How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 9

The Naked Man

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At the end when Mitch is walking down the street, he has two shadows: one projected on the pavement and another projected onto the wall behind him.

    • When Lily is about to write down the "50 reasons to have sex," she takes her pen out of her purse, takes off the cap, then grabs her cocktail napkin. But two camera shots later, she is again taking off the pen cap.

    • When Ted is describing all the crazy stuff he had walked into at their old apartment, they show the goat with date May 8, 2009. However, from previous references to the goat, the first time Ted saw the goat was some days before Ted's 31st birthday which, as stated on "The Goat", is April 25th, 2009.

    • When Barney's date yells at him and throws him out, as she turns back towards the camera her lips are visibly not moving, even though her voice can be heard.

    • When Ted is explaining the weird things he has walked in on at the apartment, a scene is shown from dated from 2004 in which he walks in on Lily painting several gymnasts posing. If this had taken place in 2004 Lily would have still had red hair.

  • Quotes

    • Barney: There's paratrooping. (Gang looks confused) That's when you fly into a new city and go straight to a bar, with the sole intention of finding someone to go home with.
      Robin: Ah, you mean banging for roof.
      Marshall: (Coughing) Slut!
      Robin: I didn't do it, my college roommate did it!
      Marshall: Oh, I know Robin, I just have a cough. (Coughing) I don't really have a cough, we all know that "college roommate" is you. Slut! (Clears throat) Does anybody have a lozenge?

    • Robin: Are you wearing makeup?
      Ted: It's not makeup, okay. It's a sunscreen with a subtle tint- It's made for men! (pause) Sue me, I want my eyes to pop!

    • Marshall: (On Lily doing "The Naked Man) You just wanna do it to change the subject.
      Lily: Maybe. Hey, that's 49! Did it work?
      Marshall: Like I just flossed.
      Lily: I love you.
      Marshall: That's fifty.
      Lily: Oh, yeah! (they kiss)

    • Lily: (working on her reasons-to-have sex list) I'm stuck. I can't think of the last two.
      Marshall: (reading over her shoulder) "To reestablish good behavior, like shaving and dental hygiene?" Now you're conditioning me? Well, that's great! That explains why I always get an erection when I floss!

    • Lily: How can you be excited about this? Mitch slept with Robin, who you claim to be in love with!
      Barney: Lily, this is bigger than me and Robin! I mean, I've been working for years with my disguises and my gadgets...I'm like Batman. But this Mitch is like Superman. He just rips off his clothes, and he's good to go.
      Lily: What kind of gadgets are we talking about?

    • Robin: (reasons to have sex) He said he loves you, but you're not ready to say it back.
      Lily: 43.
      Ted: Wingman diving on a friend grenade sex.
      Lily: 44.
      Barney: The condoms are about to expire.
      Lily: 45. Wow, this is getting a little hard.
      Barney: 46.
      Lily: Oh! 47, you drop a Cheeto in his lap and when you went to pick it up he thought you were making a move so you just went with it!
      Marshall: Well, thank you for ruining the memory of our six month anniversary!
      Lily: You got me Cheetos!

    • Marshall: You befouled our marital bed because you couldn't get to sleep?
      Lily: You're the one who said, "That shadow on the ceiling looks like a scary toothless clown. Night, Lily!"

    • Ted: There is no way that will work on Robin. She'll just laugh at him and throw him out.
      Lily: Maybe she'll kick his ass first.
      Marshall: Maybe she'll shoot him with her gun.

    • Mitch: The Naked Man is best used as a last resort. Sort of a Hail Mary pass on a first date when you know there's not going to be a second date.
      Ted: How do you know there isn't going to be a second date?
      Mitch: Ted, look at me.
      Ted: I'd rather not, Mitch.

    • Ted: He may not fit society's definition of a hero, but he is the hero I needed, the hero who helped me recover from the disaster of my failed almost-marriage and get back into the game. He lives in the shadows. Is he a dream? Truth? Fiction? Damnation? Salvation? He is all these things and none of them. He is... the Naked Man.

    • Ted: I just had decent sex with an awful human being. I am back!

    • Barney: All these years I've been suiting-up when I should've been suiting-down.

    • Vicky: And then his cane missed the top step and I swear he was falling for, like, two minutes. Oh, I love old people.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Nackter Mann", and the Italian title is "L'uomo nudo", both exact translations. The French title is "Ciel, un homme nu", meaning "Oh, My God, a Naked Man!".

    • Music: The song during Ted and Vicky's elevator montage at the beginning is Marching Band's "Gorgeous Behaviour".

    • According to DVD commentary, "The Naked Man" is a real concept that one of the writers performed "ten to twelve times" when he was younger.

    • International Airdate: Australia: June 10, 2009 on Channel 7; Germany: January 2, 2010 on ProSieben; United Kingdom: February 4, 2010 on E4; Czech Republic: November 4, 2010 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • The idea of 'The Naked Man' is actually first described in Doogie Howser, M.D.'s "Spell It...M-A-N!". The description parallels what Ted does with Vickie, but in Doogie Howser, the guy isn't as fortunate as Ted.

    • The ending of the episode is similar to that of Christopher Nolan's 2008 film, The Dark Knight, where Commissioner Gordon provides a narration of how Batman is the hero Gotham deserves, but doesn't need.

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