How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 23

The Magician's Code, Part One

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Really great and really funny!

    This episode definitely lived up to my expectatiosn of it. I thought it was really awesome and a new life is born! I also thought it was really hilarious, with great sceens like Barney's 'No Motorcycles on the Casino Floor' sign in Atlantic City, all the old people on the bus, the great scenes with the new door at the bar, and all the hilarious stories along the way!

    Definitely the best episode in a long time, and I can't wait for Part 2!
  • Simply... Waitforit... disappointing...

    Oh well, Lily was in labor and Marshall out of reach. So it was up to Robin and Ted to comfort her while Barney and Marshall tried to get back to New York. Of course Marshall got there just in time for little Marvin's birth and giving him the most stupid middle name ever...

    However, the comedic value of this episode was completely lost upon me:

    - apparently, Lily had to act like a horse or had to be treated like one by Robin, eating carrots, sugar cubes, getting groomed... I don't know, I guess I didn't get it. My ears kept ringing throughout the episode from Lily's howling and neighing though...

    - Lily asked Robin and Ted to distract her with stories from her pain. From the cursed trousers, Not Neil Young, the magic door, they were all boring... Maybe Barney's naked Terminator in the alley was not that bad. Classic Barney...

    - and I don't even want to start with Marshall and Barney's adventure. In this season the writers played the "let's get our characters drunk and let's make them do stupid things" way too often...

    - Barney got to choose the baby's middle name because he got Marshall back to Lily just in time. And it was Waitforit...

    In the end, there was just nothing behind this magic door...
  • Ted and Robin improvise while Marshall tries to make it back for the birth of his son.

    We pick up from where we left off two weeks ago with Lily on the phone announcing she is in labor. Ted and Robin take her to the hospital and try to comfort her by telling her nice stories, which was the recurring theme of the episode. My favorites were the "Where does the door go to?" and "Barney the Terminator" stories. I got curious to know what the door led to but as the episode dragged on I started realizing it wouldn't be anything. Surely, it was just a closet. Disappointing but funny at the same time. In the mean time, a historically drunk Marshall must get back to New York City. They finally get on a bus but turns out it's going to Buffalo filled with a bunch of senior citizens with a driver who "can only stop if it's an emergency". However, they all overhear Barney pleading his and Marshall's case and each stand up and say, "I'm having a heart attack!" This was my favorite part of the entire episode. Such a funny and creative way that Marshall was able to get to his son's birth. The parts with Lily and her dad were funny, too. Overall, a great episode although I'm assuming it was called "The Magician's Code" as well was because it was aired in the same hour as the real season finale.
  • Part 1

    Loved it! the little stories they kept telling were brilliant especially barney doing the terminator! Cant wait to see Marvin Waitforit Eriksen in season 8!
  • The Magician's Code (1)

    I thought part one was nice!The different stories weren't really all that entertaining, but Marshall and Barney's part of the episode made up for it. I did love any scene with Lily's dad in it though. And of course the very first appearance of Marvin Waitforit Eriksen made the episode good!