How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 24

The Leap

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • A nice Finale

    It is the end of Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother, which tried to give the audience some important information on what is going to happen in the next season. Personally, I did think that there was a hard work that the writer need to do in order to coordinate this episode and squeeze in all the spoilers. Lets talk about the relationship between Barney and Robin (spoiler alert). From the previous episodes since Season 3, it has been some part depicting that there is something going on between the Canadian and the pervert play boy. I like the "Mosby" idea which Lily Aldrin taught Robin, as the best way to reject Barney. However due to Lily's character who likes to spill the bean, Barney eventually knew what is happening. At the last part of the season 4, Barney confronted Robin, and I anticipated for their serious relationship in the next episode.

    Also, the protagonist of the series, Ted Mosby took a leap (not the jump which Marshal took to the neighbour rooftop) to make a new breakthrough. He decided to change his career, from architecture to lecturer, and entitled Prof. Mosby. This leap of faith is pretty crucial to how he met the lady under the yellow umbrella, as she was one of them who is inside the lecture hall. I am really looking forward to the coming episode.
  • An incredibly disappointing season finale with few good gags

    In the final episode of the 4th season, Ted is having problems with his architecture project while Barney is finally willing to tell Robin his feelings. So, I expected a really good finale like in the former seasons, but what it turned out to be is an unspectacular and quite disappointing closure for the fourth chapter of how our protagonist Ted met the mother of his future kids. Looking back, on this season, there was really little happening overall: Ted changed some of his attituteds towards things and the Barney love story was also not unimportant, but distending this over 24 episodes was a bit too much. Furthermore, jokes were rare in this episode as it focused on unneedful stuff mostly. There were some nice moments, but for me, this was a huge let-down. I mean, they totally forgot on Ted's rooftop party as the episode continued and the goat story, on which we've been waiting to hear for quite a long time turned out to be uninteresting and dull. I didn't like this episode a lot, but at least it sparks a bit interest in you for the forthcoming season number 5.
  • Season 4 Finale

    At the end of season 3, Ted gets in an accident that changes his life. What he thinks would be his future wife, (Stella) ends up being something different. When he runs into months later it turns out to be a big part of his life in the future. More on that later.

    Ted as part of his company is starting is close to landing a client. He is having trouble designing the place. At the time he is doing this, it is 31st birthday, the one with the goat. This was a long time coming and something you would (or least I) was looking forward too. If I only watched this show from the start I would appreciate it more. The story of Ted and the goat was true and pretty funny. It was even funnier when you found out that the goat was a girl. What was also big in this episode was the coming together of Barney and Robin. This started in season 3, when you find out Barney had feelings for Robin. You may have think the seed was planted when they slept together (Sandcastles in the Sand) but I think it happened much earlier. I think they were very subtle signs that it was going to happen. Maybe the writers did this intentionally or not but this is the reason why I love this show. There are many ways to look at this. How Barney and Robin (spoiler alert) do end up together was a very great way of doing it. If the jerking around with them and especially the scene in the hospital room made you a little upset, remember what Barney said he first hung out with Robing together alone and how both never had a serious realtionship (besides Ted)

    When Ted doesn't get the client (because of Sven, great reference to a past episode) and takes the teaching job. When you find out that is the reason why plus all of the stuff that happened to him in the past year he would've have met the mother. At this time it's not explained why all this stuff had to happen so he can meet the mother but it gets me interested on why it did. If you were watching at this time, it got you excited for season 5. And then it happened. But like Ted said at the end that story is just beginning. Great song at the start and end of each episode.
  • Ted versus The Goat.


    "The Leap" is an awesome season finale for season 4 of How I met Your Mother. I love how it's Ted's 31st birthday and he finally comes up against the goat. I love how the goat beat him up. I love how he decides to take the job at the university. I love how Barney and Robin keep trying to reveal their feelings for each other, but when one does, the other feels the complete opposite. I love how all the characters take that leap at the end of the episode. I love the ending of this episode with finding out that Ted's future wife is the students in the class he teaches. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Ted's 31st birthday is finally here.

    Well this season definitely had its ups and downs, and in this case the season finale was an up. Robin & Barney finally confront their feelings for each other after a whole season of what it seemed like endless waiting. It is mentioned that Marshall has wanted to make "the leap" of jumping over to the other building since it had a hot tub. So when Ted's 31st birthday comes around, Marshall is ready to make the leap. And we finally get to see what happens with the goat! After last year's tease, we finally get to see the goat beating up Ted, and Ted getting in a fight with it. It was unrealistic, but I'll let it slide counting on the fact on how funny it was. Robin doesn't feel the same way Barney does, so she tries to "Mosby" him, by saying she loves him. He rejects her, than she rejects him, and it goes back & forth for awhile until they finally share a kiss. I'm glad Barney went to Ted first for approval, which was really great of him. I finally understand why bumping in to Stella and Tony lead to Ted meeting the mother. Tony suggested teaching architecture. When Lilly helps Ted come in to realization that teaching is what Ted needs to do since he was compared with the goat and the washcloth. The goat wanted the washcloth, and Ted kept taking it away. Just like Ted wants to be an architect, but the world keeps taking it away. Turns out the world was trying to take it away for a reason. The mother was in his class, which ends his plot this season. It all makes sense now though. By the end Ted makes the metaphorical leap, and Marshal and everybody else makes the literal leap to the other building. A nice season finale that didn't need a big cliffhanger for it to be good, it was good on its own. It still got me excited for next season. It was a long year, and I can't wait for the next regardless if this season was a roller coaster ride in my liking.
  • Bad bad bad bad bad

    Was anyone else hoping they would fall during the leap? As someone who is around one year younger than Ted is supposed to be, there is now very little on this show that rings true. Why would four 30 year olds want to risk death just to trepass on a neighbours roof? It doesn't mean anything, it's just stupid and far too immature for characters of this age. The goat, what was that about? It was meant to be far more important than that surely. Now Ted's future wife is going to be one of his students, give me a break. Aren't there laws against that sort of thing?
    I watched this one straight after the episode before and my rating should count as the combined total. Yet again we had a 30 year old man whining about meeting the one, I don't know any men of that age that are so self obsessed and neurotic. Go through life like that and you will end up ruining every relationship that does not come up to some crazy ideal. Oh hang on this is sitcom land we know he meets the one, I think this is me done with HIMYM, after 4 years, maybe I'll watch the episode where the mother is revealed just to see how much of a let down it will inevitably be. What is really sad, a funny show like Arrested Development can get only 3 series and get treated like s*** by it's network, and pap like this seems to go on for ever.
  • We finally found out what the goat does only to be left with a very average end to a very average season.

    This season essentially ends with Ted proclaiming that it was the best year of his life. All I can say to that is that at least someone felt that way because as a whole this season has been a real let down. Last season was aguably the funniest thing on TV that year but as this season has progressed any potential from last season is truely gone and I am worried about the future of this series.

    This week Ted struggles to get his hat shaped rib house design in on time as he has no inspiration for the job at hand. Meanwhile the rest of the gang are trying to throw him a surprise birthday party for his 31st birthday. For that night Lilly has brought the goat along to stay in the apartment as they party on the roof. But when Ted refuses to go on the roof he has a long running tussle with the goat that culminates in the goat kicking Ted's butt! Meanwhile Robin over hears Ted and Barney talkng about how Barney is in love with her, she is freaking out as she doesn'tknow how to handle it. Marshall suggests that she should "Mosby" it profess a love for Barney that will force him to back away which works until Lilly "spills the beans" on that plan and Barney's feelings come back. This leads to Robin and Barney confronting one another for some predictable results.

    The final arc in this ep was Marshall and his dream to jump from Ted's roof to next door's roof as he has been planning to do for years. All the time he is too scared to do it and he is just begging for someone to tell him to get down from the ledge. Eventually Marshall sucks it up and takes the jump to much jubilation and the rest of the gang join him on the other roof.

    This ep gives Ted's encounter with Tony two eps ago a little more gravitas but at the same time leaves you with very little to go on for next season. Ted becomes a professor at Columbia University and you now know that Ted's future wife is in the class but with over 200 people in it that's not saying much. Most shows this season stated poorly but recovered as the season continued but sadly HIMYM didn't do the same. The 5th season has to hit the grou running come September if it wants to have the viewership it currently has to continue.
  • Just AWESOME !

    what i can say about this show !! and this Great Great Touching ending ! . i really loved it . it had everything I had been hoping it would .
    - Barney is just so damn FUNNY !! - Roben was a FUNNY and HOT ! - Mrashell oh God i just love evrey time ! - Ted we Fianlly ganna see the Mother ! Note : why all the ppl wanna see the mother so fast ! tred this show like Frineds , Senifeld and any other show ! jsut let it GO ! it's running too GOOD ! . and i really can wait for the next season ! .
  • The excellent leap!

    In my view, one of the best episode of season 4. We have seen the full "long-awaited story of the goat". We have seen the new SVEN's building (I think there are not so talanted, because their second project is the huge dinasaur) But the most important, that in this episode we saw several "Leaps". Marshall's leap to another building; Barny's leap through his fear about relaitionships; Ted's leap through his prejudice of teaching job. Also there was great fight scene between Ted and Missy. This episode contains all that a like in this show: there were some hillarious jokes, some reflections, romantic scene. Great episode! 10/10
  • A very enjoyable ending to this season, leaving us with a lot more to look forward to with the new season!

    First of all, glad to see the whole gang back! And even though the scenario wasn't "extreme", such as ex-people marching in, or marriage proposals, or accidents happening, nevertheless it was very enjoyable and set the motion going for the next season!

    Ted - Glad he is taking steps forward. Liked his encouragement to Barney as well in pursuing Robin. Not sure if I agree with Lilly. Clearly Ted loves designing buildings, so shouldn't he keep pursuing his dream? (I am currently in a very similar situation! :p)

    Lilly - Good to have her back. Liked her pregnancy joke! Clearly the writers did that to tease us, as a lot have been expecting a pregnancy coming up soon!

    Marshall - What's with taking that leap? Also, I expected the owners of the other flat to call the police or something!

    Robin and Barney - Honestly, I cannot wait what those two got in store!! :D

    The goat - I loved the fight scene! It seemed so realistic! Please bring the goat back some time!

    Looking forward to next season already!! :)
  • Finally!

    I can't say I really enjoyed season 4 but the finale was very nice to watch. They all made me laugh for real and they hadn't done for quite some time.

    We still don't know who the mother is but we should definitely learn more next season with Ted becoming a professor and teaching his future wife...
    But I guess the writers will make us wait for a while since they have another 2 seasons to fill.

    I wish we had seen something more official between Barney and Robin. However their "I love you, you did it again" was hilarious!
    They are Robin and Barney, so they can't be treated like any couple. I'm curious and excited to see how things will go between them.
  • An episode that was hilarious and great metephorically. It sent chills down my back with the ending. A must see season and a must see season finale for sure!

    In a last ditch attempt to bring business to his fledgling architecture firm, Ted stays up 24 hours straight working on an pitch. With Ted refusing to leave his work, Marshall tries to lure Ted to the roof for a surprise 31st birthday party. However, before he makes it up to the roof, he is attacked by the goat Lily had rescued and left in the bathroom. After ending up in the hospital, the entire ordeal helps Ted realize that he needs to explore other career options, and he decides to take a job as a professor. Meanwhile, Barney finally decides to admit to Robin that he has feelings for her however, he is thrown when she beats him to the punch and says she is in love with him. Also, Marshall contemplates finally taking the leap from their building to a neighbor's roof.
  • 'The Leap' was definitely a very incredible season finale!

    This was definitely a great episode of HIMYM, and it was fitting for a season finale.

    I really enjoyed the concept of 'The Leap', with Marshall trying to jump across that chasm between the two buildings. The episode was quite good also, with that goat that was mentioned a while back. I really enjoyed that storyline, and it certainly provided several laughs!

    I really enjoyed the ending to this season, with the five friends leapign across the gap or chasm, and Ted commencing his new job, where he will meet his mother!

    Overall, I'd recommend this episode quite highly, as it was cpapable of preoviding several laughs. Keep it up, next season, guys!
  • Enjoyable season finale.

    Season 4 ends and we still haven`t met the mother. Well, more importantly, the show has lost some of its spark. This season has been pretty much average, specially compared to the great first 2 seasons.
    The leap gave us more clue about who the mother might be. But it`s a comedy, so I attach more importance to the funny aspect rather than the whole drama about the mother. In that aspect, the episode did provide lots of laughs. Finally we got the goat story. It was nice..the fight was pretty funny. Barney was great (pretty much as always) but not at his best. This is probably because the whole Barney-Robin thing didn`t look too good..dunno, not real enough. This had its potential but it kinda felt rushed. Anyway, Barney getting "Mosbied" was funny.
    Good to see that Marshall trying to jump scene. However if am not wrong, this was shown in a previous episode and described as one of Marshall`s biggest mistake...don`t see how. Can`t see how the meeting with with Stellar 2 eps ago was so important either.
    Overall, enjoyable..still not very impressive. Overall OK season with some great episodes, some good ones as well as bad ones. Way too much dependence on Barney-isms.
  • A very nice season finale!

    An enjoyable episode for this forth season finale. We now have another hint about Ted's future wife: she is in fact in Ted's class. I really hope in the next season we find out who she is because by now I'm too curious. Eventually Barney does his move with Robin and the scene is simply great. I'm sure funny and awesome things will happen between the two. I would have liked a nicer story for the Goat, because they talked about this Goat so many times and I guess the expectations were too high, but yet it has been another funny moment. The last scene is amazing and that leap on the roof opened many doors for this incredible show.
  • amaaaaaazing

    This episode had everything I had been hoping it would. We got to see the goat (and what a fabulous goat it was), and we finally got to see Robin and Barney address their feelings for each other, in a classic and totally in-character was definetly one of the best episodes . I was cheering with fan-gratification the entire episode - watching and waiting for all of the little details to reappear really pays off with this show! a great way to end agreat season . i cant wait for the next season i can nott wait i am crazy for this show
  • excellent episode

    This episode had everything I had been hoping it would. We got to see the goat (and what a fabulous goat it was), and we finally got to see Robin and Barney address their feelings for each other, in a classic and totally in-character way. I was cheering with fan-gratification the entire episode - watching and waiting for all of the little details to reappear really pays off with this show! One nitpick - last year, in Ted's initial memory of The Goat, Lily was very drunk and kept petting the goat; this year (when it actually happened, in the storyline) she was stone-cold sober! Other than that, I loved it and will probably rewatch it a couple of times. I can't wait for next season!
  • Yet another let-down. And where has the comedy gone?

    The first season (and to some extent, the second) played like an extended romantic comedy movie. The humour was unexpected and Ted's quest to meet The One was both touching and hopeful. But the 4th season lost its touch. Not only did the comedy become lowbrow, but a year of a depressed Ted being dumped at the altar, getting into fights, and then being mauled by a goat is not classic romantic fodder.

    The one good element of this episode was the partial resolution of the Barney/Robin romance. It's been a year in coming, and the hilarious scene in the hospital where they duck the issue before (literally) embracing it was fantastic to watch. To those who claim it didn't mean anything - they've both said "I love you" now. That's not nothing.

    But Ted's side of the story left me wanting. So what if he lost another job? So what if he got mauled by a goat - a story 3 years in the making that ended up so anti-climactic? And the hint about the mother - it really means little that she was his student at Columbia. Give us something more substantial.

    If it turns out the 4th season was an 'in-between' season to get him happy again and the comedy in the 5th season improves, all will be forgiven. But this year tried my patience.

    The writers should realise there's still a story after Ted's met the mother. How about the story of how she became the wife? After waiting this long, the fans deserve at least a season of getting to know her and that patented "happily ever after".
  • Ted Mosby sums up this season in his own words -it has been the worst year.

    I will not get fooled by the usual nostalgia stuff that all shows put in their finale installment. I will stand by the opinion I formed in the first 15 odd minutes.

    So the name of the HIMYM coined word is 'Mosby'. And we see Barney's and Robin's story revolve around this word. Barney decides to confront his feelings to Robin, she proposes her love to catch him off guard. When caught off guard Barney finds that his feelings are gone. So, how lame was that?

    Ted's , the goat, and Marshall's jump were all a part of the same elaborately unrelated nonsense they decided to throw at us, and in fact all through this season.

    Hope we get a good next season.
  • Finale brings closure to the season and sets the stage for next year

    It was legend... wait for it... dary... without giving too much away this episode finally explains the goat and gives us a reason for hoping that it would return. We also got a great teaser for the Barney/Robin relationship. They stayed true to the nature of the characters while dangling before us the possibilities... which they have to do in a finale, of course. We're that much closer to the identity of the kids mother... can't wait for next season. I'm glad they're taking Ted in a new direction. There are few things worse than a TV show that isn't willing to change up their dynamic. With this episode, they've given us a set up the smacks of change and I think that bodes well for next season.
  • Lame.

    Wait, wait, wait, they build up all this anticipation about Stella reappearing, a yellow umbrella and the goat only for it to have no importance whatsoever and Ted suddenly meeting his mother in a classroom? Let's poke a few logicholes in that.

    First of all, the man that is supposed to be the protagonist of the story, the hero of HIMYM is a pervert attracted to one of his students? Ted doesn't mind that at age 30 he went to the same party that a college student attended? And don't even get me started on the butchering of the Robin/Barney relationship. Something that could have freshened the show up but instead they postpone it yet again.

    Note to the How I Met Your Mother writers: give us something! Stop teasing these big reveals and events only to have them not happen. People are not going to keep coming back if you do that constantly. See Lost's decrease in ratings over the years as a prime example.
  • Pre-Air Anticipation -- Will we meet their mother? Is she who I think she is?

    So, as anybody who's been paying attention this season would have noticed, the momentum towards meeting Ted's future wife has been building steadily and faster than any previous season. It seems a fair bet that it's going to happen this episode, even if they don't yet say it explicitly. The last two episodes, 'Right Place Right Time' and 'As Fast as She Can' seem especially to be hinting at this and so when I saw that the next episode was entitled 'The Leap' and read the episode description, I got way more excited than anyone ever should about TV, because I finally experienced the moment when it all clicks together and it's time to bet someone $20 that I know who the mother is. If you don't want to risk even the possibility of knowing in advance, STOP READING. Of course, I could be getting who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire'd, but here's the line of reasoning. Ted's been walking around for some time now with the umbrella of his future wife. A recurring theme of the show is that they keep coming close to meeting but ultimately don't because it's not time yet. It was obvious Stella wasn't her because there's almost no chance of her being at a bar on St Patricks Day to leave her umbrella, plus the hair colour made it less likely. Also, this is the one element of the show that _has_ to have been figured out from the start, with the whole show onwards setting it up to blow a small piece of your mind away. As such, we've probably already been given a few solid hints that we were meant to forget by the time they meet. But it was the description of this episode that gave it away (if in fact it did), specifically "Meanwhile, Marshall tries to get him [Ted] up to a _rooftop_ surprise _party_." This show seems firmly in agreement with the saying "Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans" and with Ted in a career crisis and being reminded that he's definately in his 30's now, life is about to happen to him. The woman he's been searching for all this time is, in fact, the woman he's been searching for all this time. Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Moesby's future wife is the Slutty Pumpkin.