How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 24

The Magician's Code, Part Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS

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    I really wanted it not to be Robin, this show have fallen into the classic routine, and as soon as it revealed the bride to be Robin, I was disappointed

    This show has always been good about piecing things together, so how about the "kids, don't invite your exs to your wedding part"? Ted is Robin's ex so why the hell is he at the wedding?

    I mean, Barnie said to Robin "you are almost as messed up as I am", and choose to be with Kevin, I get that, she need to feel good about herself and work out some stuff. and like how she's been struggling through her issues, so has Barnie, thus more the reason for them not to get together again.

    Yes, there will be fans out there who doesn't agree, but HIMYM is one of those shows that balanced reality and fairy tale very well (yes for parts, its exaggerated, but they do it in a "I see what you did there" sort of way). It differed because it doesn't follow the cliche lines of traditional sitcomes and lastly at the end of the season, I have to say, the show's making compromise.

    Also, Ted's just getting boring, yes yes, his whole action is set out to be as predictable as ever. Sigh.... I'll keep watching, but really, this episode let me down...

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