How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 24

The Magician's Code, Part Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Worst Cliffhanger

    The 2 episodes were a solid 9/10 .But the last 5 seconds ruined the whole thing.

    Everyone expected the finale to be about Barney's wedding.And for the last couple of episodes (including this one), it was almost verified that Quinn was the perfect match for Barney.He even proposed to her in this episode (a sweet one actually), but it turns out that the bride is.......Robin ! It was just shocking, whenever these two are united it makes up for one of the worst episodes in the entire shows history (starting episodes of Season 5 for example). The writers tried out the relation this season too, but it still wasnt any good.They both dont match!

    And why the twist ? Ted hooking up with Victoria is yet another story that we know how its going to end.Victoria isnt the girl for Ted.Actually the writers have said Ted meets the 'Mother' at Barney's wedding.

    Why are theses guys pulling the story this much? Its being said that the whole story of how Barney & Robin got together for the wedding will be explained in the next season.Wasnt that what was supposed to be done in THIS season?

    More details on the next season have the following plot points:

    1-Robin hooking up with another fellow and leaving him for Barney.

    2-Ted meeting the mother would not be the finale.The meeting would be at the halfway point of the season.

    3-Season 9 is being planned.(not verified)

    My main frustration with this show is that they have been needlessly stretching this show over its limit.This season was overall average.Why pull of relations and give so much priority to them if you have no mind to keep them? And that too not once or twice but too many times.Many a times from being Ted's story the focus is completely shifted towards Barney's life.The focus paid to Lilly & Marshall is quite appropriate ,even Robin is given the proper attention.But this season we all expected the attention to be slightly more on Barney since we knew at the end of this season he would get married (either to Robin or some other woman) ,so it wasnt bothersome when Quinn was brought in and paraded around as a sure bride.But then just dashing such a plot within seconds by showing that Robin eventually gets Barney results to a couple of dull episodes to the start of next season since we all know Quinn wont be sticking around for too long and her departure is inevitable.That also leads lack of interest on Robin's relationship prior to the wedding.

    Final Point- Cheap tricks are being played by HIMYM.And that will cost the show its fans.