How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 24

The Magician's Code, Part Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Heading off to the finale season

    Now season 7 isnt the final season but Season 8 will most probably will be. There were some revelations and cliffhangers. The main thing about this finale was that it was funny very funny the jokes stick and there wasnt a non funny part. Though you may hear complaints about the storyline. Part 1 was a funny storyline and it ended great though Part 2 though a great storyline had rough endings. The endings consisted of the revealing of barney's wife (Robin) even after he proposed to Quinn. This will send barney in a loop which is how we see Barney and quinn break up and Barney and robin hook up. The other story was Ted calling victoria. Victoria just left the wedding she was supposed to be at only to be with ted. Ted drives her back to the wedding saying he doesnt want clause to suffer the same pain he did. Though in the end Ted changes his mind and drives off with victoria off to the sunset.

    This leads another twist in how Ted is going to dump victoria for the Eventual mother.
  • Faith in HIMYM restored


    Even though I am a huge fan of the show, I must admit that season 7 was not as good as the previews 6. It was a little bit more serious one might say, focusing on how the characters are going through situations in order to grow up. That left no room for funny scenes, everything was more settle, but I think that's the beauty of the show, it shows the life of a gang in a realistic way, with ups and downs.

    Now about the season finale, that was a whole other story. It was not boring at all, things were happening all the time, funny stories were being told, and you got the feeling you grow up with them too, by remembering all the things they've been through. The first part with the birth of Marvin was funny and sweet and it marked the beginning of a new era for them.

    The second part was like good old days HIMYM. Personally I am so excited about the ending and I loved the cliff hangers. Until the last time I was bitting my nails to see who is the bride and at the end I was so happy! It was a good season finale, cause on the one hand it seems like new stories are unfolding but on the other, everything seem to get their ways and we are heading to the (probably) final season

    The writers of this show are so clever introducing Victoria again, using her as the distraction for Teds (still) secret love for Robin. This is why the show starts with Robin, its a quest for Ted to become prepared to meet his wife and he cant as long as Robin is still available, which is where Barney fits in.
  • Fantastic Ending

    The ending was amazing! The way they built up the story throughout the episode made the ending that much more surprising and enjoyable. I don't see how you can hate Barney or Robin. Obviously Robin was going to end up with either Ted or Barney otherwise it would have been a mess trying to fit 3 separate stories together so that each 3 would have a happy ending when the show finally ends. Another thing is Robin ending up with Barney is not set in stone. An earlier episode had Ted saying that the next time he told somebody "I love you" after he told Robin "I love you" on the rooftop would be the kids mother. Well in this episode Ted jokingly said I love you to Robin in the waiting room. There is no way the writers accidently put that line in there.
  • Happy for Robin & Barney

    I love that Robin & Barney end up together, I knew they would, but I'm happy to actually see it. Overall good season. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Twists

    In what was supposed to be a surprise ending, I wasn't surprised at all. Which was somewhat of a letdown for me.

    Before the ending, I realized one simple idea: Ted is supposed to meet the fabled mother at Robin's wedding, and this makes perfect sense. For all 7 seasons, Ted has been hung up one way or another, with Robin. Victoria called it on the money in season 6 when she said Ted always goes back to Robin. It is *only* with Robin's wedding that Ted will ever be able to get her to the point, in his mind, where she is completely unavailable. Once that happens, Ted can finally be open to meeting the right girl who will become the mother.

    It would be nice in season 8 to see a bit of Robin and Barney's life together as a married couple - there are some great story ideas that could come from that. And with Robin out of the picture, we can finally see Ted take up with the lady who will soon be the mother - a lady he would never have noticed or acted upon if Robin had still been available. I am looking forward to the next season!
  • Great

    SPOILER ALERT... naturally

    In my opinion this was the best episode of the season and I really hope they try to keep the next season's every episode as great as this. The first half of these two episodes concentrated on Marshall and Barney trying to get to NY while in NY Robin and ted try to calm Lily by telling stories. (The Stinsonator was great)

    The second half on the other hand concentrated on Barney and Quinn's Hawaii trip and Ted's Victoria adventures while Robin tries to take a good picture of Marshall, Lily and their baby. In my opinion the scene where Barney proposed was one of the greatest I have seen in HIMYM ever.

    Then the big plot "twist"... Barney's bride is Robin.. Woah! That's a big surprise! Personally I don't see why anyone would think that they belong together BUT if the writers can somehow make it work and FUN (this is a sitcom) then I'll go with it.

    I did expect Barney and Robin to end up together from the moment they revealed that Barney would get married. I still think that "two friends end up together" is a lazylazylazy and clichd move and that's why I rated the episode 8

  • Season 8, cant wait!

    First of all, best show in the world,


    Season 7 felt more like we were waiting to find out barneys bride than teds. Ted needs to stop relapsing to his past relationships and start moving forward.

    In season 8 i see barney getting highly serious with quinn, and so will robin with her new mystery partner (possibly the guy from season 6) and towards the middle them both leaving theyre partners for eachother.

    I know everyone wants the show to wrap up, but im really hoping for a ninth season!!

    I cannot wait any longer for the new season but i know itll be fantastuc. (:
  • Barney surprises Quinn on their trip to Hawaii and Ted catches up with Victoria.

    I have to admit, everything in this two-part season finale was so crazy and fast-moving, but my favorite of all Ted's girlfriends, Victoria, reappeared, so it's okay. The others strongly encouraged him to meet up with Victoria and see if she ever did get married. Turns out, they meet up on her wedding day but she's freaking out and proposes she and Ted run off into the sunset. Although I still wish Victoria would somehow turn out to be the mother, I didn't want it to be this sudden and I certainly didn't want Victoria to give up her fiance at the altar. Ted, who's been in the groom's situation understands and later decides to drive Victoria back to the church. I got really upset. Over the years, I (we) have watched Ted screw himself so many times with his own decisions. I couldn't believe he was almost making the same mistake again. So thankfully, he decided to skip the church and run off with Victoria anyway. I was so happy, I seriously high fived my sister who was watching also. This should create an exciting Season 8, which is likely to be the last. However, I hope Victoria isn't around for just few episodes. I think somehow the writers can work Victoria out to be the mother. Meanwhile, Robin struggles to get a good picture of the new "family" for a birth announcement card. She finally does with them all in bed sleeping, I thought that was great. Barney's storyline was the namesake of the episode but didn't find it too funny (or sane either) but had its great moments and ultimately ended with him and Quinn engaged. We can see Robin's upset when they break the news to the others, but the writers confirms what we all thought was going to happen - Barney marrying Robin. The thing now: How will Barney and Quinn get unengaged and him and Robin engaged and ready for a wedding in one season? Like I said, should be a great Season 8 in what is a speculated final season for this great show.
  • The Magician's Code (2)

    I thought that this episode was good too! It wasn't much of a surprise with Barney proposing to Quinn, since naturally the flashforward to the Wedding was pretty much pointing to the trick somehow resulting in Quinn and Barney's engagement. I wasn't even shocked when the bride turned around and it was Robin, but nevertheless I got extremely excited lol. I was rooting for Ted when he said he was going to return Victoria to her wedding because he knew what it felt like to get left at the altar, but I was like "never mind!" when he drove straight past it lol. Good season finale!
  • Possible Spoiler Alert...

    Does anybody else think that the mother could be Barney's sister...... well half sister? There was an episode where Barney's father showed him a photo of his brothers and sisters.... the oldest is in college and lives on campus.... she cold have quite easily have been in the class on Ted's first day as a professor.... its also not unreasonable to assume that Ted would meet her for the first Time at Barney's Wedding...... Thoughts?

    The episode itself , i thought was great... finally something related to the main story arc has happened... i believe i'm also in the minority an believe that Barney should have married Quinn..... but i think there is something not quite right with the wedding as Ted refers to it as "The wedding day that went terribly wrong" so maybe Barney and Robin don't get Married!!

    Either way should be an interesting Season 8.....
  • Can't decide if I liked or hated it

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This episode was good, but I don't know, I still like the season 6 finale better. For the stuff that happened in this episode, its very clear it's either going to work out or not, so my feelings are undecided.

    First, the Ted and Victoria stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I always liked Victoria, she seems like she'd be a good match for Ted.

    But, but, BUT. She doesn't attend college at Columbia. Ted doesn't meet her at Barney's wedding. And to our knowledge, she doesn't play bass guitar.

    So Victoria can't be the mother. So.... what is going on, exactly?

    I get why Ted would want to run off with Victoria. His best friends just had a baby and she is the only girl where the bridge hasn't been effectively burned (I did like in this episode that Ted and Robin are close to being back to their normal rhythm, with Robin listing off the things wrong with his long-term relationships, Zoey's being other than the obvious "and wore a lot of stupid hats!" "Hats were in that year!" Ted protests). But Future Ted has told us that Robin was the last girl he said I love you to before The Mother, so this whatever with Victoria can't last long. Will she be gone halfway through the season 8 premiere?

    The Marshall and Lily stuff was adorbs, I knew from a mile away they were gonna name the baby after Marshall's pops and the picture Robin got of them all sleeping together was great.

    Now the Barney stuff. I know I'm in the minority, but I wanted Barney to marry Quinn. I actually wouldn't have minded if he married Nora, but Nora is too nice and classy of a gal that at some point or another, the point that she was a good girl would become too much for her or Barney. But Quinn was twisted and wily and a good match for him. But I had a hunch that if they took the time to show us him proposing to her that she wouldn't be his bride, because then the surprise of who-is-Barney's-bride would be gone (also, why would she want to talk to Ted before getting married?)

    Again, I'm in the minority, but I didn't want Barney to marry Robin. Partially because despite the hurriance baby, I think Barney would be a good dad and wanted to see him and Quinn have little blonde babies together, but also because Barney and Robin seemed to have run their course. I mean it really feels like there's nothing left to say there. (but I know no one else feels that way).

    I'm wrong in that instance anyhow, so we'll have to see what season 8 brings.
  • ....I could be wrong but...

    Didn't the writers promise to at least show us the mother at the end of this season?
  • Pretty funny and really interesting!

    The whole absolutely great magic trick was just hilarious and I just loved that whole thing!

    But there were some huge twists at the death! Very interesting stuff indeed! Not that I disliked Quinn - I actually liked her a lot - but this was still a great way to conclude the season, and I can't ewait for the next season!
  • Mehh it was ok

    I love how mature Barney is now and Lily and Marshall becoming parents. But Victoria AGAIN?? its getting boring now and i LOVE HIMYM but we all know the mother isn't her and its going to end badly. It's great that Robin's the bride but am kind of wishing that it was Quinn.
  • best episodes of the season

    i loved it, i was hoping barney and robin would end up together so YAY!

    But when marshall was saying at the end just before you meet the Bride:"Its been a long road but i guess it makes sense..." I thought the bride was going to turn out to be Victoria which would have been awesome! :D
  • Misdirection done right.

    This was a good episode. But I did notice one thing and I am not sure if it has been mentioned.

    The start of the episode has ted being asked to see the bride while he is in the room with Barney (groom). We see Ted walking to a door and ready to open it. No conversation with Marshal or anyone between the walk from Barneys room to the door about to be opened.

    Flash forward to the end of the episode. Ted is talking to Marshal before going to this door and opening it to see Robin (bride) inside.

    This seems good and fine BUT. The door Ted is about to open at the start of the episode is very clearly NOT the door he opened at the end of the episode. Simply compare the two shots and you will see the door at the start in a hall way with a turn in the hallway directly behind Ted. While at the end of the episode the door Ted opens is in a large room with a door (double door) in the background shot and no hallway.

    So either this is some kind of mistake in shooting this episode or it could be something else. This can lead to so much guessing. Double wedding, final shot is from another time and not Barneys wedding, Robin went nuts and killed Quin and stole the dress?

    All in all I would say that this episode was made to misdirect everyone first.

    BTW - kids kill shows. I give it one last season before it is done for good. The moment Lily had the pregnancy on the show was the moment I knew it had one last season. Even TV writers know not to introduce kids in already popular shows.
  • something i dont understand

    in one of the previous episodes - dont remember which exact episode but i think it was in s7e20 trilogy time - we see barney and quinn some years after they met getting in on at barney's house. So if that happened, how is barney marrying robin now? I think there will be another twist here, something like a double wedding or the bride will come through the door behind robin or something. I just still do not believe that robin will be the one to marry barney.
  • Secret Crush

    Everyone is wondering ... OoOoiee i wonder how Barney is gonna break up with Quinn so he can be with Robin .... Well.. i think there is gonna be a reappearance of Robin's secret crush from "Hopeless" episode. i'm kinda disappointed with how the story is going... i was a Robin-Barney fan back in season 4 however when Barney met Nora i wanted Barney to go with Nora.. especially when Robin rejected him for Kevin. That basically made me an unofficial Robin fan. But i knew Nora and Barney couldn't have possibly been together because Nora didn't really love Barney but more so wanted to change him ... also they didn't have alot of onscreen scenes together... whereas Quinn loved and accepted Barney regardless of what he is.... i guess Quinn was the woman who changed Barney and that was her purpose in the show.... to be honest I'd rather Ted go with Robin but.... no its Barney and Robin ... soo sad ... im glad Ted is back with hope in his journey to finding "the one" but as for Robin ang Barney... not sooo glad :( hmmm i enjoyed this episode however the ending i knew it was gonna be Robin soo yea i was just hoping for more Barney-Quinn eps :( sad face
  • Character Build Up FAIL

    Quinn is now the whole Nora thing all over again. Robin is now the slut. She doesn't know what she wants until somebody else has it. I don't like how Robin's character turned out and i don't like how the producers promote or encourage the characters indecisiveness which ruins the whole essence of the story telling. The character of Robin is now plain annoying.

    The three star rating is for Marvin. I virtually give this episode a ZERO rating.

    Just my two cents, no harm intended..
  • I've had enough...(spoilers)

    All im going to say is this: Throughout the show I was a stalwart defender of it's plots, it's characters, it's jokes and all of the quirky things that made this show so great. But the last episode was the final straw! Im absolutely sick of the way Ted has turned into a wimpy pathetic character, there is nothing new and original about the show anymore.The main thing that just......ticks me off so much is that they follow a new character's trail, then deem it irrelevant by showing that the storyline goes down a completely different path. Why even BOTHER with Quinn's introduction as a character, when they reveal that even though Barney proposed to her, we all know he's going to end up marrying Robin!!!! I loved Nora and hoped Barney ended up with her, not Robin; I loved Quinn and hoped Barney ended up with her, not Robin. I even loved the fact Barney has changed his ways and is looking to settle down, I think that's great. No longer is the audience enthralled with whats going to happen with the characters and the storyline. Instead, we're treated to unappealing, failed attempts at relationships, seemingly pointless detours from the main aim of the show and dull and embarressing screenplay. So like I said at the start of this rant, I was a stalwart defender through all the rubbish this show endured over the years. Now I say to the producers and creators: "I'm sorry, but this show is finished......."
  • Ambivalent

    Well - first things first: Yay to Mashall and Lily! And yay to Ted too - Victoria is great and I really hope she's the mother (writers - she better be, don't screw this up!). And I also wanted to say a yay for Quinn and Barney - they really are a perfect match, but then we see Robin in a weddingdress at "Barneys wedding". Please don't let this be what everyone assumes it is! I agree with a former commentator that I don't like the woman Robin is being turned in to. And if she broke up Barney and Quinn, that would be the saddest thing ever. However, I don't want to jump to conclusions - maybe it's a double wedding? That would work - how about if she goes back to the shrink-guy she dumped earlier in the season, kind of like Ted went back to Victoria... that could work. Please?
  • And again and again and again...

    So this was just another episode of twists and turns to drag the story out. Where is the fun in that?

    So Barney proposed to Quinn, something I've actually been waiting for ever since she showed up, she did seem like the perfect fit for him. The proposal was a bit over the top, but it was Barney, so what...

    And then Robin got Ted to call Victoria because she was the one who could have been the one he is looking for. Because that's so Robin and so Ted to revisit his failed relationships and cling to them. Absolutely pointless, but I guess we need to kill some time. Good for Ted, Victoria wasn't married yet, bad for him, she showed up in her wedding dress. Because of course, it was her wedding day, but she had been wondering about him all these months and wanted NOW to leave her soon-to-be husband for him. Yup, absolutely believable...

    There was this promise to get back to Barney's wedding in this finale and to reveal his bride. So they actually did and bummer, it was not Quinn, but Robin. Because Barney and Robin have been such a great couple, meant for each other or whatever. I guess I was never a huge fan, especially with all the drama involved, so whatever...

    I just felt this episode was a huge letdown, especially as a season finale. A huge disappointment. All these looks into the future, teasing developments, they kill it. Barney and Quinn will be done eventually, Ted and Victoria don't have a future either. What a waste of time...



    I really wanted it not to be Robin, this show have fallen into the classic routine, and as soon as it revealed the bride to be Robin, I was disappointed

    This show has always been good about piecing things together, so how about the "kids, don't invite your exs to your wedding part"? Ted is Robin's ex so why the hell is he at the wedding?

    I mean, Barnie said to Robin "you are almost as messed up as I am", and choose to be with Kevin, I get that, she need to feel good about herself and work out some stuff. and like how she's been struggling through her issues, so has Barnie, thus more the reason for them not to get together again.

    Yes, there will be fans out there who doesn't agree, but HIMYM is one of those shows that balanced reality and fairy tale very well (yes for parts, its exaggerated, but they do it in a "I see what you did there" sort of way). It differed because it doesn't follow the cliche lines of traditional sitcomes and lastly at the end of the season, I have to say, the show's making compromise.

    Also, Ted's just getting boring, yes yes, his whole action is set out to be as predictable as ever. Sigh.... I'll keep watching, but really, this episode let me down...

  • Worst Cliffhanger

    The 2 episodes were a solid 9/10 .But the last 5 seconds ruined the whole thing.

    Everyone expected the finale to be about Barney's wedding.And for the last couple of episodes (including this one), it was almost verified that Quinn was the perfect match for Barney.He even proposed to her in this episode (a sweet one actually), but it turns out that the bride is.......Robin ! It was just shocking, whenever these two are united it makes up for one of the worst episodes in the entire shows history (starting episodes of Season 5 for example). The writers tried out the relation this season too, but it still wasnt any good.They both dont match!

    And why the twist ? Ted hooking up with Victoria is yet another story that we know how its going to end.Victoria isnt the girl for Ted.Actually the writers have said Ted meets the 'Mother' at Barney's wedding.

    Why are theses guys pulling the story this much? Its being said that the whole story of how Barney & Robin got together for the wedding will be explained in the next season.Wasnt that what was supposed to be done in THIS season?

    More details on the next season have the following plot points:

    1-Robin hooking up with another fellow and leaving him for Barney.

    2-Ted meeting the mother would not be the finale.The meeting would be at the halfway point of the season.

    3-Season 9 is being planned.(not verified)

    My main frustration with this show is that they have been needlessly stretching this show over its limit.This season was overall average.Why pull of relations and give so much priority to them if you have no mind to keep them? And that too not once or twice but too many times.Many a times from being Ted's story the focus is completely shifted towards Barney's life.The focus paid to Lilly & Marshall is quite appropriate ,even Robin is given the proper attention.But this season we all expected the attention to be slightly more on Barney since we knew at the end of this season he would get married (either to Robin or some other woman) ,so it wasnt bothersome when Quinn was brought in and paraded around as a sure bride.But then just dashing such a plot within seconds by showing that Robin eventually gets Barney results to a couple of dull episodes to the start of next season since we all know Quinn wont be sticking around for too long and her departure is inevitable.That also leads lack of interest on Robin's relationship prior to the wedding.

    Final Point- Cheap tricks are being played by HIMYM.And that will cost the show its fans.
  • the show has become a mockery, a disrespectful charade...

    Spoiler alert... if you think the series is worth something these days.

    I admit I started as a fan. I thought "this is a great show, hope it lasts forever". But time went by, and the same jokes, and routines, and incoherent stories are... just boring!

    This season (as others before it) has been all about blah blah blah. Nothing really interesting is happening, nothing surprising, nothing worth watching. For me, it's just the name of a formerly good series. And until yesterday, that was enough. But no more.

    Yet not everything has been bad this season. The only GOOD thing it has offered, is Quinn. Besides being beautiful, she is really funny. Unlike Robin, who looks WAY TO THIN and lacks the "spirit" she showed on the first seasons.

    On the other hand, THE WORSE of this season has been the ABSOLUTE LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE VIEWERS. It's not like they are trying to "surprise" as with twists or awesome plots, but instead it's like a mockery in which the producers/writers/or-who-ever-call-the-shots enjoy telling us a story, then change it, then change it back again, and so on... until it's just stupid.

    Last night episode was that. A mockery. A charade. A proof of what happens when a good show lasts more than it's intended to. There are no ideas on how to continue the story (besides revealing - alas- who's the mother... DUH!), so it becomes a circling back and forth. Nothing worth watching. Plain and simple.

    And, don't get me wrong... I do laugh with the jokes. I mean, I guess we all do. But for laughter I can just live my life, which boring as it may be is still more thrilling than stories lacking sense and just having glimpses of comedy in it.

    So, in the end, worse season ever, worse episode ever, worse season finale ever, and, if you keep on mocking the audience, this "formerly" AMAZING SHOW is about to become another living proof that greed is, once again, the reason why current TV S**KS!