How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 9

The Naked Man

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • The Naked Man

    The idea of "Naked Man" was brought up by Mitch, the guy whom Robin slept with, making this episode really funny and the best among the rest. I never expected the short guy Mitch could be able to let the gang tried out "Naked Man", and there is another thing i really saluted of him, He Can Make Robin Slept With Him! Even until the end of the story, I could not know the real factor which caused Robin to sleep with Mitch. The quote "This works two out of three times" even made me laughing, rolling on the floor. It was just too funny, and it became even funnier, when it turned out Barney failed the "Naked Man". Overall, this episode was pretty cool, not merely because of sex, but the idea of Naked Man works.
  • The best episode of this season yet!

    This episode is finally a good one again! It almost entirely focuses on sex, but the writers and the actors of this show are so talented, this totally works for this one. It's definitely the funniest episode of the 4th season yet and the screenplay is one of the best I've seen in this series. Every actor was good, but I especially enjoyed Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor and - as practically always - Neil Patrick Harris. Courtney Ford made a great guest appearance as well. Thus, I consider this the very best episode of this season to this point - by far.
  • This works 2 out 3 times

    When Ted and Robin who broke up, he took some time to get over it. He has done the same with Stella. This time it was different. The first women he hooked up with was a 1994 Courtney Love (according to Barney) which because of what happened with her he eventually ended with Stella. I find it interesting that when things ended with Stella, he was broken down and with Robin he seemed more free. This time he finds a women. And that's how the episode started.

    Robin ends up finding someone and not someone you would expect. Robin tries to make things work with this guy is kind of callback when he dated this nerd-like guy from season 1. I think Robin tried to make things work with Mitch not because just to prove Marshall wrong but what she was going through herself. I think it's a cute way how Robin and Ted try to tell each other they are hooking up with someone. The list that Lilly made with the help of her friends to hooking up other then love were pretty good. I liked that Marshall tried sticking to his guns.

    It was kind of mini suspense when Ted, Barney and Lilly tried the naked man. Although it was not any suspense with Lilly. True to Mitch's word this worked two out of three times. I wonder if this actually works. My only complaint about this episode was that at the start it gave you some thought that this women that Ted would be serious with. I also liked the ideas how Ted and Barney discussed their ideas for the naked man. I also liked how Mitch knows that Robin is out of his league Anyway this was another wonderful and funny episode.
  • The gang tries The Naked Man.


    "The Naked Man" is an awesome episode. I love how Ted asks out a woman named Vicky in the elevator and she accepts. I love how Ted comes home, he finds a naked guy sitting on his couch. I love how he shares with Ted about The Naked Man, which means if you're date isn't going so well, get naked and you'll increase your chance of getting laid because the other person will think it's adorable. I love how everyone tries The Naked Man, and everyone, but Barney succeeds. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Robin's blind date, Mitch, tells the guys that posing naked to a girl will get you laid 2/3 times guarenteed. The Group try it to see if it actually works.

    This ep has probably been the best of the season in the comedy stakes with a great premise that sees all the gangs get a few laugh out loud moments.

    Ted gets over Stella by asking Vikki, a girl he meets on the elevator, out to dinner. Things get interesting when Ted opens up to his apartment to see a naked man that Robin has invited in. Mitch (the naked man) tell Ted that if a date is going bad you strip naked and this will help you get the girl into bed, he guarentees that it works 2/3 of the time.

    Barney decides he will undertake the challenge of naked man and tries to convince Ted to do the same. Meanwhile Lilly is trying to find 50 reasons to have sex as Marshall believes the only good reason is love. This is only a minor arc in the story but I think it was a good one as Marshall finally got his best lines since the burger episode.

    When Ted realizes that Vikki is all wrong for him he attempts the naked man as the way of getting over Stella. Mitch tells the gang that it works 2/3 of the time and he is right with Ted, Barney and Lilly giving it a go. One fails and holds up Mitch's rule, a truely funny ep and I can only hope that this ep starts a trend for the rest of the season.
  • Ted meets Mitch, who is naked in his apartment as a ploy to sleep with Robin. The gang then discusses all the reasons to have sex.

    So I want to start off by saying that I was walking through the bookstore yesterday and purchased "The Bro Code", and so far it is great and funny.

    So this episode started with a montage of awkward moments Ted has witnessed entering his apartment over the years, including May's goat incident. The funniest for me was watching Barney in a water tank, mainly cause I had to ask why and how.

    What I loved about this episode is in a way it paid homage to the Ugly Naked Guy from Friends. Then there was Robin who made an effort to not be looked down upon by her friends and pursued a relationship with Mitch, who was totally not into Robin.

    Ted was all about moving on, and that is when he met Vicky, a woman in the elevator. Vicky seemed nice, until she freaked out about the waiter spilling something, then Ted realized he could pull off 'The Naked Man' but then he noticed she liked architechture and the same poetry he does, and quickly re-robed, then disrobed once again when he learned the book belonged to a friend.

    The best was the list Lily was determined to list the 50 reasons to have sex, it was great to hear the gang list them out, and in the end she and Marshall decided that number 50 was because you love someone. Funny because in the beginning Marshall was chastised for his belief that you have to be in love to have sex. While that technically went against the initial reason for the list, it again reminded of the Friends episode where Ross had to name all the 50 states.

    Overall, this was a pretty funny episode, I think what topped it off was the fact that I had begun to read The Bro Code.
  • Ted arrives home to find Mitch, Robins date, naket on his couch

    I loved this episode! It was a fine example of what makes How I Met Your Mother great. There was a good storyline the whole way through (unlike the burger episode), great jokes and a slight advance in the overall plot.

    This was one of the first episodes of How I Met Your Mother that had me in stitches laughing. I loved the way that Barney said The Naked Man and it made it even better by the fact that he was the only person who it didn't work for. Lily's list was a great idea (maybe another book for next Christmas like The Bro Code?) and Marshal calling Robin a slut was priceless.

    Even though this was a great episode I still feel aggrieved that Barney has just forgotten that he is in love with Robin. Surely he should have been jealous about the Naked Man? Even with this I still really enjoyed this episode but just hope the Barney-Robin Storyline will be progressed in future episodes.
  • The gang meets NAKED MAN.

    Wow. Finally, a masterpiece from HIMYM. After a lot of lackluster episodes this season, this one really made me wonder what had gotten into the heads of the writers all these days. This was exactly how the show started.

    There was no dearth of laughs right from the elevator scene till the super man type finish. The naked man concept where a guy who has had a bad date can get laid 2/3rd of the time, if he bares it all to the girl was a little gross at first, nevertheless- the way the carried on the story on those lines was unbelievable. Ted, Lily, and Barney try to use this tactic, and Ted and Lily get laid, while Barney get kicked out his date's place.

    There were some portion that really make you laugh your guts out. One would include Ted and Barney's conversation over the phone, as to what pose they'll strike when their dates see them naked. The hyper-dramatization of the 'naked man' was one other part I loved. Lily wasn't very funny this time around, with all her list-making scenes. Well, the less screen time she got justifies the ends.

  • Certainly had its moments.

    Certainly had its moments. And most of them belonged to Barney.

    The naked man concept was weird at first - and seemed a bit far fetched even for HIMYM. But somehow they actually made it funny. Well - actually, Barney made it funny. From his insistence on pushing Ted into the naked man, to his handling the aftermath of his own mission and subsequent suit-rejection.

    At least it saved us enduring constant naked-man from Stinson.

    The girl Ted liked was uber-hot and failed to convince me of her nasty side. Her hit at Ted's sensitive side was good, though.

    Lilly was out of character, but Marshall played the out-of-type role of big softie to perfection.

    Nicely done, but overall a "meh" episode.

    Ted comes into his apartment and sees Robyn's date sitting on the couch completely NAKED. lol. He tells Ted that if you appear naked in front of a girl it will get you laid two out of three times. So, Robyn of course sleeps with him. So then, Ted tells the gang about this and Barney, Ted, and Lily try it. Ha. It was so funny. Ted's worked. Lily's worked. And Barney got kicked of his date's house NAKED... LOL. Then Robyn tries to prove that she didn't just sleep with him because he was nude. So she takes him to the gang to prove and then everyone thanks them and they find out about Barney and he says. 2 OUT OF 3 TIMES!!! HAHA
  • Naked man works!

    Great episode. Naked man is definitely the best episode of the season so far. Felt like a Season 1/2 episode and all the characters were funny....even that Mitch guy. Naked Man story is great...having Barney and Ted try it out was hilarious. Some great moments in here like the poses or Ted`s date. The start of the episode was...well pretty dull. I thought Ted would go into yet another annoying relationship but it all ended pretty well. It was annoying when Ted saw that poem book and was going to back down but here again, things worked out well. I don`t think the show needs another long relationship for Ted. I don`t think Stellar brought any good to the show....I`m glad she`s gone, so another long relationship for Ted just now won`t be a good idea imo.
  • One of the funniest episodes I have ever seen!

    When Ted walks in to find Robin's date sitting on the couch naked, he stumbles onto a phenomenon that revolutionizes the gang's concepts on the art of seduction. For Ted has discovered "The Naked Man": a move on a first date that involves waiting until the woman leaves the room and then stripping nude in hopes that when she returns, she'll be charmed by the man's bravado and decide to sleep with him. I loved this whole episode. My favorite part of the episode was when Ted and Barney were trying to find out which pose to use haha! Anyway this is an amazing episode and a series classic. Its a must see!
  • Marshall calls Robin a slut.

    This episode was really just all in good fun; it was a fun delightful episode. Not to mention, it was hysterical, an original plot, which I could honestly say wasn't taken from any other TV show, a clever plot that developed greatly. When Robin steps out from her date to make a call, her date, Mitch, strips naked and waits till she gets back. Once she gets back, she ends up sleeping with Mitch even if the date was terrible. Marshall calls Robin a slut, which was definitely surprising. Then Robin tries to prove that her fling with Mitch was actually serious, to prove that she's not a slut. Ted meets someone on the elevator, Vicky. He decides to try the Naked Man when the date doesn't go so well. Barney also tries the naked man with his date. Marshall is upset that there is more than one reason to have sex with someone other than being in love. When Lilly makes a list, he just gets mad at her. So Lilly tries the Naked Man to cheer Marshall up. Mitch warned it only worked 2/3 times. Which one didn't work? That would have to be Barney, everyone else ended up having sex. Looks like Ted is ready to get back out there, and get back on track with meeting the mother. The Naked Man concept was funny and it definitely kept me laughing all the way through. A great funny episode, for it's comedic timing.
  • Another great episode of this show. Carried a few laughs!

    I really enjoyed this episode, even thought the episode title made it seem a little unusual and somewhat disgusting. They came up with an excellent storyline with this episode, and I really liked it. It was interetsting, and they did a great job with it, in my opinion!

    I found that the scenes where Ted and Barney were practsising their 'Naked Man' poses was very funny! That was pretty well constructed and I really loved those moments.

    It was also really funny with the 2/3 times. Poor Barney - he was one of the 1/3 who failed!

    Although it wasn't particularly an important, episode, I would still highly recommend this one as it was very funny!
  • A man claims that appearing naked before your partner will lead to sex 2/3 times.

    After a half good episode of How I Met Your Mother last week the laughs have carried over this Monday and the show may still have some legs on it. This felt like a Season 1 ep where they didn't try to be too witty and stuck to one plotline and had Barney and Ted both react to it.

    Robin was suprisingly funny here, but Marshall's downfall continues to upset me. Once my favorite character on the program and now his lines really bother me. I didn't like the original Naked Man, he seemed too much like an unfunny Rob Corddry. So another decent episode tonight. Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother may still have some hope after all.