How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 11

The Limo

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

On New Year's Eve, Ted spends half of his holiday bonus to rent a limo for himself and his friends. The mission: Visit five separate parties and find the ultimate one to ring in the New Year.

Ted invites a woman from his office, who he thinks has been giving him signals she's interested in more than just being co-workers since she continually hugs him. However, like a plot from Seinfeld, this assumption proves wrong as the woman hugs anyone and everyone who climbs into the limo for any reason.

Robin has plans to ring in the New Year with her boyfriend and leaves the gang to their party search. Barney has his ultimate mix CD to get everyone in the party mood.

The first party goes well but Ted is undaunted--he wants to check out the other four. Barney picks up a woman with an Eastern European accent who is promptly left behind at the second party. Robin calls and asks to be picked up since her boyfriend is working on New Year's Eve, to which Ted quickly agrees. Robin is hungry and the gang agrees to hit a hot dog shop. Lily takes advantage of this opportunity to change shoes and is separated from the group. Marshall goes looking for her.

The gang meets a man who looks like Mobey who takes them to a special party. Turns out the guy isn't Mobey but instead a crazy man who carries a gun and steals Barney's mix CD. The gang quickly abandons him. The limo gets a flat tire, derailing the plan. Lily catches up with the group but they can't contact Marshall since the phone circuits are all overloaded on New Year's Eve.

Ted's date ask him how long he's been in love with Robin and leaves.

Just as it seems the whole evening is a bust, Marshall shows up--turns out he went looking for the gang at the Mobey party, where he got back Barney's mix CD. The tire is fixed and they speed off to a party, only to get stuck in traffic. Barney's date wasn't lots but is instead up front, asleep. She wakes up in time for midnight. Ted pulls out champagne and is ready to toast everyone and kiss Robin (the two agreed to kiss each other first at midnight) when her boyfriend shows up. Being the ood man out with no one to kiss, Ted leaves the gang to their celebration, only to have Robin come after him. The two share a kiss at midnight.