but this? This was just stupid. Apparently Ted forgot that he was dating someone Barney dated before earlier in the show. Barney's cool, but in this episode he was a bit forced at times, especially when quoting from the bro code(and explaining it). That flashback was so... awkward. In a bad way.

    What I did enjoy is the goat. Now that was funny. But what a cop out in the end. Though, it was somewhat funny.


    + Marshall can't keep a secret
    + The goat
    + Barney and Robin in the beginning
    - Barney about the bro code
    - Ted's out of character behaviour
  • I'm shocked, What was that? I can't wait another week/year to see what will happen!!!

    Ted and Robin are going to live together?? Come on, I thought we had sure Robin is not the mother! Well, I still think she is not the mother, Old Ted is always talking about Aunt Robin, not mom. But Ted and Robin back together make the show go backaward, not foward how it should be. Not cool!
    Ted is going to "break up" with Barney? If Barney leave the show, I'll leave it too! He is the most awesome character! Is that why we haven't seen Barney's future? And what about his job?? The thinks are really dirt, even Portugal's water is envolved? hahahah
    The goat! What this animal means?? If the show was Lost there would be a lot of crazy theories about its meaning!
    I was really hoping Barney and Robin become a couple! They totally match! Barney even describes it in 1x14!
    I'm sad, I want to see the rest of the storyline. Writers, Barney and Robin together please!!
  • Barney and Robin slept together.

    This episode didn't really do anything for me and most felt like it was a filler episode. There were certain parts that made the episode worth watching. The beginning of the episode was funny in an awkward situation funny, where Barney and Robin were lying in bed deciding that they weren't going to tell Ted and the fact that Barney was being Barney even after he slept with his close friend's ex-girlfriend.

    I think that the only seen that had me laughing was the looks on the little kids faces as the farmer is telling them how meat is made. Those poor kids are probably scared for life. I liked how the show is going with Barney and Ted's friendship and I think that Ted is finally realizing that by hanging out with Barney he's losing his chance to find his true love. Also, I think that Barney has come to some kind of realization that is womanizing ways are affecting those closest to him.

    The thing with the goat was interesting, but the show kept leading up to it and then oh wait the goat story is really for the 31st birthday. I'm also kind of interested to see why Robin moved in Ted, but I don't think we're going to find out anytime soon. The flashback seen was kind of retarted and just really lame. Overall is kind of mediocre episode.
  • Even off its game How i Met your Mother is better than most other shows out there. Inspiring laughter, drawing you into the charecters lives and making you care about them in a way few shows do. M

    The show felt a little rushed this week, it had some very solid moments and i liked the main story line in generall but i felt that was undermined by the setup for the goat incident. I think it would have all come together much better if they had cut that and added in some more time for the groups reations and interactions following Barney and Robin's one night stand. In addition the bro code flashback felt a little cliche and out of charecter for the show.
    I find those parts so frustrating as i felt the writers hit on something really good with barney and ted's reltionship this week and with just a bit more time spent on the discussion betwen those two it could have beena truley standout episode. I felt Ted's reaction was very understandable, taht he was not upset about Barney and Robin but that Barney would do that to him. Barney's guilt highlighted just how important (all best friend jokes aside) Ted's friendship is to him.
    This show seems to epitomise the feeling i've been having about several shows as they return from the writers strike, it just feels slightly off. I get an almost rushed feeling from the episodes as though the writers are trying too hard to fit everything tehy wanted to have covered all ready into just a few shows. I'm hopefull for next week i think watching the fallout from Ted's statment will be interesting and hopefully we'll see Barney at his best showing that same strength of charecter he did when marshall and lilly broke up
  • Barney tells Ted about what happened with Robin.

    Wow, I thought How I Met Your Mother had hit the bottom of the sea barrel before, but somehow they keep on digging.

    Barney was uncharacteristically upset in this sophmoric 22 minute program. He felt that he broke the "bro code" by sleeping with Robin. Yeah, pretty sure Ted slept with a girl that Barney once did earlier this season. No mention of that?

    And the scene from 1776 where the "bro code" was "invented" was something straight out of Family Guy, well, except for the part that you didn't laugh at it.

    Lily Aldrin continues to prove why she is the least funny woman on television. Larry David could be scripting lines for her and she'd still fail to get the audience to laugh. Her "humor" that hasn't evolved since American Pie, only worked in that movie because the other characters were so strong.

    That's not the case here, because Josh Radnor, the star of the show, is equally as bad. When he mentioned that his mother is coming in and why doesn't Barney nail her too, the statement made no sense. I know they were trying to go for it being another person close to Ted, but it came off as Ted sleeping with his mother.

    And the whole concept of the goat is such childish humor. And to continually "tease" the audience about explaining why it is in the bathroom (although nobody actually cares) and then not tell us, trying to get a 4th season out of it, is truly pathetic.

    The producers of this show have become so sad in their attempt to bring in ratings and secure a 4th season for their awful brainchild. If I know them, they're calling Christina Aguilera to play Ted's bisexual sister for the 4th season premiere, if they get it. Not plausible you say? Think again. Clearly nothing is too far for How I Met Your Mother. If anything, I wish this show would just meet cancellation.
  • Back to great!

    After a few painful episodes after the writers strike, I think HIMYM is finally back on track with this memorable episode.

    Not only is this episode chock full o' laughs, it also balances perfectly the comedic/dramatic aspects of the show. During the episode, Barney and Ted's relationship is strained to the point of near extinction, the show ends before we can find out what comes of the two's friendship.

    In all, a great episode that makes me really love the show again.

    Damit how long is 100 words, they won't let me submit this until I reach the "minimum" amount of words. Here is some filler!
  • Ted tells his kids the story of his 30th birthday and how he learned that Barney and Robin slept together. Lily brings a goat home from school that has a link to Ted's 31st birthday.

    The tale of Ted's 30th is an interesting one, but what sounds more interesting is the tale of his 31st, but we will hopefully get to that soon.

    So we all know from last week that Barney and Robin finally succumb to their hidden passions. What we did not know is that the two could not keep it a secret, well I knew Barney would not be able to, but I did not expect Robin to blab, especially after her stone performance at the bar. Barney tried to soften the blow with a surprise trip to Vegas and Ranjit. At first Ted played that he was cool with the whole thing, but new Ted was angry and took this as a sign that the only way he could really change and grow up as Marshall instructed a little over a month ago in No Tomorrow, is to leave Barney behind and move on with his life. I really know that they will soon reconcile, I just have to wonder what Barney will have to do to win back Ted, maybe it has something to do with guest star Sarah Chalke and Britney Spears.

    Onto the interesting tidbit of the episode, the goat. So in exactly one year there will be a goat in the apartment that Ted and Robin are sharing. This could mean one of two things, Robin moves in with Ted once Marshall and Lily's apartment is leveled, or Barney moves in with Ted after said apartment is flat, and Barney's girlfriend Robin brings her own linens. Either way someone is bringing a goat on April 25, 2009.
  • Barney has to face Ted about something he did which was wrong

    Okay, I'm sure every How I met your Mother fan was waiting in anticipation for the next episode after Barney and Robin slept together. I of course was one of them. This was a real disappointment. I thought it was a great opportunity for them to showcase Barney and Robin as a couple. Ted's reaction was expected, but I mean, wouldn't everyone love to see Robin and Barney. And the ending was just, terrible! I was so sad when Ted said he didn't want to be friends with Barney anymore. And the goat thing, WTF?? In conclusion, what Barney did was bad, but was it worth their friendship dying?
  • Well, we finally see the outcome of the Barney/Robin hookup and naturally, Robin is horrified with what she's done. Barney however, is Barney, until the episode progresses and we discover his guilt with his actions. Ted finds out and doesn't react well.

    I didn't think it was an exceptionally strong episode, but I thought it was good. I think that was the best reaction they could have had for the morning after. If it had been even just a bit touchy feely they would have lost me. I mean, how can you not love Barney telling Robin, "I totally did the anchor from Metro News 1!" That part worked well and I think Barney's nervous ticks fit him too. Some pretty funny moments, "the devil's threesome," Ranjeet egging on the fight...I mean can you really go wrong with having Ranjeet in an episode? The whole deal with the goat was just weird....and then the ending made it even more strange. The only thing we pick up from that is apparently Robin is living with Ted at this point next year. I'm not sure what exactly that means, but as long as HIMYM lasts another year, I'm sure we'll find out. I'd find it hard to believe they hook Robin and Ted up again, but ya never know. I'm starting to think the Barney-Robin hook-up was more a vehicle to get Ted and Barney on the rocks with their bro-lationship. I imagine someone will soon post the bro rules somewhere as well.
  • Ted tells the story of his 30th birthday party, and Barney spills the beans on what happened with Robin.

    I really did not enjoy this episode. I thought "Sandcastles in the Sand" was series classic-worthy, but this one squandered everything they set up there.

    What was the deal with doing nothing with the Barney/Robin plot? Those two have so much chemistry, and it just seemed like such a waste to do the "pretend it never happened" thing. And the entire group found out in one episode? I don't know- it just all seemed really rushed and disappointing.

    And I hated the ending. Hated it. The whole Robin moves back in with Ted thing? Geez! It's like how many times can we beat the dead horse on this one? We know he doesn't end up with her! We get it! So why do they keep getting back together? I really don't like those two together, and don't know if I can stomach another season of their angst.

    That's why I think the whole Barney and Robin thing would have been a great change of pace, and it would have showed us sides of those characters we've never seen before. I hated that Barney so easily treated Robin like just another girl- I thought it would be so cool to see Barney actually be emotionally invested in someone he sleeps with- but apparently not. They could have had this whole forbidden affair thing, and it would have been funny and interesting. But I guess that's not happening.

    This episode really disappointed me, and I think they really wasted a great opportunity.